CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

You know that CCA company is a direct competitor to the KZ brand. Therefore, it is not surprising that their products are very similar to each other. Today I will talk about the new wireless earbuds called CCA CX10.

These are ten driver earbuds, where five drivers are located in each earbud. In addition, the earbuds turned out to be hybrid. That is, there are one dynamic driver and four reinforcing ones.

In terms of cost, the CCA CX10 will set you back around $50. I can’t call the price big, since these earbuds really play like a real monster.


Previously, CCA introduced the CX4, which had only four armature drivers. The new CCA CX10 is thus an upgrade to the CX4.

A little about the technical features of the CX10 model. These include the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, support for the AAC codec and game mode, as well as comfortable touch controls.

Therefore, let me start my detailed and complete review with the configuration and then share my impressions of the sound quality.

CCA CX10: Specifications

CCA CX10:Specs
Impedance:32 ohms
Driver unit:7mm Double Magnetic Dynamic Driver & Quad Armatures
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Charging Time:120min
Music Time:33h

Unboxing and packaging

Like most CCA earbud models, the new CX10 belongs to the budget class. Thus, the appearance of the headphone box does not differ at all from its predecessors. It’s a small white box with the company’s logo on the front, but you won’t find a picture of the device here.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

Inside the box, I found a familiar set of accessories. These are the earbuds themselves with a charging box, documentation, a short MicroUSB power cable, and a pair of ear tips.

I want to note that although the equipment is standard, the quality of the ear tips is at a fairly good level. In addition, the ear cushions themselves fit my ears well and this happens very rarely. On the other hand, the MicroUSB port is a very big problem, as for the 2020 earbuds.

Design, build quality and materials

The appearance of the CCA CX10 earbuds is completely identical to that of the CCA CX4 model. Like the last generation, they are so similar that both pairs of earbuds fit the charging box CX10 and CX4.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

Also, I cannot pass by the KZ Z1 model, which looks exactly the same as the models from the CCA brand. Therefore, it is difficult to call the design unique. But that doesn’t stop them from being one of the comfortable wireless earbuds.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

If we talk about convenience, then everything is perfect here. Starting with a low weight of about 4.9 grams and ending with its dimensions. This is despite the fact that there are five drivers inside the case of each earbud. Yes, and calling the earbuds compact is very problematic, but they fit perfectly in the ears. In short, I could wear the CCA CX10 earbuds and not feel much discomfort.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

On the other hand, I did not find any information on the water resistance. Therefore, I do not recommend using this model for sports. Although I don’t think sweat or light rain will damage the device.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

And now a little about the main design elements. On the front, there is a company logo with a touch panel and a small LED. The microphone is located at the bottom of the end panel. And on the back, there are contacts for charging.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

If we talk about the charging box, then it is made of matte plastic, and not glossy like the earbud case. Of course, this is a plus, as the wear resistance will be better.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

The case turned out to be quite massive and it will be problematic to put it in a jeans pocket. That said, the build quality is pretty good. The lid opens almost without play, and the gaps are of the correct size.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

Under the cover, you can find a small one LED, and on the side, there is a MicroUSB port for charging.

Overall, the build quality is very high. For example, the earbuds are made of monolithic plastic and I have no complaints about performance. Then I propose to talk a little about signal quality and control features.

Connection, latency, and control

Naturally, CCA CX10 earbuds use Bluetooth wireless connection with version 5.0. During my testing, the signal quality was always stable and I didn’t have any interruptions. The method of connecting to a smartphone is completely identical, like all models of wireless earbuds. Therefore, I will not dwell on this.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

It is worth noting that the earbuds use the AAC codec and it will be impossible to find the aptX codec. Also, CX10 has a game mode. When you activate this mode, you will have minimal delays while playing games or watching videos on Youtube. As practice has shown, I would advise you to always use the game mode.

Briefly about touch control, I have no strong comments on it. Each command is executed accurately and without false or accidental presses.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

One-touch leads to play or pause, and double touch switches track forward or backward. Holding for about 2 seconds calls up the voice assistant function. Three touches will activate the game mode function. But functions such as volume control are not here.

Sound and microphone quality

Before talking about the sound quality, I’ll tell you a little about the technical stuffing. Inside the earbud housing, there is one 7 mm dynamic driver, and there is also one 50024 armature driver for mid frequencies and two 30095 armature drivers for high frequencies.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

When comparing the sound quality between the CX10 and CX4, the new generation has more bass than the previous generation. Indeed, the low frequencies are very voluminous and massive. Therefore, listening to music with good bass is very dynamic and sound.

The mids are well-tuned. And also thanks to two 30095 armature drivers, the sound has become richer, brighter, and more saturated when compared to the older CX4 model. Each musical instrument sounds crystal clear and intelligible.

The high frequencies are smoother and more balanced. Therefore, I did not find strong changes in sounds and even at the maximum volume level, I did not hear negative sounds.

The overall sound quality of the CX10 is far superior to the previous generation CX4. That is, I really liked the sound and how the headphones are definitely worth their attention for their price.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

The microphone quality is standard for its class. For example, the interlocutor will hear you well in a quiet place, but in loud places, there will be problems.

Battery and run time

The charging box of the new CCA CX10 wireless earbuds received a 400 mAh battery. But what capacity of the earbuds I did not find.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

As practice has shown, at 70-80% volume level, the earbuds worked for about 3.5 hours. This, of course, is not the best indicator. But considering that the earbuds received five drivers, the battery life is pretty good.

At the same time, the charging time of the earbuds was about 2 hours. And the Micro USB port is not the fastest charging method.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

CCA CX10 is good wireless earbuds that have received not only high-quality sound but also a comfortable and comfortable fit.

CCA CX10 Review: Hybrid TWS Earbuds with Ten Drivers

It is not for nothing that the manufacturer has installed five drivers in each earbud. This gave the earbuds good audio performance. And since each range has its own separate driver, or even two. The sound was well balanced throughout the entire range of scenes.

And the ergonomic design will allow you to use the earbuds for a long time and with great comfort. I can also say positively about the build quality and materials used.

On the other hand, the presence of a MicroUSB port and a short battery life are the main drawbacks that I discovered during my testing.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Now you can purchase a new model of CCA CX10 hybrid wireless earbuds at a bargain price – $ 52.20 with a 32% discount.

Therefore, despite my shortcomings, I can definitely recommend earbuds from CCA for purchase. They got good sound with a good build, for their class.


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