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About a year ago, Xiaomi introduced a real smartwatch called Mi Watch, but only it was created for the Chinese market. Now the Xiaomi brand has released a completely different smartwatch, but for the international market with a global firmware under the same name Xiaomi Mi Watch.

If we compare smartwatches for the Chinese and for the global market, then the appearance of the Mi Watch model is completely different. Therefore, in this review I will tell you about the main features of the global version and we will make sure whether they are worth your attention or not.

As for the price tag, it is quite tempting. For example, now you can purchase the global Xiaomi Mi Watch for only $95. That is, the price of the global version of the watch is much cheaper than the Chinese one. Let me remind you that at the beginning of sales, the Chinese version of the Mi Watch cost around $250, but now you can buy it for $150.


I can refer to the main features of the global version – it is a standard round 1.39 inch AMOLED screen with high resolution. Also onboard the device has a large number of sensors, such as a heart rate sensor, acceleration, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, barometric sensor and others. I can also note the presence of more than 110 different free watch faces and full protection against water of the 5 ATM standard.

Therefore, let me begin my detailed and in-depth review of the global version of the Mi Watch smartwatch to find out its main advantages and disadvantages.

Xiaomi Mi Watch: Specifications

Xiaomi Mi Watch Global:Specs
Screen:1.39 inch AMOLED screen with 454 by 454 pixels
Sensor:Heart-rate monitor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, GPS, GLONASS
IP standart:5ATM waterproof
Connection:Bluetooth 5.0
Standby time:up to 14 days
Size:53 x 46 x 11 mm

Unboxing and packaging

The global version of the Xiaomi Mi Watch comes in almost the same box as the Chinese version. It is a long rectangular box with a smartwatch painted on the front. The popular Apple brand has the same box with its smartwatches.

unboxing Xiaomi Mi Watch Review

Naturally, all the inscriptions, features are written in English. I would also like to note that the black color of the box gives the device a certain premium, so the box clearly does not look poor.

Inside the box, I found documentation with a warranty card, the smartwatch itself and a charging dock with a USB-A port. Thus, everything you need for full use is present here. But now let’s check how well the smartwatch is assembled and what materials are used in our performance.

Design, build quality and materials

The main difference between the global and Chinese versions of the Xiaomi Mi Watch is the round and square screen, respectively, on the front of the case. In terms of dimensions, the new version of the watch received 53 x 46 x 11 mm, and the device weighs about 33 grams.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Global Version weght

The first thing I was surprised at was the comfortable fit of the watch on the wrist. They fit really well and I had practically no discomfort, both during everyday wear and during sports.

The front side of the smartwatch received a 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. At the same time, the pixel density per inch is 326 PPI. I also liked the brightness of the screen at 450 nits. Therefore, it will be comfortable to watch information from the screen even in sunny weather.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Global Version display

In general, the quality of the screen is very good. In addition, the screen is protected by 3rd generation Gorilla Glass. Thus, you can not be afraid of minor scratches, but I do not advise you to specifically check for wear resistance.

There are two control buttons on the right side. This is the power button and go to the main menu, and the other button is to go to the sports workout modes. The pressing of both buttons is very flexible and smooth.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Global Version buttons

The case of the Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch is fully protected from water under the 5 ATM standard. If you love playing sports in the pool, then this watch is clearly the one for you. Since the maximum immersion depth is possible up to 50 meters.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Global Version waterproof 5 ATM

On the back of the global version of the smartwatch is a heart rate sensor and many others, as well as contacts for recharging via the docking station.

Now about the build quality, the global version of the Mi Watch has received a combination of two materials. This is an alloy of metals on the front of the case, and on the back, the watch is made of matte durable plastic. I have no strong complaints about the build quality, everything is done at the highest level, considering its cost.

The last thing I should mention in this section is the removable silicone strap. The strap itself is very pleasant to the touch, so wearing the device for a long time did not cause discomfort to me. At the same time, the width of the strap was 22 mm and if you want to change to some other option, then this will definitely not cause problems for you.

