Apple Watch: Sales have almost doubled since last year

Tim Cook has announced in a conversation with the investors that the sales numbers for the Apple Watch since 2016 almost doubled.

Apple Watch sales have almost doubled since last year

The Apple quarterly figures for the past quarter are now well-known. The focus was always on the iPhone, as this is the most lucrative area for Apple. But since the market launch of Apple Watch, many ask themselves the question: How is it actually in this area? Tim Cook expressed himself as always vague.

The Apple Watch sells well, and strictly speaking, the sales have almost doubled compared to the previous year. But that can mean anything because there have never been official figures from Apple. And because Apple packs the Watch into the category of “other products” (Apple TV, Beats, …), an assessment is difficult.

Apple Watch: Sales have almost doubled since last year

Cook emphasized that the wearables, which include the Beats headphones, the AirPods, and the Watch, are now the size of a Fortune 500 company. But this statement is also spongy. This category was responsible for over 5.1 billion dollars in sales. However, the exact turnover was not clear. On top of that, the majority of beats have been achieved by beats.

It remains, Apple designated the watch continues as a success, refuses for tactical reasons but to call concrete figures. I suspect that this strategy will continue for a while.

Source: Theverge


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