Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

Baseus is a Chinese company already known to me that has inexpensive wireless earbuds, but with interesting features. Today I have a Baseus WM01 model on the test, which will definitely interest you.

Previously, I tested earbuds for this company, namely the Baseus W09 and they really suited me. How to tell yourself the new model of earbuds WM01, let’s find out all the nuances in a detailed review.

But first, I would like to tell you about the price, as it is competitive with such models as Haylou GT1 Pro or Redmi AirDots. Now you can buy Baseus WM01 at a bargain price of about $ 15.


These in-ear headphones boast a good design, a Type-C port, a comfortable fit, and a strong and high-quality signal.

But the main question is the sound quality, will TWS headphones play similarly to their competitors? Let’s tell you my impression in the review below, but now about the appearance of the box and the package bundle.

Baseus WM01: Specifications

Baseus WM01:Specs
Impedance:16 ohms
Driver unit:Dynamic driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:5h

Unboxing and packaging

The device comes in a small white box with yellow elements. On the front of the box, there is a drawing of the earbuds themselves, as well as their model and company name.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

The quality of the box, for its price, is very at a decent level. For example, the box itself is quite thick and came to me for the test unharmed.

Inside the box, I found a lot of useful items. Namely, a charging box with earbuds inside, a set of white ear tips, instructions in English and Chinese, and a Type-C cable.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

I was pleasantly surprised by the availability of the Type-C cable since the price tag is around $15. Not every budget or even expensive TWS earbud boasts a Type-C connection.

Design, build quality and workmanship

Baseus WM01 earbuds are produced in several colors. I have a white version of my review, but there are still black, purple, and green.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

The plastic is made of matte material, which is very pleasant to the touch. Each earbud weighs about 4 grams and does not sit badly in the ear canal. I loved the fit and how they looked in my ears. Also, this model will be universal for both male and female ears. In addition, I played sports in them, and even when running, the earbuds did not fall out.

The build quality of the earbuds is not bad given its low cost. While listening to music, I did not observe any squeaks or other unpleasant sounds. Also, matte plastic does not leave fingerprints like glossy ones.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

I have not found any information about the presence of protection against water, so I do not recommend getting wet or immersed in water.

On the front side of the Baseus WM01 case, there is a touch panel with an operation indicator. I would like to note that the indicator itself does not light up while listening to music.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

The manufacturer also thought about comfortable rubber hooks on the side edges of the case. They make it easy to remove the earbuds from the charging box.

On the back of the headphones, there are contacts for charging and channel indication, and the sound guide itself is protected by a metal mesh.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

Now a few words about the charging box. It has a combination of white and gray, which looks very harmonious to me. The plastic itself is made of matte plastic, like the earbuds in general.

The lid closes thanks to a magnetic connection, and it also has a locking position. That is, it does not close itself even in the open state. The hinge is made of plastic, which is not surprising. But there is a small backlash of the lid, but this is insignificant, given its low cost.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

There is an LED indicator on the front of the box, and a Type-C connector for charging is installed on the back.

If I didn’t know initially the cost of these earbuds, then I could assume that the Baseus WM01 model costs at least $35. I really liked the looks and build quality, but let’s talk a little about signal quality and controls.

Connection, latency and touch control panel

Baseus WM01 has Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection like most TWS earbuds on the mobile market in 2020.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

As for the connection, it is simple and similar to other types of wireless earbuds. Therefore, I will not dwell on this moment. As for the signal quality, the WM01 model made me happy. I did not find any dips or interruptions in the signal and I could safely walk into the next room without worrying about signal loss.

There is a slight delay during video playback on Youtube and in games. But given its low cost, I cannot call this a major drawback.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

 As I mentioned, Baseus WM01 earbuds use touch controls. Here I want to note that the sensor works adequately, but sometimes there are accidental presses.

  • Double-tap on the right earbud leads to play, pause, answer or hang up, and on the left one calls the voice assistant.
  • Holding for a few seconds on the right earbud is the next track, and on the left – the previous one.

Of course, the volume control function was not enough for me to be completely happy. It is also worth noting that TWS earbuds can be used as a pair or separately.

Sound and microphone quality

Now I want to take a little time and tell you the sound quality of Baseus WM01. The sound quality of the new TWS earbuds model is not a strong point.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

For example, low frequencies sound very flat and I barely heard bass.

The mids and highs play in the middle, but I would like to hear at least similar sound to the Haylou GT1 Pro.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

I guess I tested a lot of wireless earbuds and started getting very picky about the sound quality. If you are a general user and need earbuds for background noise, such as sports, watching videos or listening to audiobooks and podcasts, then the Baseus WM01 is a good choice.

As for the sound quality, my interlocutors heard me well, but there was an echo effect. Therefore, long phone conversations will not be good news for your interlocutors.

Battery and battery life

Another important side of Baseus WM01 is the rather long battery life on one charge level. Each earbud uses a 40mAh battery that can play music for about 5 hours at a volume level of 70%.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

The charging box has received a 300 mAh battery and you can recharge the earbuds 3-4 more times. Thus, the total battery life will be approximately 25 hours.

Another good news for me and for many of you is the availability of a Type-C charging port. A full charge from 0 to 100% will take up to 1.5 hours of your time. But I note that there is an indicator on the charging box, but I still did not understand how to determine the level of the remaining battery.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

Baseus WM01 is a unique earbud that has got some good features given its low cost.

Baseus WM01 Review: Penny TWS Earbuds in 2020

For example, I really liked the presence of the Type-C connection, the earbud case of the charging box is made of high-quality soft-touch plastic and the assembly is at a good level.

Of course, the sound quality isn’t the best. But if you are a regular user, not a professional music lover, then Baseus WM01 wireless earbuds will be a good choice.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Already now you can order and buy Baseus WM01 at a low and favorable price for only $ 15.73 and with a 38% discount.

The main competitors for this TWS earbud model from Baseus will be Haylou GT1 Pro and Redmi AirDots, but they have slightly different nuances.


Alternative and competitors

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