Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

Just a couple of days ago, a new mini PC from Beelink came to my review. This new model surprised me very much and therefore I decided to keep a new device called Beelink GT-R for long-term use.

Usually, I tested cheaper mini PC models, but this time the GT-R model really performed well not only in benchmark tests but also in modern games. I sometimes like to play games, but my PC desktop or Xiaomi laptop cannot afford to play games at full capacity. But the new device from Beelink has shown itself on the positive side. But let’s take everything in order.

The first is, of course, the price. This mini PC model comes in several configurations – it is in its pure form, that is, without RAM and built-in memory. The manufacturer also offers a version with 8 or 16 GB of RAM and 256 or 512 GB of SSD memory and 1 TB of HDD memory. In the first case, the price tag will be $ 399, the second modification – $ 550 and the last – just over $ 600.


But the most important aspect of any mini PC is its processor. In the case of the Beelink GT-R, a modern and powerful processor called AMD Ryzen5 3550H is used. In addition, the body of the device offers a wide variety of ports and connections. For example, you can connect three monitors to this mini PC, and six USB ports will be enough even for an active user.

But before strongly praising this mini PC from Beelink, I would like to tell you a little about the package and appearance. And then talk about its performance, as well as its pros and cons.

Beelink GT-R: Specifications

Beelink GT-R:Specs
CPU:AMD Ryzen5 3550H
GPU:Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics 1200 MHz
ROM:256/512GB SSD + 1TB HDD
Maximum External Hard Drives:slot MicroSD card up to 256Гб
OS:Windows 10
Interface:2xHDMI, 2xRJ45, TF card, 6xUSB3.0 AV, DC, Type-C 3.1
Size:168 x 120 x 39 mm
Weight:753 g

Unboxing and packaging

Of course, given its not small cost, the box looks very premium. It resembles the box, the Beelink GS-King X mini PC, which I tested a few weeks ago.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

This is a rather large box, which is made in a combination of black and red. On the front of the box, there is a drawing of the device, the company name and the designation for Wi-Fi 6 support.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

Inside the box, I found the device itself, instructions in various languages, monitor mounts with screws, a power adapter, and two HDMI cables, one long and the other short.

Also included was a 16 GB flash drive, which I was pleasantly surprised. Considering its cost and hardware, the package bundle of the new mini PC is really worthwhile. Of course, the price tag is not small, but the device as a workhorse can surprise you for such a price.

Design, materials, and assembly

When I first took the Beelink GT-R mini PC in my hands, I was a little surprised by the materials of manufacture. The device is made in a combination of metal and glass. In fact, this mini PC model reminds me of modern flagship smartphones, only in the mini PC category.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

Each element is assembled accurately and efficiently and I have no complaints about the build quality.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

On the top panel, you can see the company logo, and here in the lower right corner, a fingerprint scanner is installed. The scanner itself works quickly and accurately, so this function will definitely not be superfluous if you have some kind of secret information inside your hard drive.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

On the front, the following ports are located, such as Type-C 3.1, a headphone port, two USB 3.0, CLR CMOS, and power buttons. Also on the sides, there are two holes that serve as a microphone.

On the back, there are a number of additional external ports. These include a DC port for a power adapter, two 1GB LAN connections, two HDMI and one DP ports, and four more USB 3.0 ports.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

Above all external interfaces, you can see ventilation holes from two cooling radiators.

On the left side, there is a grid with the inscription GR5, which is also necessary for high-quality cooling.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

The bottom surface of the Beelink GT-R received an embossed model name – GT-R. There are also two holes for attaching a monitor arm. In addition, there is a rubber strip along the edges, which is needed against slipping.

If you unscrew the four screws at the bottom of the case, then we can see what is inside the mini PC. After removing the metal cover, the first thing I saw was a 1TB HDD. If you remove a few more bolts, then I can see two places for the SSD memory. Where one place is already taken, and the second is free for a future upgrade.

