Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

Today I have to review another interesting smartwatch model from Colmi. Previously, this brand produced the rather popular Colmi P8 model, which has received good demand on the Internet. But now I want to talk about an updated version called Colmi P8 Plus.

In this article, you can find out not only the main functions and features of the watch, but also I will tell you about their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, I will conduct a series of tests that will help you understand whether it makes sense to purchase this model or not.

Okay, but let’s talk about the cost first, the Colmi P8 Plus is currently priced at $27. That is, this is an ultra-budget watch, but with rather interesting specs, and let’s talk about them in more detail.


The updated version of the 2021 watch received a slightly larger screen size, which has grown from 1.4 to 1.69 inches compared to its predecessor. The pixel density has also changed slightly, and the battery capacity has been updated to 190 mAh. In addition, the smartwatch received good water protection under the IP67 standard.

I can also highlight that the device from the Colmi brand has more memory and a completely new user interface. With this watch, you can track metrics such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and more.

Okay, now let’s check how well the watch was assembled and how it fits on the wrist. But before we talk about it, let’s find out about the configuration and its features.

Colmi P8 Plus: Specifications

Colmi P8 Plus:Specs
Screen:1.69 inch TFT screen with 280 by 240 pixels
Sensor:Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
IP standart:IP67 waterproof
Connection:Bluetooth 5.1
Battery:190 mAh
Standby time:up to 7 days
Size:44.4 x 36.9 x 9.2 mm

Unboxing and packaging

It is not surprising that the appearance of the packaging from the Colmi company turned out to be very budgetary and simple. This is a small white package, where the name of the model and company of the smartwatch is displayed on the front. But on the back, there is a list of the main technical specs.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

Inside the package, I found the smartwatch itself, instructions for use in English, and a two-pin magnetic charging cable. I would also like to point out that the magnetic connection was strong during charging.

Although the appearance of the packaging and the number of accessories did not surprise me much, the quality of workmanship and assembly was at a pretty good level. Therefore, let’s talk about it in more detail.

Design, build quality and materials

Particularly, I was surprised by the number of different color options of the new Colmi P8 Plus model. For example, the manufacturer offers four different colors – black, blue, gold and pink. But here it is also worth saying that not only the color of the strap changes but also the case of the smartwatch itself.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

In addition, you can additionally purchase other strap colors. For example, the price of one strap will be only about $1 and I think it will definitely not be superfluous to buy several straps for the future.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

On the front of the smartwatch, you can find a screen with a size of 1.69 inches. This is a TFT matrix with a resolution of 240 x 280 pixels. Yes, of course, the detail is not the best, since you could see individual pixels up close. But the maximum value of the brightness level and the amount of color gamut were very good.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

On the side end of the case, namely on the right end, there is a crown. With its help, you can flip through the functions. I really liked this feature, as it is rare to find even such a crown in more expensive watch models.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

The back of the watch case received a two-pin connection for charging, a heart rate sensor, and metal plates for detecting blood pressure. I’ll talk about how each function works a little later.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

Now, as far as build quality is concerned, during my testing, I did not find any significant problems in use. That is, there were no special creaks, noises, and other annoying sounds. In addition, the case was made of fairly high quality, as it received good protection against water under the IP67 standard. This means you don’t have to worry about washing your hands or even taking a shower along with the watch.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

Okay, now some information about the strap itself. It received such dimensions as 20 mm wide and 255 mm long. This is a very nice-to-feel silicone strap that really fits perfectly on my wrist. As you might have guessed, the strap is removable, and replacing it with any other option will not be a problem.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

I think we figured out the look and quality of workmanship, now let’s find out a little more about the watch, in terms of functions and features.

Functions and settings of the mobile application

First of all, let’s talk about the technical aspect of the Colmi P8 Plus model. A GR5515 chipset with 256 KB of RAM and 64 MB of internal memory was installed inside the case. Also, onboard the watch uses a wireless connection Bluetooth 5.1 version. During my testing, I did not identify any communication problems between the smartphones.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

The main screen of watches from the Colmi brand displays a large amount of different information. Also, if you hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds, then you will be taken to the section of dials. In total, I counted five watch faces initially out of the box, but even more watch faces can be downloaded using the mobile app.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

Now about the main functions of the P8 Plus watch control. For example, to get to the quick settings menu, you need to swipe down from the main screen of the watch. Here you can see icons such as turning the Bluetooth connection on or off, vibration mode, flashlight, cinema mode, weather, screen brightness adjustment slider, and settings.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

In the settings, there are sections such as stopwatch, alarm clock, screen brightness level, vibration, reset to factory settings and turn off the watch. You can also read the information about the firmware version and there is a QR code for installing a mobile application, but about it a little later.

When you swipe in the opposite direction, that is, up, we get to the main menu. Here I see apps such as recent notifications, activity throughout the day, sleep metrics, exercise, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level SpO2. In addition, here you can find music player functions, breath recovery, flashlight, and settings.

Okay, in terms of sports training, there are eight sports modes on the watch. These are jogging, walking, cycling, and there is even a workout session in the pool. If we talk about the work of health indicators, then I did not reveal any special problems. That is, the heart rate was reading realistic indicators of my body. But measurements of inanimate objects were not observed.

At the same time, if you swipe to the right side of the main screen, you will get into one more main menu, only with a different display of icons. For example, if in the first case the icons were displayed in a list format, this time the icons are displayed in a chaotic order, in the Apple watch style. As in the first, and in the second case, you will be able to adjust and control functions using a crown on the side end of the case.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

It is also worth talking about the quick widgets, which are located when you swipe to the left of the home screen. There are widgets such as activities during the day, sleep, weather, and others.

Well, it’s still worth talking about the mobile application itself, which is called DaFit. I have already encountered this application more than once and I did not reveal any special problems with its performance during my testing of the watch. For example, the main menu of the app displays features such as heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, SpO2, and more.

In the settings of the DaFit app, you can choose from many options for different watch faces. Set up notifications from third-party applications, such as social networks. In general, all the settings of the mobile application are typical, as in most budget fitness watches.

Battery and run time

As I said above, the new Colmi P8 Plus smartwatch model received a slightly increased battery capacity up to 190 mAh. This slightly affected the battery life and, as you might guess, for the better.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

For example, during my testing, the fitness watch was able to work for a full seven days. Yes, maybe this is not so much, but I believe that even one week will be enough for comfortable use of the watch.

In terms of charging time, a full charge took me up to 2 hours of time via the two-pin magnetic connection.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

Colmi P8 Plus is a real fitness watch that has a lot of interesting features.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

For example, one of the main features I can single out is high-quality performance and assembly. Apart from that, I liked the almost complete water protection with the sports swimming training.

Also, the work of the heart rate and blood pressure sensors had a very positive effect on their indicators. I can also highlight this removable strap and a variety of color options.

Colmi P8 Plus Review: Fitness Watch with Active Crown

Perhaps the pixel detail per inch does not have a high density compared to other watch models. But I cannot say that the quality of the screen is very terrible. Here I liked the color gamut, viewing angles, and the maximum brightness level of the screen.

In addition, I can highlight the presence of an active crown and with its help, you can control the watch by flipping through functions and applications in the device’s user interface.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

At the time of this writing, you can buy the Colmi P8 Plus fitness watch at a good price for only $26.57 with a 33% discount.

This is a decent watch model that has a good list of functions and features given its low cost. Thus, I can easily recommend this watch for purchase.


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