Attack on Instagram: WhatsApp gets filters for photos, videos, and GIFs

WhatsApp will soon get filters that can be applied to images, videos, and GIFs, as is the case with Instagram. Thus, the company would compete with the two apps themselves.

WhatsApp gets filter function

The world-famous Whats App messenger will soon get another feature, which already works successfully with other apps like Instagram. In recent weeks and months, WhatsApp has been working with the competition to introduce features such as “status” – a snap chat story clone – that has been controversially discussed but is now used by more than 175 million users a day. Similarly, the filters for photos, videos, and GIFs could run in Whats App. According to the always well-informed Twitter channel WABetaInfo, Facebook plans the integration of filters into the Messenger.

WhatsApp has only been able to edit photos and videos with text, emojis, and drawings. Filters like Instagram have still missed. Anyone who wants to miss a certain touch in the future for a photo, video or animation does not need to work with an image processing program on the smartphone or edit the image at Instagram before, but will be able to do this directly in the app of Whats App Has a smartphone with the good camera.

Attack on Instagram: WhatsApp gets filters for photos, videos, and GIFs

Which filter Whats App is integrated and how extensive the selection will be is not known. A schedule for the integration of the new function is also not known.

With Instagram, Facebook has an app that is leading in the field and could be inspired to make the WhatsApp messenger even better. It is only to be hoped that the transfer of the function in WhatsApp will not negatively affect the photo community of Instagram. The new filters and the status function could be an interesting combination for sharing photos – or what do you mean?


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