Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Many of my readers are already familiar with the Huami brand, which manufactures almost all wearable technology for Xiaomi. Another subsidiary company called Zepp joined Huami recently. Today we will talk about a new model of premium smartwatches – Zepp Z.

In this review, I will share my impressions of the build quality and materials used. I will conduct tests for the functionality and quality of work of all measuring functions, including the work of the heart rate and others.

In addition, I was able to do a real battery life test. You will learn about all the nuances and aspects in a detailed and in-depth review below.

Now some information about the cost. Currently, it is not possible to purchase a Zepp Z smartwatch at a bargain and low price. Now the official store is selling their device for $350 without any discounts.


In my opinion, this is not a small price at all, but let’s figure out what the user needs to pay such a lot of money for. From a technical point of view, the Zepp Z watch has a very premium design with a large 1.39 inch AMOLED screen. Other features such as heart rate, blood oxygen monitoring, PAI and many other features can be found in the wearable watch.

But whether the newcomer’s company will be in demand, the cost is still quite high, and no one knows how the watch will behave in half a year or a year. Therefore, let’s find out what are the main advantages and disadvantages of smartwatches from the Zepp brand.

Zepp Z: Specifications

Zepp Z:Specs
Screen:1.39 inch AMOLED screen 454 x 454 pixels
Sensor:Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
IP standart:5ATM waterproof
Connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Standby time:up to 14 days
Size:45.9 x 45.9 x 10 mm

Unboxing and packaging

When I first saw the appearance of the packaging that came to me for the test, I was really surprised.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

This is not a simple thin box, as is the case with most budget watches. Zepp Z comes in an elongated rectangular box like flagship models from Apple or Samsung.

On the front of the box, there is a picture and the name of the brand, and on the back, there is technical information about the watch.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Inside the box, the Z smartwatch was packaged well, and I also found a contactless magnetic charging dock and instructions for use.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

In general, the equipment is not very large, but the quality of the materials used is at a fairly high level. Now let’s see what components the watch is assembled from and its main controls.

Design, build quality and materials

The appearance of Zepp Z smartwatches resembles a classic premium watch with non-standard materials in production. For example, the watch case is made of a titanium alloy that has been machined four times. On the inside of the device, there is a glass-filled polyamide.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Now I’m starting to understand why Zepp is charging such a high price. Indeed, the watch not only looks luxurious and beautiful, but also does not have any flaws in terms of assembly and materials used.

On the front, there is a large and bright 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a good resolution of 454 × 454 pixels. At the same time, the pixel density per inch is 326 PPI.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Naturally, the screen supports the Alway-On Display function and you can always activate or deactivate it. I really liked the quality of the screen as it got a high brightness value of 550 nits. This will make it easy to read any information, even in bright and sunny weather.

As many of you know, the AMOLED matrix is ​​famous for its contrast and high-quality color reproduction. In the case of the Zepp Z model, the picture looks rich and all thanks to 100% NTSC.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Few of my impressions of wearing comfort. Considering its expensive and premium materials, the watch does not weigh so much – about 40 grams. And the thickness of the case was about 10 mm. The diameter of the device is 45.9 mm. Thus, wearing this smartwatch was very comfortable. You can easily use the watch both for business style, but also for sports.

For example, Zepp Z is equipped with a full 5 ATM water protection standard. This will allow you to dive down to 50 meters or 5 atmospheres.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

On the back of the smartwatch, you can see the heart rate sensor. But there are no contacts for charging here and the charging method is produced by the induction method. As I said in the unboxing section, there is magnetic wireless charging included in the box.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

An interesting feature is the presence of three buttons on the right side. Each of them is responsible for its own function and through the mobile application you can choose custom button operation functions. Also, the central button or crown serves for additional rotation or scrolling through the menu.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Another important decision was the presence of a high-quality leather strap. It is 22mm wide and you can easily see that it is removable. Therefore, changing to any other option will not be a problem. The strap itself is quite stiff, but it is very comfortable to wear it on the wrist.

