Chrome for Android: New layout favors small hands and large smartphones

The large display is nice to look at, but the operation is sometimes difficult? Do not worry, Google knows about it and has at least Chrome for Android for a solution in work. A new layout makes it possible to reach all relevant control elements even with one hand – as the smartphone can still be so big.

In the developer version, Google is currently testing a modified interface for Chrome. This is intended exclusively for large smartphones and has the sense to continue to ensure single-handed operation. For this, the bar, which Chrome for Android usually displays at the top of the screen, simply slides down. The current URL, the tab button, and a new Expand button are now below the browser content for larger devices.
Chrome for Android: New layout favors small hands and large smartphones

This Expand button opens a new overview interface divided into four categories: Private, Downloads, Bookmarks, and History. The new private section contains a collection of frequently used bookmarks as well as interesting news articles, similar to those suggested by the feed within the Google app. The articles can be wiped aside to hide them or can be stored offline by reading them for a long time. The other three categories are quite self-explanatory.

In principle, this interface acts as an overlay over the browser content and only takes half of the screen. With a wiping edge upwards, however, it can also be extended to cover the entire area. The new overview is also displayed when the user opens a new tab.

Chrome for Android: New layout only in developer version

The new layout is for the time being only released for the developer version. However, as soon as possible bugs are eliminated, beta and release channels are likely to follow shortly. If you do not want to wait, you can download Chrome Dev for Android in the Play Store. But: The version certainly contains errors and is not suitable for everyday use, but strictly only for developers.

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