Most amazing of GoPro Fusion 360 Specs 2017

GoPro may have had some stumbles lately, but one thing to recognize: they do not give up. With the presentation of the GoPro Fusion 360, we have a good example. The 360 video camera segment has great potential with VR, but GoPro is a bit late on the market. However, the Fusion 360 does something that the others do not.

GoPro Fusion 360: Specifications

GoPro’s strategy is not only to record spectacular videos. They also want to edit them easily and creatively to share them widely. That’s where OverCapture comes in. An editing software that allows showing the surrounding footage in a classic rectangular format, but where the creator can choose where the viewer looks from among all possible angles and also perspective. A different approach to VR video.

The results, as this video shows, are great. After all, it is as if he could use infinite points of view, maintaining the continuity of time. In addition, you can take advantage of 360 recording without having to use VR viewer, although obviously, the experience is less immersive.

Most amazing of GoPro Fusion 360 Specs 2017

There are still some doubts to be solved, such as why the two targets are off-center relative to one another or if the body allows light dives. But there is no doubt that the GoPro Fusion has landed with a great quality of images (5.2K @ 30fps) and refreshing ideas.

Source: GoPro


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