How to convert your LG G5 into an LG G6 with this ROM

In the world of Android and mobile in general, there is a certain obsession with always having the latest of the latest. A behavior that generally does not contribute anything or very little to the user, since in a generation the jump is minimal among the high range. If in 2016 you bought a brand new LG G5, it stands to reason that you do not want to spend a lot of money to buy an LG G6 this year. However, today we are going to teach you how to turn your LG G5 into an LG G6 with this ROM.

A few days ago we told you that LG had facilitated things with a few tools to unlock the LG G6 Bootloader. This is a great sign for those who like this world since it indicates that LG is interested in the development by the community. In one way or another LG G5 benefits from these movements and makes possible the ROM that we present below.

Transform your LG G5 into an LG G6 with this custom ROM

How to convert your LG G5 into an LG G6 with this ROM

If you start to get tired of the interface of the LG G5 and do not want to spend a million dollars to renew your top of the range, Fulvic’s ROM is your solution. This ROM is responsible for making a complete port of the customization layer of the LG G6 (LG UX 6.0) to other older and modest models of the Korean brand.

In addition to porting the customization layer, it also brings Android 7.0, Kernel stock and even carries Google Assistant. The developer who has made this small work of art possible is known as “spirit”. It has also introduced a series of tweaks for example to expand the notifications, as well as different uses with the volume buttons.

The installation procedure is simple; simply flash the ROM after the necessary wipes through TWRP. You need to have the Android 7.0 Bootloader.

Being a ROM is not free of different bugs, but it is not enough not to recommend it. If after this you are interested in trying it, access through this link where you can find all the information to download it and all the steps to follow.

Source: XDA


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