The Polish company Wilk Elektronik, which owns the brand Goodram, announced in Europe SSD-drives budget CL100 series. New solid-state disks are built on TLC memory and are equipped with a dual-core controller. Due to such a configuration, according to developers, it is possible to achieve 20-fold growth rate compared to traditional hard drive.
Budget SSD-drives GOODRAM CL100 in the capacity of 120 and 240 Gbytes are presented
Representatives of the CL100 family support the SATA III interface. Speed Reading data in case version 120 GB reaches 500 MB / s, recording – 320 Mb / s. Option 240 GB capacity little faster: 510 and 400 MB / s, respectively.

Disks are made in a form factor of 2.5 inches, and their thickness is 7 mm. To models attached expander 2.5 mm, providing a disc compatible with both new and less modern computers. This allows the CL100 to be used to upgrade an outdated PC, and also as the primary data carrier in a new computer.
The discs are provided with a three-year warranty with free technical support during this period. The prices of the CL100 family of drives are not yet specified.

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