ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

Most users haven’t even heard of a new brand called ADO or A Dece Oasis. This company has released a new model of the ADO A20 electric bike, which will be discussed today.

You might think that you shouldn’t mess with newbie e-bike makers, but I disagree with you. The ADO brand presented a rather interesting bike model that I really liked and in this review, I will tell you why. Although there were some shortcomings, they will also be discussed.

The first advantage when choosing the ADO A20 is its cost, which is only $770. This is an order of magnitude less than that of its main competitors. But I will definitely tell you about some pitfalls and what ADO saved on during the new production of the A20 electric bike model.


The manufacturer also claims that the device is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 35 km/h. Other features I can power – this is a powerful 350 W electric motor and range on a single charge of 80 km. In addition, there are many other opportunities for advanced learning.

Thus, I propose to start my story with the appearance of the packaging and find out that the manufacturer ADO has completed the inner box.

ADO A20: Specifications

ADO A20:Specs
Motor rated power:350W
Wheel size:20×1.95 inch
Maximum speed:35km/h
Battery:10.4Ah Li-ion battery
Rated voltage:36V 2A DC
Product weight:24 kg
Product size (L x W x H):1550 x 530 x 1100 mm (UNFOLDED); 900 x 430 x 700 mm (FLODED)

Unboxing and packaging

I received a medium-sized package that came to be intact and undamaged. This is the most common cardboard box with the designation of the model and company name.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

Inside the package, the electric bike itself is located in a folded state. I also found some useful accessories to help you build your bike. For example, you will have to separately screw on the pedals, assemble the steering wheel, and install the seat.

In my case, the assembly took no more than 15 minutes. I think that even for an inexperienced user, assembling a bicycle will not cause big problems. I can also highlight with a small bonus that the manufacturer has additionally equipped a phone holder and a charging cable. Ok, now I propose to talk about the quality of performance and other features.

Design, build quality and materials

First of all, I want to note that the ADO A20 bike comes in two different colors – white and black. I have it on the test in white, as it looks more stylish and in bright sunny weather it will not heat up as much as black.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

The frame itself was made of a sturdy and fairly thick aluminum alloy. Therefore, the electric bike is able to withstand a weight of up to 120 kg without any problems. For example, my weight was 80 kg and I did not reveal any special problems during movement. But I’ll talk about my experience of use and emotions a little later.

That is, from this I can conclude that the frame itself was assembled with fairly high quality and even while driving on a bad road I did not have much discomfort. Thus, the build quality is very good, given its low cost.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

It is also worth mentioning that the bike’s body has been splash-proof under the IPX5 standard. Yes, this is not complete protection against water, but you can not be afraid of cycling in the rain or snow.

In terms of dimensions and weight, the new model of the ADO A20 electric bike received dimensions of 1550 x 530 x 1100 mm unfolded and 900 x 430 x 700 mm when folded. At the same time, the bike does not weigh very much, only 24 kg, and without the weight of the battery – 19.5 kg. That is, the weight of the battery was 4.5 kg.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

As you might have guessed, the battery in the A20 bike is removable. Therefore, you do not need to carry the entire bike home to charge, but only the battery itself. This is naturally a significant plus. I can also highlight that the battery itself received a security lock. So, when you leave your bike outside, your battery won’t be so easy to steal.

On your bike handlebars, you’ll find useful features such as a backlit monochrome LED screen. There is also a seven-speed Shimano derailleur. Another useful feature is that there are two buttons – a horn and a light switch. The handles themselves were made in an ergonomic shape and were comfortable to operate, even when driving on a bad road.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

On the base of the steering wheel, you can find a flashlight with four LEDs, which will illuminate your path at night very well. There is also a red tail light, which is constantly on and notifies other traffic users about your presence on the road.

Brakes the bike thanks to two-disc brakes with a diameter of 160 mm. These brakes were enough for me, as for everyday movement. The electric motor itself, with a power of 350 watts, was located on the rear axle of the wheel.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

Now for a little information on the wheels, the ADO A20 bike received 20-inch six-spoke wheels. At the same time, the tire size was 20×1.95 inches. Although this is not the largest wheel, I did not feel uncomfortable while driving. That is, this wheel size will be sufficient for everyday use in an urban environment.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

In addition, the manufacturer ADO was confused with the backlight and smooth running. Since the bike uses a front shock absorber with good ride comfort. In addition, there is an additional shock absorber that was installed on the seat itself. Thus, such a suspension system is able to smooth out any bumps and move on bad roads at a faster speed.

Performance and driving emotions

As I said before, the manufacturer ADO has installed a fairly powerful 350W electric motor. Although it is initially deflated by 250W, as in some European countries it is not possible to use e-bikes over 250W of engine power.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

Therefore, in order to use its maximum power, it is necessary to perform some operations. First, you need to hold two buttons at the same time near the monochrome screen – this is a minus and plus a few seconds. Then you can get the full power of the 350 W electric motor.

It is also worth mentioning that if this is not done, then the maximum speed of the bike will be only 25 km/h. Therefore, if you want to move faster, namely 35 km/h, then you will need to do the operation that I described above.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

Now a little about the LED screen, where you can observe the speed, range, battery level, and operating modes. There are three modes in total, where the minimum mode is capable of reaching speeds up to 10 km/h, the average up to 15 km/h, and the maximum up to 25 km/h. This is what I’m talking about for standard use. But if you remove the speed limit of 25 km/h, then you can safely add 10 km/h to each mode.

As for the cruising range, my maximum electric range was 40 km. But if you help to use the pedals, then the cruising range increases to 80 km. This is a pretty solid indicator for its class of devices. It is also worth mentioning that the time to fully charge the battery is not the fastest indicator and a full charge took me about 6 hours.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

Okay, now let’s talk about my emotions driving the ADO A20 bike. Yes, on a good road, I didn’t have any particular problems during my testing. But when you leave on a bad road, then you can hear various creaks and noises. This is especially noticeable from the mud flaps on the front and rear wheels. Also, when I pedaled, I heard extraneous squeaks during their rotation.

But this does not mean that the bike rides poorly, on the contrary, I liked the traction power and how quickly it picks up maximum speed. If we talk about the brakes, they are pretty good. For example, during the descent, I accelerated to 40 km/h, and my braking distance was about 5-6 meters.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

The manufacturer also claims that the ADO A20 bike is capable of driving up a hill up to 30% of the rise. But he didn’t mention the fact that you also have to help pedal to overcome such a steep climb. Since purely on an electric drive of a 350 W engine, the power will not be enough.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

After thoroughly testing the ADO A20 electric bike, I was left with quite positive emotions. For example, particular attention surprised me with the build quality and materials used.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

The frame of the bike was quite sturdy and most importantly, it could withstand heavy loads. Also, the work of an electric motor with a power of 350 W will be enough even for a beginner who first sits on this type of vehicle.

I believe that the main advantage of the new model of the A20 electric bike is its cost, which is an order of magnitude lower than that of its competitors. I also liked the ride and suspension performance, which gave the bike very good ride smoothness even on rough roads.

ADO A20 Review: Best Friend for Big Cities 2021

But the disadvantages are not so significant and they can be found on more expensive versions of bicycles. For example, I can refer to them – these are extraneous creaks and noises from mud flaps and pedals during their rotation. Also, I would like to get the battery charging time a little less than 6 hours.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

You can currently get the ADO A20 electric bike at a tempting price point for just $769.99 from May 6th to May 31st. There is not much time left, so if you are interested in this bike model, then I can easily recommend it to you for purchase.

This is another stylish and beautiful bike that will help you get around the busy metropolis quickly and comfortably.


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