BLUBOO S1 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix: Compare Cell Phones 2017

If today you do not know the Xiaomi Mi Mix, something you are doing wrong and is that since this device was officially introduced, it is on everyone’s lips, plus it marked a trend line from the first day. From the Xiaomi Mi Mix, we have seen how the vast majority of brands have launched their terminal without frames like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the LG G6, but even the import brands dare to do it, as the BLUBOO with its new terminal, the BLUBOO S1.

Bluboo S1 – BUY HERE

Bluboo model S1: the mobile without frames with dual camera, arrives in June

BLUBOO S1 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix: Compare Cell Phones 2017

As we said before, this device would hit the market in June and since we are almost in this month, it is worth remembering the features of the BLUBOO S1, as it can be an excellent choice if you are looking for a terminal with a design Without frames but without the need to pay a fortune for him.

By trend, most terminals without frames incorporate large screens, such as the LG G6’s 5’7 inches, the Samsung Galaxy S8’s 5’8 or the 6’4 Xiaomi Mi Mix, which although are quite compact for The panel they mount, are still rather large for most pockets, so the 5’5 inches of the BLUBOO S1 could be perfect for the vast majority of users, as it would be a very compact device. In addition, this panel would have the FullHD resolution, which will give us a pixel density of 401 dpi.

BLUBOO S1 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix

BLUBOO S1 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix: Compare Cell Phones 2017

As for gross power, we can not deny that the BLUBOO S1 is behind the Xiaomi Mi Mix, but still sets high standards, such as its eight-core processor manufactured by MediaTek, the Helio P25, which together with the 4 GB of RAM, will move any application and play smoothly. Nor will we have to worry about the storage in the BLUBOO S1, because we will have 64 GB of internal memory as standard, expandable by MicroSD card with 256 GB extra.

To make matters worse, the BLUBOO S1 comes with Android 7.0 Nougat as standard, unlike the Xiaomi Mi Mix, which comes standard with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. In these batteries we also find differences, but because of the size of the terminals more than anything, since the Xiaomi Mi Mix has a 4400 mAh battery while the BLUBOO S1 has a very remarkable battery of 3500 mAh. While compared to the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the BLUBOO S1 is in a lower step, the price justifies everything and is that the BLUBOO S1 will go on sale for a price of approximately 150 euros, while the Xiaomi terminal costs around About 600.


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