Functions, control and application

Before talking about all the functionality and features, I want to talk a little about the management of the Zepp Z smartwatch. Like most of its brothers from the Zepp ecosystem, management is carried out in a similar way. But to the Zepp ecosystem, I can refer to all models of Amazfit watches and bracelets.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Let’s say a swipe down from the home screen shows a quick settings menu. Here you can find icons such as flashlight, brightness level setting, do not disturb mode, power saving mode, lock, find smartphone and settings.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Swap up brings up a menu with the latest notifications. And if you swipe to the right, various widgets appear. These are timer, alarm, weather, PAI, music controls and even a barometer. The last option will be useful for people hiking.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

To get to the main menu with all functions, you must press the central button once. Then you get to the main menu. What I discovered here is activity throughout the day, PAI, heart rate, sports training, activity, stress, SpO2, weather, music player, alarm clock, widgets and settings.

The top button is responsible for enabling various health modes. In the watch settings, you can select the desired function, such as heart rate, SpO2, stress, or turn off. After activating one of the modes, the watch will automatically read your health status after pressing the button.

Now a little about the results that I carried out on Zepp Z. Overall, the figures were plausible. For example, the heart rate was around 90 beats per minute and the SpO2 was around 98%. It is also worth noting that the watch does not read the pulse of air or inanimate objects.

A little information about sports modes, the Zepp Z uses 12 different modes, including swimming. In addition, the watch received a GPS and GLONASS module. Both sensors allow you to accurately calculate your outdoor steps during training.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Additionally, the watch case has a microphone hole. But the dynamics are not. Therefore, it is easy to guess that a microphone is required for voice commands. The function works adequately and if you ask about the weather or activate the alarm, the commands are executed successfully.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Of the minuses, I can note – this is the lack of a Wi-Fi and NFC module. That is, a watch with a cost of $350 does not have the above features – this is very strange to me. Of course, I would like to use the Wi-Fi connection for additional notifications, updates and other features.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

I can also note that the watch has a wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection. The signal quality was always stable with a connected smartphone. But now let’s tell you about the application itself and its main features.

I think all users are well aware of the Zepp mobile app, which is currently used in the latest wearable watches from the Amazfit brand. This application is available for modern operating networks for both Android and iOS devices.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Connection is carried out by a simple and understandable method and I had no problems with synchronization. The main menu of the application displays the last value of the number of steps, distance, heart rate and other information.

You can also activate and manage sports modes from the home screen. In the settings, you can set the required application to receive notifications, receive calls and many other features.

Out of the box, smartwatches have about 5 kinds of watch faces. But through the mobile application, you can still install about 50 different watch faces. The rest of the features and settings are typical, as in most applications from smartwatches.

Battery and run time

The manufacturer promises fantastic results in terms of battery life. Inside the case of the Zepp Z smartwatch, a battery with a capacity of 340 mAh is installed. I have a watch on the test for about one week and I have charged it only once and that is on the first day of my test.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

The charging time was about 2 hours, but after one week of active use, the watch was discharged by 55%. Therefore, I assume that about 12-13 days of use the watch will last. But if you use GPS navigation, the battery life will be approximately 24 hours.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

Zepp Z is not an easy smartwatch like most of the competition. And this is a premium watch made of expensive and exclusive materials such as titanium.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Apart from that, I liked the user interface with all the functions and features. Scrolling through menus or messages using the crown is very convenient thanks to the responsive vibration.

But now, I didn’t like that the watch didn’t get modern features. Such as Wi-Fi and NFC connections. Therefore, this is a strong minus to the newly minted smartwatches from Zepp.

Zepp Z Review: Premium Titanium Alloy Smartwatch 2020

Despite this, I also liked the work of sports training with the presence of a GPS module, the battery life and also the large number of health tracking functions.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

If you’ve been looking for a premium smartwatch for a long time, brands like Apple or Samsung seem like a toy to you. Then a stylish and classic watch from Zepp is a good choice.

Now the watch is only sold on the official website of the company and the price tag is $349 without any discounts. Therefore, I will advise you to wait a little while there are discounts and buy a watch at a slightly lower cost.


Competitor and Alternative

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