Acer Predator X27: UHD display with 144 Hz, G-sync, HDR and 99% Adobe RGB

The Acer Predator X27 UHD display pairs the latest technology with high resolution, refresh rate and color space coverage.

The Acer Predator X27 is the egg laying wool milk under the UHD displays. Gamer is pleased to announce the addition of the G-Sync, HDR, Ultra Low Motion Blur and the integrated eye tracking technology Tobii. But also professional Creatives come with the Predator X27 thanks to 99% coverage of the Adobe RGB color space and the light shielding at your expense.

Acer Predator X27 Specifications

The Acer VisionCare technology is intended to prevent eye fatigue during long game periods on the Predator X27 by reducing screen flickering and blue light. In addition, the Predator GameView can be used to precisely adjust the color, set the target points for the hip-fire accuracy, and highlight more details in dark scenes. You can save custom settings in three different profiles, such as Action, Racing, and Sports.

Acer Predator X27: UHD display with 144 Hz, G-sync, HDR and 99% Adobe RGB

The response time of the 27-Incher according to the manufacturer is 4 milliseconds. The brightness should have a luminance of 1,000 Nits. Acer, thanks to the proprietary HDR Ultra technology, which can individually dim the LEDs in 384 zones, offers exceptional contrast quality. For example, HDR Ultra is designed to provide a deeper and darker black.

Acer also thought of the ergonomics of the Predator X27. The UHD panel can be turned and tilted as well as adjusted in height and sits on a stable metal stand. The vertical and horizontal viewing angle is up to 178 degrees. What the Acer Predator X27 is to cost and when it comes to the market Acer has not yet revealed.

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