For the price of just under 50 euros, the compact Bluetooth speaker D Solid from Dockin in the test quite alarm. Above all, the bass, which escapes from the solid metal case, is impressive. And we also like the other functions such as built-in radio and memory card slot.
So far the Sackit Woofit was our favorite if as much sound from a compact housing should come. But the Dockin D Solid could dispute this position.

Design and processing: Dockin D Solid 

The Satte 425 gram brings this Bluetooth speaker on the editorial scales. It is not much bigger than a standard tennis ball. The processing is very good – here wobbles nothing, even if we do not shake the mini-speaker vigorously back and forth.
The underside is made of a non-slip, rubber-like material. This even allows the D Solid to be fixed perpendicularly to the wall according to the Gekko principle. We would not recommend this. Unfortunately, over the course of time, a lot of dust and other dirt accumulate on the underside. The subsequent cleaning is difficult because most of the towels only make things worse.

Equipment: Dockin D Solid 

The Dockin D Solid has a built-in FM tuner, giving it a few plus points. So you can also in the park comfortably listen to the football game of your favorite club, if the smartphone is not connected via Bluetooth 4.0 with the speaker.

And there is something else we can expect: the built-in microSD card reader for playing offline music stored as well as the possibility to initiate the coupling process through NFC. Many current Android smartphones can be easily brought to the vicinity of the speaker and already the connection is.
The scope of supply includes a cable for connecting to the computer or the notebook. Something unfavorable is the positioning of the control elements. Keys for play/pause, song jump, and volume control are located on the bottom of the loudspeaker.

Sound and recharge time: Dockin D Solid 

A single driver, but with a proud 52 mm diameter, sits well protected behind the metal cover. And the sound can be heard for the great proportions, the playback of deep frequencies is impressive.
Now we also realize why the underside of the speaker is equipped with rubber – the D Solid would otherwise vibrate quickly from the table top. Tag table: Massive desks and the like amplify the bass reproduction of course noticeably.
Stereo sound, 360-degree sound – we do not have to take such keywords in the mouth by design. However, we still benefit from the test device that it does not tend to over-steer even at high levels. Rooms up to a size of 15 square meters, the D Solid fills effortlessly with sound.
After about five hours, however, according to the manufacturer, however, the end and the internal 800-milli-hour battery demands electricity. This is obtained via the built-in microUSB port; a cable is included.

Conclusion: Small bass player Dockin D Solid

Strong bass, extensive equipment: At the price of almost 50 euros, the Dockin D Solid makes its thing very neat. It is recommended as a portable mini speaker for the backpack or as a useful accessory for notebooks and tablet PCs.

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