Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

Awei has launched a budget wireless earbud model on the mobile device market with a lot of interesting functions and features. This device was named Awei TA1.

In this review, I will share with you my experience of using the new earbuds from the Awei brand. In addition, I will tell you about the main advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you will be able to learn about such features as the comfort of the fit and, of course, about the sound and microphone quality.

But the first thing I want to draw your attention to is the cost. Currently, the price tag for the Awei TA1 is up to $40. Yes, I cannot classify this headphone model as a low-budget category, as you can find earbuds in the $20.


The main features I can attribute are the presence of active noise cancellation functions, transparency mode, and even a game mode. Also, the earbuds received a wireless connection Bluetooth 5.0 version, touch control, an interesting design, and even IPX4 sweat protection.

But does it make sense to take this headphone model? Will the ANC function work well? And you can find many other answers in the detailed review below. And I want to start my story with unboxing and appearance.

Awei TA1: Specifications

Awei TA1:Specs
Resistance:32 ohm
Driver size:? mm driver
Wireless connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000 Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Battery:40 (320) mAh
Charging time:90 mins
Weight:3.6 (33) grans
Music time:4 hours

Unboxing and packaging

What surprised me with the packaging of the new model of wireless earbuds from the Awei brand? It is a striking design with a lot of different information, features, and functions.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

On the front, you can see a large and beautiful drawing of the earbuds and charging box. In the meantime, there is a list of the main technical specs on the back.

Inside the package, I was greeted by a fairly standard list of components. These are, directly, the earbuds themselves, a charging box, a Type-C cable, additional ear tips, and an instruction in English.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

Ok, everything is simple and standard with the bundle, but now let’s talk about the build quality and the materials used.

Design, assembly, and materials

The new Awei TA1 wireless earbuds remind me of the Apple AirPods Pro in terms of looks. Of course, it is not an exact copy, as it received its own design notes.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

I had no complaints about the comfort of the fit, given the low weight of the earbud. That is, one earphone weighs approximately 3.6 grams. When I tested the earbuds, I barely felt them in my ear canal.

In addition, I was comfortable doing sports, even while running, the TA1 model sat firmly. It is also worth noting that the correct size of ear tips should be chosen here. Out of the box, the quality of the silicone ear tips wishes to be better, but I can’t say they were very bad.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

The earbud housing is made of glossy plastic and the manufacturer offers only one color option – this is in white. Yes, on white plastic you will not notice fingerprints so much, but they will clearly stay there well. As I have said many times, matte plastic looks much more premium than the glossy version.

But on the positive side, I can attribute it to good build quality. The earbuds Awei TA1 are made of a monolithic body and generally do not emit extraneous noise and squeaks. In addition, the manufacturer promises to have protection against sweat and splashes under the IPX4 standard.

On the outer part of the case, there is touch control, but on the lower leg, there are two contacts for charging with a hole for a microphone. The sound guide has received the correct shape according to the anatomy of the ear canal, so you should not have problems with the fit.

As for the charging box, its dimensions are 61 x 46 x 25 mm, and the weight of the case with the earbuds inside is about 40 grams. Yes, it is possible to think that the size of the box is quite large and at this point, I will completely agree with you. But it can easily fit into a jeans pocket for no particular reason.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

I have no complaints about the build quality since the lid opens without a strong backlash. Also, the lid does not close by itself when open.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

On the front of the case, you can see the brand name logo. But the lower part of the charging box received a Type-C port for charging, a charge level indicator, and a factory reset button. Okay, now let’s take a look at the signal quality and basic touch controls.

Connection, latency, and control

The Bluetooth 5.0 version is responsible for wireless connection. As practice has shown, the work of the wireless connection was quite stable. That is, I had no failures in communication and the sound was always in the working range, even at long distances from the signal source.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

If we talk about the connection, then everything is simple here, as on any other TWS earbud models. After the first connection, the next one will be carried out automatically after removing the earbuds from the charging box.

Now let’s go over all the touch control functions. Yes, I really liked it, since accidental clicks were practically zero.

  • One-touch produces the play, pause, accept and place a phone call.
  • Double tapping on the right channel switches the track forward, and on the left – backward.
  • A triple tap on the left earbud calls up the voice assistant function, and on the right, switches the earbuds to game mode.
  • Holding it for a few seconds switches between transparency, active noise canceling, and normal mode.

But I did not find the volume control function. Although the manufacturer says otherwise.

I also want to share with you my impressions of the game mode. In games, the delay between the earbuds and the smartphone was approximately 180-220 ms. Naturally, these are not TWS gaming earbuds, but I felt pretty comfortable playing the PUBG Mobile game. In addition, I did not find much discomfort while watching videos on YouTube.

Sound and microphone quality

I could not find information about the driver used inside the Awei TA1 earbud case. But I can say with confidence that the margin of the maximum volume level will not be as much as you might expect.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

Yes, for many people and even me, including, 100% volume level will be enough. But sometimes, listening to my favorite tracks, I wanted to add a little volume level at least 10% higher.

Nevertheless, the low frequencies are not even bad at all. On the TA1 model, there is a spacious and massive bass, but this is at the maximum sound level.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

But the mids were a little squeezed, although the high frequencies open up their potential very widely. For example, ringing musical instruments did not have a strong annoying and squeaky sound. But the vocalist’s voice sounded pretty good, considering its cost.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

As for the active noise canceling mode, I did not notice much difference between its activity and the normal mode. Yes, the sound quality may be slightly better in noisy places. But again, comparing the work of active noise cancellation in flagship and budget earbuds, the difference will be very significant.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

But the work of the transparency mode was completely fine with me. Using additional microphones will allow you to hear ambient sounds. Therefore, during a call, you do not need to remove the earbuds from the ear canal.

At the same time, the quality of the microphones surprised me a lot. In noisy places, the interlocutors heard me clearly and without any problems. Thus, ambient noise cancellation worked in a positive way.

Battery and run time

I cannot say that the battery life on the Awei TA1 is a strong point. But during my tests, the earbuds were able to play for about 3.5 hours at 100% volume levels.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

This is not the highest battery life, but as for budget inexpensive earbuds, the result was quite typical. That is, even 3 hours of work will be enough with active use of the whole day.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

At the same time, the charging box received a battery capacity of 320 mAh and is able to charge the earbuds additionally up to 4 times. And the total battery life using the charging case will be up to 17 hours.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

Awei really surprised me with its new TA1 wireless earbuds on the positive side.

Awei TA1 Review: Inexpensive TWS Earbuds with ANC Under $40

I can refer to the advantages of the new model of TWS earbuds – high-quality assembly, comfortable fit, and good touch control. Apart from that, the sound quality was quite good considering its cost.

But the negative sides are distinguished by such features as the glossy body of the charging box and case. Also, I didn’t really like the work of active noise cancellation.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, the price for the Awei TA1 wireless earbuds is only $38.39. This is a very good price, given its technical features and capabilities.

But below I will leave a small list of competitors that also have similar parameters and even identical prices.


Alternative and competitors

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