Design of Motorola Moto G5S appears in real image

For a few days, we are seeing leaks and rumors about the Moto G5S, one of the devices we did not expect this year. It is the first time that Motorola together with Lenovo does something like this, so our looks are well fixed in all the news. A few days ago appeared press images, where we saw the Moto G5S. We could not take these images as official, as they were not, and although the source was reliable, we did not want to inform you wrongly. Today we have new information on the design of the Moto G5S Plus, another device that will arrive along with the Moto G5S.

The Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus have launched a few months ago, and have hit the market a few weeks ago, so these two new devices with the surname S, do not fit us in the market. We do not know Motorola’s plans to present them, although with so much filtered information, is looming as an upcoming date. The information we have today confirms the devices, in addition to a very important feature for one of them.

Design of Motorola Moto G5S Plus reveals a double camera

Design of Motorola Moto G5S appears in real image

In the first leak, we saw on these devices, there was no presence of the larger version, so we could only see the redesign of the rear in the Moto G5S. Now the thing changes a lot because, in the real image that has leaked, you can see perfectly how the Moto G5S Plus has a double camera in the back.

Some users criticized Motorola for not including this double camera in the Moto G5 Plus introduced a few months ago, but the reason was none other than launch another version. We do not know what purpose this has, but both devices may not reach all markets where Moto G5 and G5 Plus have arrived. Both will see a rise in price, so Motorola may reserve them for markets with more economic potential, which for now is speculation.

Design of Motorola Moto G5S appears in real image

In the image, we can see how the device has two sensors in the rear, and a design virtually identical to the Moto G5S. In the image of the front, we can appreciate the little thing, beyond knowing that it will have Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

Source: Slashleaks


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