Functions, features and application

My first activation was accompanied by the installation of a mobile application on a smartphone and pairing them with Xiaomi Mi Watch. After scanning the QR code on the watch, you automatically connect the global version of the watch to the mobile application. And yes, the app got its name – it’s Xiaomi Wear. It can be installed through the Play or Apple Stores.

After successfully connecting the smartwatch with the smartphone, all functions on the watch will be available and activated. For example, one of the main features is the presence of a large number of different watch faces. But, in order to use them additionally, you need to download the ones you like through the mobile application. The manufacturer promises more than 110 types of dials and I think over time the number will only increase.

If you swipe down from the main screen, you will get to the recent notifications menu. If you swipe in the opposite direction, a quick settings menu will appear. There are icons such as a flashlight, turning on the screen when you turn your wrist, an alarm clock, do not disturb mode, brightness adjustment level and basic settings.

The main settings of the global version of Mi Watch offer sections such as dial selection, brightness level setting, do not disturb mode, screen off time, Alway-On Display function and much more.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Global Version widgets

By swiping to the right or left of the home screen, you can analyze information from various widgets. For example, this is activity, SPO2 blood oxygen level, music player, weather, sleep analysis, heart rate, and others. Also, in the settings of the Xiaomi Wear application, you can remove widgets or, on the contrary, add additional ones.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Global Version spo2

If you press the top button on the right side of the Mi Watch smartwatch, you will get to the main menu of all applications. Basically, these are basic features, like almost any fitness watch. For example, here I found – these are 17 modes of training, activity, heart rate, stress test, sleep monitoring, breathing training and even a body energy test. Of course, there are basic applications such as alarm clock, stopwatch, music player, compass, timer and others.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Global Version workout

First of all, the global version of Xiaomi smartwatches is designed for sports. Since there are many different types of sports training installed in it. For example, walking, running, cycling, swimming, working out in a gym, outdoors, yoga and many other workouts.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Global Version main menu

In addition, this model of smartwatches received a GPS and GLONASS module. Therefore, running on the street will show a fairly accurate reading in the distance traveled. Of course, this function is useful, but do not forget that when this function is activated, the battery life of the watch will be minor.

RAM and ROM Xiaomi Mi Watch Review

Overall, the user interface is very responsive and fast. With built-in 16MB of RAM and 1GB of internal storage. Each swiping of widgets or transition to another menu is smooth and accurate.

As for the Xiaomi Wear mobile application, everything is standard here and there is nothing surprising. With the application, you can control music, analyze your physical activity, sleep, and monitor the state of your body. For example, features such as heart rate, SPO2 blood oxygen level, and more.

Battery and run time

The global modification of Xiaomi Mi Watch received a built-in 450 mAh battery. Considering that the watch was equipped with an AMOLED screen, with a minimum number of functions, then the battery life will be quite good.

In my test, the watch ran 37% in 4 days. Therefore, the result in two weeks, as the manufacturer promises, is quite possible. However, if you use sports modes frequently, the battery life will be reduced as the watch uses the GPS module. For example, with the GPS module always on, the watch can work for about 22 hours.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Global Version charging

Full charging time will be about 2 hours via the magnetic docking station.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

Xiaomi Mi Watch is an almost perfect smartwatch that is suitable for both everyday use and sports purposes.

The main features that distinguish the watch are good build quality and materials used. The silicone strap looks solid and good as it is quite thick and sturdy. I also got a bright and rich AMOLED screen with a high resolution. And also the Always-On Display function will not leave you indifferent to this smartwatch model.

But now I think you understand why the price tag for the global version of Xiaomi Mi Watch is much lower than for the Chinese one? If not, I’ll explain. The Chinese version of Mi Watch had many additional features – support for an e-SIM card, voice control, installation of additional applications, and others.

Therefore, it is difficult to call the global version a real smartwatch. Since, I think that the Mi Watch can be categorized as a fitness smartwatch.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

As I said at the beginning of the review, the global version of the smartwatch is already officially available for sale and you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Watch at a low price for only $95.33.

Yes, this is not a bad smart fitness watch that has many interesting features and functions. The manufacturer focused on the build quality and the perfect user interface.


Competitor and Alternative

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