Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

1MORE has introduced the second generation of wireless earbuds under the name 1MORE Comfobuds 2.

Earlier I was able to spend some time with the first model of 1MORE Comfobuds earbuds. As you can remember, if the first generation didn’t really impress me, then the second generation showed itself from a more positive side.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy yourself a new model of TWS earbuds, then perhaps the option from 1MORE will be a good choice for you. In addition, in this review I will share with you about the main disadvantages and advantages of the new generation of earbuds, and now about the price tag.

An auction offer is currently underway and the price of the 1MORE Comfobuds 2 is very attractive. For example, the price tag was only $39, but you can also use coupons and the price will be even lower.


For comparison, the first generation of earbuds will now cost you a little less at $37. But the difference in features and sound between the two earbud modules is significant.

At the same time, the updated version of Comfobuds 2 earbuds received a new generation of wireless Bluetooth 5.2 version. The size of the driver has not changed and remained the same – it is 13.4 mm. In addition, the appearance and design remained absolutely the same as that of the first generation. The manufacturer did not decide to take serious steps to change the appearance, maybe this is good.

Among other features, the earbuds stand out for the presence of AAC and SBC audio codecs. Also on board the device was a built-in battery with a capacity of 35 mAh and 410 mAh in a charging case. Exactly the same battery capacity was on the first generation of earbuds, but the battery life has changed, and of course for the better.

Okay guys, let me start my full testing and give you my impressions of the inexpensive budget TWS earbud model from 1MORE. Therefore, if you are interested in this model of the device, like me, I ask for your attention with the unpacking and appearance of the device.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2: Specifications

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2:Specs
Impedance:32 ohms
Driver unit:13.4 mm driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.2
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:6h

Unboxing and packaging

The appearance of the packaging has remained the same as on the previous generation of Xiaomi 1MORE wireless earbuds. This is a small square package with a drawing of the device with the name of the model and company on the front. I also want to highlight that all the characteristics were written in English, which is a very good sign.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

In addition, given that this is a budget model of earbuds, the quality of the box was very good. That is, the earbuds were shipped in a fairly tight package and all the components inside were neatly folded. Meanwhile, inside the box itself, I found – this is a charging case with earbuds inside. The package also included a Type-C charging cable, a pair of interchangeable ear tips and instructions for use.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

As you can see, the first impression from the unboxing is that the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 earbuds produced very good results. It had everything you need for full use and the quality of workmanship was like that of premium earbuds.

Design, build quality and materials

The appearance of the earbuds themselves and the charging box remained untouched by the 1MORE manufacturer. If the first generation of earbuds caused me a wow effect, then the second generation did not seem like something surprising. But despite this fact, the manufacturer competently worked on its design, both in terms of construction and ease of fit.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

Although I still have some remarks about the appearance of the 1MORE Comfobuds 2 wireless earbud model. As you can guess, this is the use of glossy plastic. Exactly the same plastic was on the first generation of earbuds. This is not the most practical solution, as a large number of fingerprints and micro-scratches remain on the glossy plastic. Therefore, I would prefer to see a matte finish here, rather than a glossy one.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

If we talk about colors, then Comfobuds 2 earbuds come in two versions – it is in white and black. I had no particular complaints about the build quality, all the components were assembled well and did not have strong extraneous noise during my wearing. In addition, I liked the IPX5 water resistance. Therefore, it is possible to play sports or wear earbuds during light rain without any problems.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

Also, the manufacturer 1MORE talks about its hybrid design. That is, the earbuds were made half semi in-ear and half vacuum earbuds. It was a pleasure to wear this TWS earbud design and the weight of one earbud did not exceed 3.8 grams. For example, when playing sports, the earbuds were firmly in the ear canal and I had no feeling that they would fall out at the wrong time.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

Among other features of the appearance, I can highlight the presence of a convenient touch panel, which is located on the outside of the earbud case. Also here you can see the LED indicator on the bottom of the leg. In addition, the manufacturer has installed two microphones on each earbud channel. But I’ll talk about the quality of the microphones a little later. But from the inside of the earbuds, there are two contacts for charging the device.Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

Now I want to talk more about the charging box and its features. Like the earbuds themselves, the charging case was made of glossy plastic, but I had no particular complaints about the build quality. An LED indicator can be seen on the front of the case, and a Type-C connection is located on the opposite side.

At the same time, the lid was not fixed in the open position, but I did not find much backlash in the lid itself. Also, there is no wireless charging and therefore it is possible to charge the case only through the Type-C port. Under the cover of the box, there are two horizontal seats for earbuds with a mechanical button for resetting or pairing earbuds. Okay, with the appearance and its design features, I have shared with you. Now I propose to move on to the next rather important section.

