Chameleon Run: Auto-runner at Apple free 2017

This is the successful Auto-runner game Chameleon Run, which usually costs 2.29 Euro in the App Store.

Apple once again gives away a normally paid app via the in-house Apple Store App (not App Store).

In the game, you control a character that has to move through a world of colorful platforms. These are constantly changing the colors and their characteristics, which the player must react to. The game is quite successful and synonymous with the Apple TV compatible.

Chameleon Run: Auto-runner at Apple free 2017

Through the in-house Apple Store app (not to be confused with the App Store), Apple offers users to generate a coupon code for Chameleon Run to get the program free of charge.

All you have to do is to go to the Store app, scroll down there until you see Chameleon Run and follow the instructions. On the iPad folds probably not, an iPhone would have to be present.


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