Apple seeks Android users in its new campaign

The new advertising campaign of Apple is giving of what to speak. It looks like they want fresh blood and are looking at it on their rival operating system. Before the arrival of the new iPhone at the end of the year, Apple seeks Android users to increase their entourage facing the new generation.

This new campaign comes as a result of an update on the Apple website where a section called ‘Switch’ has been enabled. In it, with the motto ‘Life is simpler with iPhone’ are presented different videos and reasons to go to the side of the apple.

Android vs iOS, which is better?

iPhone users are many, but Android users maintain a very high market share that far exceeds that of Apple. This is not to say that Apple is in the fall, much less, but they want to attract new users of the green android so they leave their old device and approach the bitten apple.

Apple seeks Android users in its new campaign

Always the duality Android vs. Apple is cause for controversy. And in this case, when one company faces directly another call much more attention. The first thing they point out is the ease of transferring all your data from an Android to an iPhone using the ‘Move to iOS’ Google Play app. With this, we are already saying that weave no excuse, that is very easy to do, that we do and that we stop Android.

The camera is another of the highlights of your devices. They assure that more photos are taken with an iPhone than from another camera in the world and that these are wonderful thanks to their software. The iPhone camera is very good and very simple to use, but it is not clearly the best. There are very powerful exponents within the Android panorama, with impressive cameras and with much more complete software that allows more possibilities.

Apple seeks Android users in its new campaign

The same goes for the benefits. Apple says its devices are the fastest and most fluid. This is undoubtedly due to the joint design between hardware and software, which from Android users are more difficult because of the number of parties that intercede. Despite this, the system of Google has matured very much and is in a state of fluidity and speed very good that little or nothing have to envy to iOS.

Other aspects that mention are the ease of use of your system, its security, its technical service, etc. Reasons that may make you think more than one go to use an iPhone. But that does not seem to weight since Android has nothing to envy to iOS and are simply marketing strategies that companies follow to position themselves as better than their competition.

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