Connection, latency and touch control

If the appearance has not received significant changes, then the quality of communication in the 1MORE Comfobuds 2 earbuds has received a number of improvements. For example, the latest generation of Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC and SBC audio codecs is currently used on board the device. During my testing, I did not find any drops in communication and the earbuds kept the signal with a mobile device pretty well even at a distance of 10 meters.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

The earbuds are connected to a mobile device using the simplest method. If the first connection needs to be manually connected in the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone or other device. Then the subsequent connection will already be automatic. Also, the manufacturer 1MORE offers to install a mobile application called 1MORE Music.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

In this app you will be able to customize the equalizer from 12 different genres of music. It is also possible to customize touch controls to suit your taste and usability. In addition, you can activate or deactivate the game mode. Well, the last and not unimportant is getting the update, which I recommend that you do after the first connection of the earbuds to the application.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

As I said, there is a game mode on board the 1MORE Comfobuds 2 earbuds. When activated, I did not find any significant lag issues while watching videos on Youtube or even while playing games. For example, in the game PUBG Mobile, my ears did not hear any delay at all and it was a pleasure to play.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

In addition, the manufacturer has made a big leap in touch control functionality compared to the previous generation. Now you can additionally control the volume level, switch from game to music mode. You will also have the ability to switch tracks. That is, the functionality of the features in the touch panel is very wide.

I also want to note that a proximity sensor was installed on board the 1MORE Comfobuds 2 earbuds. That is, now when you remove one of the earbuds from the ear canal, the track will automatically pause and vice versa. This function works properly and I had no problems using it.

Sound and microphone quality

Like the previous generation of TWS earbuds, the new version of the 1MORE Comfobuds 2 device received an absolutely identical 13.4 mm dynamic driver. In practice, I didn’t really like the maximum volume setting. For example, I am not a fan of very loud music, but the Comfobuds 2 model did not play very much even at 100% volume.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

In terms of sound, earbuds from 1MORE remind me more of semi in-ear earbuds than vacuum ones. That is, the sound stands out well in the middle and high frequencies. The detailing of the musical instruments was very good and I didn’t hear a strong mess at the maximum volume.

But the low frequencies did not really stand out in comparison with the high and medium frequencies. During my testing, the bass was there, but its presence was not as expressive. Also, I did not hear the depth of sound, as on the models of earbuds with in-ear design.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

At the same time, I liked the quality of the microphone, since even in noisy places, ambient sounds were well blocked and the interlocutors heard me clearly and clearly. In addition, in a quiet place you will have no problems communicating through the 1MORE Comfobuds 2 earbuds.

Battery and run time

The new generation of 1MORE Comfobuds 2 earbuds has received not only the same appearance, but also the same similar battery capacity. A 35mAh battery is used inside each earbud, while a 410mAh battery was built into the charging box.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

In practice, at 100% volume, the earbuds lasted about 5.5 hours. The result is quite solid and cannot be called bad. In addition, with the use of a charging box, the total battery life can rise to 22-24 hours.

Another positive feature is the presence of fast charging of the earbuds. For example, in 15 minutes of charge, the earbuds can play up to 3 hours at the maximum volume level. At the same time, it took me up to 50 minutes to fully charge the earbuds. The charging case itself was charged via the Type-C connection in 1.5 hours.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

After testing the updated generation of 1MORE Comfobuds 2 wireless earbuds, I saw some improvements from the manufacturer. But I cannot call the earbuds strong in all aspects.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

First, let’s go over the positive aspects of the new generation of earbuds. Of course, I liked the availability of the updated Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connection. Also, the device has received a very ergonomic design for a hybrid design of earbuds and vacuum plugs.

In addition, TWS earbuds have a large list of touch control functions and even a branded application from the manufacturer 1MORE. The battery life of the device also showed itself from a positive point of view.

Xiaomi 1MORE Comfobuds 2 Review: Hybrid Design With Good Fit

But the disadvantages remain the same as in the previous generation of earbuds. For example, I didn’t like the presence of glossy plastic. Also, the sound of the earbuds is not very impressive, especially the low frequencies. I also did not like the lack of modern features such as active noise canceling and transparency mode.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Despite its main drawbacks, I can recommend buying an updated model of earbuds from 1MORE.

Moreover, the price tag for the wireless model of the new 1MORE Comfobuds 2 earbuds has become very attractive and you can purchase the device for only $39.90.


Alternative and competitors

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