Desktop spice up with free tools: Can not you see your desktop slowly?

Bring order into chaos and color into gray. Customize your desktop with free tools. Conclusion with boring unity.

Use these tools to enhance your desktop:

Can not you see your desktop slowly? With Stardock Fences, you bring order to the iconic chaos.

Afterward, you will get back design bikers with their own themes, icons or cursor symbols. Or you can switch directly to the 3D PC.

We will show you in the following picture gallery a lot more programs, usually freeware, which spices up your PC.

But the PC does not just have to be more handsome. With tools like BgInfo, it becomes even more informative.

Desktop spice up with free tools: Can not you see your desktop slowly?

In the background, you can display information about the hardware, Windows, or network status. This text information highlights you depending on the wallpaper and your mood or conceals rather inconspicuously.

The practical tool Launchy, for example, finds data quickly and quickly via a quick start bar. And RocketDock brings a small Mac design to the Windows computer – without Mac OS.

Stardock Fences is also very practical. The small freeware program creates fenced areas (hence the name, fences) on the desktop.

You can adjust their transparency and color to the wallpaper by sliding sliders. And in these fences, you will be sorted thematically sorted desktop shortcuts and files on the PC. For example, you can quickly find Photoshop in Fence “Image Editing” and quickly create the recently created Excel table in “Temporary Documents”.

The naming and sorting are completely up to you. Another advantage: You can move and rearrange complete fences with all the files contained on the desktop. And by double-clicking on a vacant place on the PC, you can hide all the fences and icons and enjoy your desktop background.

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