You can also see two boards with 8 GB of RAM, which can also be expanded up to 32 GB. The arrangement of all elements inside the case is very high quality and compact. In general, all the elements are located in their places, which is good news. Okay, I figured out the design. But now let’s check what the new mini PC from Beelink is capable of in practice.

Performance, benchmark tests, and games

Inside the case of the new mini PC, a fairly new processor from AMD is installed, namely the Ryzen5 3550H model. It was introduced in early 2019 and is still in high demand. It received four cores with a clock speed of 2.1 GHz and a turbo mode of 3.7 GHz. At the same time, the power consumption of the chipset is about 35W.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

It is also worth mentioning that this processor is paired with the graphics chipset Radeon Vega 8 Graphics with a frequency of 1200 MHz. I played some heavy games and overall the device coped well with its tasks. Of course, a mini PC is not a gaming machine, but if you plan on occasionally playing at medium graphics settings, then the Beelink GT-R is a good choice.

For example, I played Grand Theft Auto V at 720p with an average graphics setting, the frame rate was around 40 fps. In a simpler game, such as Counter-Strike, fps was about 100. In the game Skyrim, the resolution was 720p, the frame rate was about 50 fps, but the frequency of the graphics accelerator was about 1000 MHz, not 1200 MHz.

I have a version with 512 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD, also 16 GB of RAM. I ran the SSD speed test and the result was pretty good. That’s 2040 MBps read and almost 1600 MBps write speed.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

Next, I tested Wi-Fi 6 on the Beelink GT-R. I am using my main router Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600, which has Wi-Fi 6 support. After seeing the results, I expected the speed a little better. For example, the download speed is about 250 Mbps, and the downloads are about 280 Mbps. My desktop PC and laptop are showing results of around 500 Mbps. Therefore, I can conclude that the work of Wi-Fi 6 on a mini PC is more of a marketing ploy. Since even Wi-Fi 5 shows about the same performance as the Beelink GT-R.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

Also, I found no problems with high-resolution video playback. For example, I ran YouTube videos at 4K resolution at 60fps and the video played smoothly. The same applies to video played through a USB flash drive.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

As for the benchmark tests, I have carried out several measurements of various applications. Below I will leave an album with screenshots where you can compare the performance of a new mini PC with your computer or laptop.

The final test is 4K video rendering in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I took some examples of 4K videos at 25 fps. Also, I did not use any transitions, music or other effects. The rendering speed of 1 minute of video clip took me 1 minute and 3 seconds.

As far as noise and temperature are concerned, I had no major problems. But I would like to note that at high loads, the active work of cooling radiators is activated and the noise from them becomes about 45 dB. But the temperature during active use did not exceed its performance indicators.

The last thing I wanted to tell you about the Beelink GT-R is the operating system. The Mini PC got control from Windows 10 OS and is fully licensed. I have not had any problems with the user interface. Each task completed quickly and opened even complex applications quickly.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

Beelink GT-R is a very progressive device that will cope even with difficult tasks. Thanks to good hardware such as AMD Ryzen5 3550H processor and Radeon Vega 8 graphics, the device can be used even for modern games.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

I also liked the build quality with premium materials. The layout of all internal elements is top-notch, and the number of external ports will be enough to connect four monitors to one mini PC.

Performance tests in terms of benchmarks showed good results for both its class and price. All in all, this is the perfect workhorse that can give you decent performance for years to come.

Beelink GT-R Review: Mini PC with AMD Ryzen5 3550H and Wi-Fi 6

On the downside, I can attribute it to a little noise during active use and the operation of the Wi-Fi 6 module could be a little faster, I did not find any other strong drawbacks.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

If you are interested in the new mini PC from Beelink, then you can buy the Beelink GT-R model for the base model without memory for only $399.99. The 8GB / 256GB / 1TB version will set you back $549.99 and the 16GB / 512GB / 1TB version for $609.99.

After the tests carried out on the new mini PC from Beelink, I was impressed and can definitely recommend the device for purchase.

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