"Blamage": Stiftung Warentest criticizes new Galaxy S8

Wonderful is the Galaxy S8, a real gem. But has Samsung sacrificed the resilience of the new flagship of the exquisite optics? According to the Stiftung Warentest, “a disgrace in a drop test” is the point.

The Foundation Warentest has a reputation like Donnerhall. Whether the Berlin professors raise or lower their thumbs often determines the success or failure of a product. For Samsung, it should be anything but good news that the Galaxy S8 in the “Fall test” Foundation Warentest has done so badly.

In a drum, according to the test device, the fall was simulated from a height of 80 centimeters on the stone floor (video above). While other smartphones “usually exceed 100 falls without any damage,” according to the Stiftung Warentest test, the Galaxy S8 had already ended after 50 falls – then there were clear splinters on the display glass, especially at the corners. Also, a second test device showed the same results and showed also display splitter.

"Blamage": Stiftung Warentest criticizes new Galaxy S8

As a result, the Galaxy S8 slips from the top position to the midfield at the Stiftung Warentest. If the stability is only assessed with the grade adequately, the entire test section is devalued.

Results hardly surprising: Galaxy S8

The results are hardly surprising – the Galaxy S8 on the front and the rear is made of glass and, with the rounded Infinity display, has a nice all-time feature, which is also particularly vulnerable to crash damage. The Gorilla Glass 5 does not help.

In the end, as often with genuine smartphone beauties, only the handle remains to a case or a protective cover. This does a bit the pretty design, but at least protects the almost 800 euro expensive mobile phone from damage.

Source: Spiegel


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