Amazon Alexa: calling function comes on all echo devices

Amazon has today not only presented the EchoShow officially and the Amazon Alexa app a larger update missed, but also Alexa Calling & Messaging announced.

As with the EchoShow, the modest news first: On the US site of Amazon, Alexa Calling & Messaging is already listed, until we can use it here, but it probably still takes some time. In any case, it is a pleasure to be able to use the function for calls and messages on all echo devices in the future.

Amazon Alexa: calling function comes on all echo devices

As Amazon mentions, all users of Echo devices or the Amazon Alexa app can call each other (free of charge) among themselves or write messages, of course by voice input. Family members or close friends can even be addressed directly by request “Drop in” directly.

“You can call or reply to any of the following: Alexa App, an echo, an echo, an echo, and an echo. Alexa calling and messaging. Once you update the app, you can see that.”

I find quite nice the function, why the echo but still no simple call profile via Bluetooth offers is incomprehensible. A coupled phone could thus be used quite comfortably to make calls via echo.

The Amazon Alexa app today also received a major update, which can be loaded from now on.

Source: Techcrunch


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