Doogee MIX launches its own interface and price of scandal

The Chinese market is one of the best options to buy a low-end, mid-range, or high-end device. In all the ranges of the price, we find great characteristics and designs very achieved. If we focus on the midrange, for just over 150 euros we can find incredible devices, with decent processors, 4GB of RAM and designs that look high-end. Today we have to talk about a device that we have already left on occasion. This is the Doogee MIX, a bit of the company for the trend of the screens without bevels.

Doogee is one of the Asian companies that more bet on the complicated market niches, while it has devices more common for the users who do not want to play it. Its new bet to compete in the market of the telephones without levels is very interesting, since it emphasizes mainly in design, besides having a double camera and a very worked software.

Doogee MIX debuts Doogee UI, its own interface

Doogee MIX launches its own interface and price of scandal

Thanks to Doogee we can know that your new device without bevels comes with one of the best intentions on the market. In addition to having the spectacular design, the company has presented a very interesting interface. This is called Doogee UI and leaves us looking pretty productive with some Android Stock touches.

Doogee MIX launches its own interface and price of scandal

We see icons with flat colors, with designs similar to Android Stock, just something modified. We can also get to see transparencies when opening the application drawer, or different themes to give a very distinctive touch to your device. One of the most interesting things we see in its menu of recent applications and shortcuts, which comes from the bottom in the form of a fan, and shows us different settings and applications in a fast and very functional.

Doogee MIX launches its own interface and price of scandal

Another of the things that the company has told us is the collaboration with companies like OPPO and Vivo to strengthen their dual camera software, which can leave users more relaxed, since it is one of the most important points of the camera, and is backed by two of the best companies in China.

The new device of the company can already be bought in Aliexpress from 149 euros, one of the best offers that we can find at the moment. It is not the official price, since it is lowered, so we recommend you buy it if you are interested, as it will rise when the platform promotion ends. If you want more information about this terminal, you can visit the website of Doogee that we leave below.

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