Camera of OnePlus 5 will be as good as Samsung Galaxy s8

The OnePlus 5 camera is one of the most interesting points of the new device. On several occasions, details and images of the alleged dual camera configuration have been filtered, something that seems more and more truthful. Today we have a new presentation date for the OnePlus 5, which would be set for June 20. They are only 5 after the previously filtered date, so things do not move much. Today, we have a clarification that may be of the most important views to date and has to do with the camera of the OnePlus 5.

Camera of OnePlus 5 will be as good as Samsung Galaxy s8

In previous years, we have seen how OnePlus devices had decent photographic quality but did not match up with other high-end devices. Although the camera of the OnePlus 3 is good, you can not buy with the quality offered by the Samsung Galaxy S7, for example. This is something you can get to understand since they are devices that have about 350 euros difference, so at some point should be lazy.

This year the OnePlus 5 camera will surprise

Every year we ask the same question about the OnePlus camera, and that is if the quality will reach the top. Well, this year the thing looks good, since we know many important details that leave us with a good taste. The first is, that DxOMark is working with OnePlus to improve the quality of the camera, something quite positive. But one of the most important data we have at the moment comes from a Chinese analyst.

Camera of OnePlus 5 will be as good as Samsung Galaxy s8

That analyst is one of the few people who already have the OnePlus 5 in their hands, and who can leave us little details about it. In this case, we do not see a large gallery, but a comment that leaves us quite hopeful. According to this user, the camera of the OnePlus 5 is as good as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Camera of OnePlus 5 will be as good as Samsung Galaxy s8

This is one of the best news that we can have at the moment, although we have to take it with tweezers since the opinion of each one can vary. Even so, it is great news, which we can contrast within a few days in the presentation of the device.

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