Confirmed: dealer calls specifications OnePlus 5 comes in summer

OnePlus has already officially confirmed that the specifications OnePlus 5 will be launched in the summer. In addition, the online trader OppoMart reveals possible technical data, a first prize and a concrete starting period.

Dealer calls specifications OnePlus 5

Confirmed: dealer calls specifications OnePlus 5 comes in summer
Oppomart, the online retailer, is showing a OnePlus 5 product image, calling for availability from June and a price of 449 US dollarsOnePlus 5: Alleged technical data

Compared to TheVerge the young company has already announced the release date of the OnePlus 5. In the summer of 2017, the new flagship killer is to come on the market. This is confirmed by an entry of the device at the online merchant OppoMart: This calls for a delivery period even “early June 2017” and a price of 449 US dollars.

The photo of the back covers at least with the photo, the India Today was played. A dual camera can be seen. In addition, the technical data are in line with the latest rumors. A Snapdragon 835 is supposed to function as the core and is supported by an LPDDR4 memory with a capacity of 6 GB. The capacity of the internal memory should amount to 64 or 128 GB and based on UFS 2.1 technology. The display is again 5.5 inches in the diagonal measure but first dissolve in QHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels). In addition, the smartphone is supposed to be equipped with Dash Charge 2.0, which is to charge the battery by up to 25 percent faster.

Whether the technical data is finally correct and whether the OnePlus 5 will actually be available “from the beginning of June” or rather later in the summer is still somewhat uncertain. Since the Chinese authorities have already certified the internal components, a timely introduction is quite possible.

Confirmed: dealer calls specifications OnePlus 5 comes in summer

On the website is the upcoming flagship killer already to be seen, together with an approximate delivery period, a photo as well as the technical specifications. Of course, the whole thing should be viewed with a certain skepticism, after all, OnePlus has not presented the smartphone yet. In addition, no photo of the front of the smartphone can be seen.

Source: Theverge


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