Android Wear a flop? Even Tizen runs on more Smartwatches

The latest figures on the market shares of Smartwatches suggest that Tizen runs on more smartwatches than Android Wear. However, the operating system is still a long way from place one.

Apparently, Samsung’s strategy to place smartwatches on the in-house operating system has paid off. According to Strategy Analytics, Tizen has held 19 percent of the Smartwatch market since the first quarter of 2017. Android Wear is only used on 18 percent of the devices. The largest share watchOS on the Apple Watch with 57 percent. The remaining six percent go to various other operating systems, such as Pebble OS. Compared to the last two years, Android Wear recorded a growth of 0.6 percent, while the share of Tizen grew from 6.7 percent to 19 percent.

Android Wear a flop? Even Tizen runs on more Smartwatches

The fact that Samsung is able to record such success with the in-house operating system on the Smartwatches is a remarkable achievement. Finally, a variety of Android manufacturers relies on the operating system for the sly wristwatches. Among them are LG, Lenovo, Huawei and some more.

About the reasons why Samsung is so successful with Tizen can be discussed. Samsung is likely to play a key role in the smartphone market, after all, the South Korean company is the largest manufacturer of Android smartphones. In addition, customers seem to be satisfied with Tizen so far. Our hands-on video on the Samsung Gear S3 reveals the most important innovations of Samsung’s latest Smartwatch.

Android Wear a flop? Even Tizen runs on more Smartwatches

Perhaps with the updates on Android Wear 2.0 and the LG WatchStyle and/or LG WatchSport, Google can pick up the market share again, so that Android Wear again ranked second in the second place.

Source: Tizenexperts


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