Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

Sometimes I have doubts about what would happen if the Xiaomi Mi Mix was a device of a more compact size, a size close to 5 or 5.5 inches at most. The reality is that this gap, which in my opinion is the most important, has been occupied by Chinese brands following the hook of the screens without bevels and Doogee was one of the first to join it’s Doogee Mix Lite.Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

After months and months of rumors and its official presentation finally we have received the Doogee Mix Lite in our offices and we have encouraged to review it, and we advance that the mobile has its pros and cons but when we talk about quality/price rarely we have something bad to say about brands like this that adjust their prices to the maximum to avoid falling into oblivion with very risky devices but also very powerful.

What does the Doogee Mix Lite offer us?

Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

In the union of a couple of words and obviously copying the Mi Mix tag, a much more risky, much more economical Doogee Mix Lite is born with a really good hardware.

Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

Doogee Mix Lite offers hardware at a price that does not exceed $90 and that makes us think that can be our ideal phone. If we add that its size is much smaller thanks to the 5.2 inches we quickly realize that it is a mobile for the masses and not something as exclusive as the idea of Xiaomi. Before talking about your design it would be good to provide accurate information about everything inside.

Doogee Mix Lite: Specifications

In its specifications there are surprises and shortcomings, it should be noted the lack of FullHD resolution on its screen and a large amount of RAM and storage in favor.

  • 5.2-inch Super AMOLED screen with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels).
  • MediaTek MT6737 1,3GHz CPU.
  • 2GB of RAM.
  • 16GB storage with microSD support up to 128 GB.
  • 13MP + 13MP rear camera with PDAF and 8MP front camera.
  • 3080 mAh battery.
  • Support for 4G networks (B1, B3, B7, B8 and B20), GPS, Glonass, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi dual band N. It also has FM radio.

Doogee Mix Lite: Design

The mobile phone of Doogee Mix Lite in the test has dimensions of 138 x 73,2 x 8,6mm with a weight of 180grams which becomes a bit too much for a mobile of this size, something that draws attention from the outset despite the quality of manufacturing. The phone also offers the latest Android software, comes with Android 7.0 Nougat factory and that makes us feel updated to the latest version. Oh, I forgot, it comes with the audio port for 3.5mm jack and USB 2.0 C.

Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

Once you see your insides, which do not paint anything bad, you have to talk a little about its design, a design that reminds us, of course, to the Xiaomi Mi Mix although this time there are enough differences that attract attention, for good and for bad.

If you look at its size to be a 5.2-inch mobile this is shown close to the 5.0-inch mobiles like the Galaxy S7, for example. Not the best ratio since the S8 gets a size of 5.2 inches with 5.8 inches but a different screen format. In this case, we also talk about a price like 5 or 6 times less and that has to be taken into account.

Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

If you look at your screen this also draws much attention for the quality of its colors, being AMOLED all help and despite the HD resolution is not too noticeable (unless we get too close), yes it is true that could have been mounting a FullHD panel but it is not a problem that has not been done, this gives us advantages and good things like better autonomy and better performance by having to move fewer pixels.

The frames of the screen are worse achieved than those of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, none of these phones have a screen without bevels and in fact, that of mobiles without bevels is something that does not yet exist. What is clear is that the frames are noticeably a little more since they are thicker than in the Mi Mix of Xiaomi but it is normal since we start from a much lower price. What it does present is a high scratch resistance thanks to a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the front and back.

Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

The phone has a crystalline appearance, similar to the cover of a Galaxy S7 or even the Mi Mix, looks really good with square edges and comfort that feels great in the hand. The fingerprint reader this time has stayed in the front and that allows us to unlock the mobile easily with a fingerprint reader that works very well. The speaker is also still in place giving us the quality of the sound of a lifetime.

Doogee Mix Lite: Cameras

This time we have a dual camera configuration that adds and does not subtract, of course. The Doogee Mix Lite in analisis mounts a double sensor of 13MP + 13MP and that allows you to have advanced effects and a bit of extra quality although the camera will comply within its price range, will not stand out very high against other More expensive mobile cameras.

Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

From the camera, we highlight its speed and two modes, bokeh mode and pro mode that allows us to configure all parameters. Of course, we will need some learning to get the most out of it. The quality of the image is rather mediocre, it is true that the photos look good but are lacking in color and sharpness.

Where highlights the mobile is in photos in low light where it shows a very good and exceptional performance for this price range. As for the 8MP camera for selfies signed by ISOCELL, this allows us to capture decent images but with a slight reddish tone, something that can be corrected with some of the best applications to edit photos on Android.

Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

Another of the things that also highlights is the 4x optical zoom and despite being better than the digital is still enough noise and lack of detail in the images, something we do not quite understand why it happens. What is likely is that future upgrades will still slightly improve the quality of the camera which is not bad for its price range but which could be better-taken advantage of.

As for the video, this is quite good in 4K resolution but the lack of stabilizer make us have to take the thing calmly or we will greatly influence the quality of the image. You can see more details about its operation in the video.

Doogee Mix Lite: Hardware and Performance

This is one of the most important sections since you are interested in knowing if the phone is really capable of offering a good performance and autonomy in the day to day. That the camera is fair and the design good is not so relevant if the mobile does not work well but here there are no surprises.

Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

The Doogee Mix Lite assembles a battery of 3080mAh that will allow us a day of autonomy to maximum use without problems, thanks to MediaTek MT6737 and its 2GB of RAM. Of course, it loads in just 1 hour and 30 minutes. Its interface is very similar to that of native Android something that is appreciated.

Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

Its performance in AnTuTu is 40000 points and considering the price is a very good result. It is also worth mentioning that it comes with Android 7.0 Nougat and that is appreciated although at the moment it would be to criticize a mobile that does not come under Nougat and more when we speak of layers of Chinese personalization very light.
Nougat can use the customize the navigation bar, respond to notifications and have an improved file explorer, it’s a real plus.

Doogee Mix Lite: Conclusions and Reviews

Now, after seeing all this we can not forget that we talk about a phone of Doogee Mix Lite that costs $90 and that brings several screensavers and backs although they personally do not like it, the screen saver is smaller than the screen and that makes this one looks worse and the user experience is bad.

Doogee Mix Lite Review: Performance Budget Smartphone with Bezel-less Design

Screen savers not intended for 2.5D edges are horrible and that has become a problem because I’m tired of seeing mobiles with protectors that leave more than 2 or 3 millimeters of the screen on the sides worsening the tactile experience and sacrificing the design of the terminal.

Its design is very good but the frames are noticeably more than in other mobiles without bevels although what really penalizes it a little is its weight of 180 grams, it is not excessive but it does note in a mobile that has a size of 5.2 inches or so. Its camera on the other hand also offers a fair performance to present a double lens.

Doogee Mix Lite:  Video Review and Hands-On


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