ADATA D8000L Power Bank - Tagged and powerful

ADATA presents the D8000L PowerBank, which with its integrated high-power LEDs also serves as a powerful light source. In contrast to other power banks with a small built-in luminaire, the D8000L radiates the entire surface thanks to several LEDs, which creates a daylight source. In addition, the ADATA D8000L is dust and waterproof according to the IP54 standard and provides a charging power of 2.1A via two USB ports.

ADATA D8000L: More than a flashlight – a real light source

With the luminosity of the built-in LED diodes of 200 lumens, the D8000L benefits from the lighting competence and experience of ADATA.

The D8000L delivers significantly more than a conventional power bank and offers powerful lighting for many situations, which can sometimes be life-saving. For outdoor users, the 17 hours that a fully charged D8000L Power Bank is illuminating means a high and, above all, long performance.

There are four different lighting modes: standard, flashing, slow flashing and emergency. The light cone of the D8000L spatially covers a large area and reaches far. This differs from many lamps, as they are often found in other chargers or smartphones.

ADATA D8000L: Robust construction for different environments

ADATA D8000L Power Bank - Tagged and powerful

The D8000L is dust and watertight according to the IP54 standard and thus offers good resistance to dust, dirt, and liquids.

The housing is made of robust and shock-absorbing materials, which makes the product perfect for use at home, in the office or on the road “in the wilderness”.

The virtually grooved back of the D8000L PowerBank is designed to allow users to pinch objects such as coins or credit cards as an improvised stand to set them up.

Convenient and safe charging

With a charge of 8000 mAh, the D8000L offers two USB ports that output a total of 2.1A. Users can charge two devices at the same time to save time, and this is quite relaxed as the Power Bank has been designed to be shock and fire resistant.

Like all ADATA power banks, the D8000L has an intelligent multi-protection circuitry to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, overvoltage, under voltage, overheating, overcurrent, and short circuit. The D8000L has a one year warranty.

ADATA D8000L: Prices and availability

The ADATA Power Bank D8000L is now available from authorized dealers for € 39.90 (including VAT).

Source: Adata


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