Android O arrival date could be ahead for August 2017

Android O is the new operating system of Google, and you have the mobile you have, you sure are looking forward to taking the glove. If you are one of the few users in the world that have a Nexus or Google Pixel, you are in luck, but if not, you should wait a few more months. Users with a compatible smartphone can now upgrade to Android O in a simple and very fast way, something possible thanks to the Android beta program O. The arrival date of Android O is estimated for late September or early October, Something that could change for some users.

For several years, the arrival of the new Android coincides with the launch of the Nexus, something that in 2016 was not so. This year we do not know how Google will do, although according to the information we have there will also be different dates to market. Android Or is no longer a mystery to users, and Google could leave us with the final version of the operating system much earlier than expected.

Android O’s arrival date could be set for August

Android O arrival date could be ahead for August 2017

The leaks normally are always related to smartphones or Android hardware, but today, the thing is software, and thanks to a leak of David Ruddock we can know very important details about the arrival of Android O. According to this user, who Works for Android Police, the official version of Android Or could arrive in the first or second half of August.

Last year we saw how the previews were gradually arriving until a few weeks before the presentation. It seems that this year the thing changes, offering the final version of the Google Pixel and Nexus in early August. This leaves us with all the news many weeks earlier than expected, and we do not know if Google will wait longer to present the system, or if it will make an event on that date.

At the moment everything is unknown, and although the source is quite reliable, we can take this news with tweezers, as the plans of companies with updates are not quite concrete.

Source: Twitter


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