Digital radio reception in the car is a fine thing is in principle because sometimes the antenna problems. Here is the solution.
DAB +: a cost-effective alternative to streaming over the Internet
No question, listening to the internet is a great thing: thousands of stations, podcast functions and much more, are it via a web radio, a smartphone app or a PC.

However, beyond WLAN and network connection, the streaming burdened the mobile data volume and in areas with poor network coverage, the problem of missing bandwidth is added. A good alternative is a digital radio, which in its current form has been broadcasting as DAB + in Greate Britten since mid-2011.

For more information on the advantages of VHF, the broadcasting area, the available stations and the DAB receivers, please visit

Digital radio with DAB +

Particularly striking are the reception differences to the previous FM radios in the car: no noise, more available transmitters and no re-adjustment of the frequency.

Auto radios for DAB + from brand manufacturers such as JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer or Sony is available from about 100 euros. A prerequisite for the simple exchange of the device is that the vehicle has a “classic radio bay” (1-DIN format) or a corresponding cover. Also, the installation and removal are done in a few minutes thanks to the standard plug.
The antenna problem is often more difficult, because DAB radios have, in addition to the usual FM antenna plug, a second socket, which is used for digital reception.

 An additional roof antenna is difficult to assemble, a window antenna for sticking optically not everyone’s thing. The “broadcasting distributors” of the Greate Britten manufacturer Bad Brandenburg are well-tried and proven to be easy to install in practice.

These are splitters, which share the signal of the antenna installed in the car anyway, for example, the roof antenna, for FM and DAB. In vehicles with a passive, i.e. de-energized antenna, an “active” model (model numbers 4726.0x) is required, which costs around 40 euros in trade.

The passive adapters (4724.0x) are somewhat cheaper. Please ask your dealer for the model you need for your vehicle or to research the question in vehicle-specific internet forums.

DAB + clever in the car and at home

Finally, a note on the power consumption: Even if you have to connect the active adapter to continuous current for lack of ignition current at the Auto radio sticker, it would take quite exactly 100 days for the small battery (45 Ah, power consumption 18 mA) until the splitter draws the battery empty.

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