BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

I recently tested an ultra-budget projector from Xiaomi, but today I want to introduce you to another inexpensive projector called BlitzWolf BW-VP5.

I have already tested this projector for more than one evening, so I have accumulated both positive and negative emotions. Thus, in this review, you will find out who needs a projector up to $ 100 and for what purposes it was created.

Now more specifically about the price, anyone can buy BlitzWolf BW-VP5 at an attractive price – for only $85.


For the price you get – this is an attractive compact projector with native HD or 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. In addition, the device has a good brightness value of 3800 lumens, as well as stereo speakers with good sound.

But is everything as good as BlitzWolf describes its products, let’s check the projector in a detailed and in-depth review?

BlitzWolf BW-VP5: Specifications

BlitzWolf BW-VP5:Specs
Display Technology:LED
Screen aspect ratio:1.38:1
Native resolution:1280 by 720 Pixels
Brightness:3800 lumens
Projection screen size:35-120 inches
Video Formats:1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Built-in Speaker:Dual 3W
Lamp Life:30.000 Hours
Size:65 x 170 x 155 mm
Weight:1200 grams

Unboxing and packaging

The BlitzWolf BW-VP5 projector comes in a square small box. The box itself is made in the typical style for BlitzWolf, which combines white and green.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

The front of the box has the company and model name. I did not find any other drawings.

A projector is located inside the box under foam protection. Also included in the package are HDMI cable, tulip cable, power cable, and remote control with instructions.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

In general, the package bundle is pretty good, considering that the cost of the projector does not exceed $ 85. But let’s see what materials the device was assembled from and if there are any shortcomings.

Design, build quality and materials

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 is an ultra-budget projector that has received a small size. Namely – it is 165 x 170 x 155 mm, and the weight was 1200 grams. That is, it is a small square device that can be transported with ease.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

The body of the projector from the BlitzWolf brand is made of matte white plastic. But there is a protective gray fabric on the side ends. In my opinion, the combination of white and gray has a very positive effect on appearance.

I also had no serious comments on the build quality. Almost the entire body has a monolithic structure and I did not notice any strong squeaks and extraneous sounds.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

I can also note that the design of the new BW-VP5 projector is very much reminiscent of Xiaomi Mijia Projector and Xiaomi Formovie Dice. But the cost of projectors from Xiaomi is well over $300.

The front of the case houses an LED lens, a company logo, an infrared sensor for the remote control, and cooling holes.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

At the same time, one speaker with a power of 3 W each was installed on the side faces. Of course, the sound quality is not so deep and bass, but as for an inexpensive projector, the volume level is sufficient here.

But if you want to connect separate speakers, then you can do it. On the backside of the case, there are connectors such as audio-out, video-out, HDMI, and USB ports, as well as a slot for a memory card. Below you can find the power connector.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

On the upper end of the case, I found – this is the power button and the focus adjustment ring. As you might guess, the focus here is manual, and not automatically, as it was in the Xiaomi Wanbo T2 model.

It is also worth noting about the small but comfortable handle, which is located on top of the projector. It is made of artificial leather, but it is convenient to hold and transport the projector.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

At the bottom of the projector, you can find – four rubberized feet to prevent the projector from slipping and a tripod hole.

A little about the control panel. It has a small number of buttons, but which are sufficient for full control. The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries, but they are not included in the package.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

Well, I liked everything with the design, as well as with the build quality and the materials used. But let’s now check what an inexpensive projector is capable of and how it displays a projection image.

Projection screen quality and key features

When I first started the BlitzWolf BW-VP5 projector, I was greeted by the following menu with four sections. These are videos, photos, music, and text. At the top of the sections, you can find two more icons – these are sources and settings. In sources, you can switch the ports available from HDMI to the USB storage.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

The projector settings are standard like most low-cost projectors. That is, in the settings you can set the color rendition, aspect ratio, select the language, and much more.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

As for the operating system, as you might have understood, the BW-VP5 does not have it. But you can easily connect a TV box or game console via HDMI connection. However, as I did, I checked the projector for performance.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

But the positive side for an inexpensive projector was the presence of a Bluetooth connection with version 4.0. Not many even more expensive projectors have wireless connections. In the case of a BlitzWolf projector, the Bluetooth connection is intended both for using the device, as for a wireless speaker.

Before talking about picture quality, let’s share a little about the noise. During operation, the projector emits a noise of about 49 dB at a distance of 1 meter. This figure is not the smallest, but I note that when watching movies, the noise from the projector itself is practically inaudible.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

Now the most important thing is the quality of the projection image. I set up the BW-VP5 projector about 3.5 meters from the wall and got a 90-inch projection screen diagonal. The manufacturer says the projection screen figures are from 30 to 120 inches.

It seemed to me that the 90-inch size is the most optimal. Since it has good brightness and individual pixels are not visible.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

I already mentioned that the native resolution of the budget projector from BlitzWolf was 1280 x 720 pixels. This is much higher than the Xiaomi model I tested a few weeks ago. Let me remind you that the Wanbo T2 projector has only 854 x 480 pixels.

In practice, 720p resolution has had a very positive effect on image quality. That is, I could calmly watch movies and, most importantly, the clarity of the text was at a good level.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

For example, while playing games, I read the text or when watching movies I could read subtitles. This is important for an ultra-budget projector. I can also note that this projector can be used for both educational and work purposes. Because your presentation can be read by anyone with good eyesight.

In addition, the projector has a proven track record of 3800 lumens brightness. In the dark, the picture of the projection screen was displayed clearly and without any questions. But with the lights on, the picture was not so saturated, but the image was seen with quite a good comfort.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

Contrast values ​​are not the highest – it is 1000: 1, so black is really not enough. But given its cost, I can’t call contrast a weak point.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

I also want to note about focusing on the projection image. The focus was accurate throughout the projection screen, but I noticed a slight blur in the upper right corner. No matter how I try to set the focus evenly, it does not work. Despite this fact, when playing games or watching movies, you don’t even notice a blurry small area.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

The BlitzWolf BW-VP5 is truly the best-tested projector I’ve seen with a price tag under $100.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

It received not only good quality of the transmitted projection image but also good build quality and materials.

The level of brightness and detail is enough for comfortable watching a movie or playing various genres of games. Also, the project can be used for work or educational purposes to demonstrate your presentation.

BlitzWolf BW-VP5 Review: Best Projector with 720p Under $100

I can also note the positive side – these are small dimensions and weight. Therefore, transportation will not be difficult not only for women but also for children.

The negative point is not the best sound quality, low contrast values. And also focusing on the upper right corner is not clear, although the last drawback may be a defect and it is present only in my model.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Now you can buy a budget BlitzWolf BW-VP5 projector at a really low price – only $84.99 with an 11% discount.

Given its low cost and technical specs, I can definitely recommend a projector from the BlitzWolf brand for purchase.


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