Creators Update: Microsoft recommends manual installation

The distribution of the creators update is by far not yet completed. Microsoft is tracking a step-by-step rollout of the major update for Windows 10 machines. However, the installation is also possible manually. However, Microsoft now warns impatient users before the option.

Some Windows 10 users also wait two weeks after the dropped start of the creators’ update to ensure availability via the system-integrated Windows Update feature. Affected persons have the opportunity to take the issue into their own hands and bring their Windows manually to the latest state. Manual installations can be done using the Windows Update Wizard or the Media Creation Tool.

However, the director of program management at Microsoft, John Cable, recently advised against the manual installation via the blogpost. Instead, users should rather wait for the available availability. The background is the multi-stage update schedule on the part of Microsoft, which currently only provides a distribution to modern computers in the private sector. The company wants to prevent unforeseen problems between hardware and software on older systems.

Creators Update: Microsoft recommends manual installation

If problems occur with certain system configurations and become known, Microsoft may impose a distribution block for similar devices that will not be resolved until the difficulties are resolved. Therefore, Microsoft recommends that you install manually only experienced users who are able to resolve problems themselves. Help and tips for the update process you can find in our linked guide.

Microsoft announces two major updates per year

In addition, Windows Marketing Manager Bernardo Caldas took another blog entry to Windows 10 users and announced details about the future Windows 10 update routine. For example, Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus, and System Center Configuration Manager will receive two major updates per year. In the future, users should not only be able to better adapt themselves to updates, but also the updating of Windows 10 should become more comfortable. Therefore, complete new installations of a system should be a thing of the past.

Redstone 3 probably at the end of September available

Caldas also announced that the support for Windows 10 versions will be 18 months. The sequel to the recently released Creators Update under the code name Redstone 3 will be published in September 2017. You can take a look at the first included features in the Preview Build 16179, which can be downloaded and installed by participating in the Windows Insider program.

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