Build 2017: Current numbers from Microsoft universe

Microsoft has called the beginning of the build a few current numbers. So there was once again an update to the active Windows 10 users.

Windows 10 is actively used by 500 million people worldwide. And when we talk about active, it means at least once a month. Last year, Microsoft et al.

Announced in October that the brand of 400 million installations has cracked and a few days ago became known that over 300 million people use the operating system daily (over 3 hours).

Build 2017: Current numbers from Microsoft universe

The company can also look to over 100 million active Office 365 users, and Cortana is used by at least 140 million people every month in the world.

These are the current figures for Microsoft’s “mobile-first” and “cloud-first” strategies. I would have times interested the active Windows Mobile users. But this number is probably not worth mentioning.

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