TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

For a long time I haven’t come across budget projectors, but today I will analyze one suitable option, which is called the TouYinger X30.

At the moment, I will already be testing the fifth projector from TouYinger. Therefore, if you are interested in learning about other models of this brand, then I will leave a link to the reviews here.

But the price tag for the new TouYinger X30 projector is very attractive. Currently, you can purchase the device at an interesting and lucrative offer for only $100. As you can see, the price tag for the projector is very low and attractive.


For this cost, the manufacturer offers a good option for its technical specs. For example, the device received a native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with support for Full HD video playback. Also, the new projector has a 60 Hz refresh rate, which is good for gamers.

At the same time, the maximum brightness level is not the highest, only 4000 lumens, but the delay of the transmitted image from the signal source is almost zero.

Indeed, it is difficult to find a budget projector with good features these days. But let’s take a practical look at the new projector from TouYinger.

TouYinger X30: Specifications

TouYinger X30:Specs
Display Technology:LED
Screen aspect ratio:16:9
Native resolution:1280 by 720 Pixels
Brightness:4000 Lumens
Projection screen size:50-180 inches
Video Formats:1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Built-in Speaker:Single 5W
Lamp Life:30.000 Hours
Size:225 x 182 x 95 mm
Weight:1.5 kg

Unboxing and packaging

The first thing I got a little upset about was the slightly damaged and wrinkled packaging. But it’s good that the projector itself and its components were all intact. It is not difficult to notice that the packaging itself is made of thin cardboard. On the front of it, you can see a picture of a projector with its brand name. But on the side, there is a list of technical features and specs.

TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

After opening the box, I found that the device itself was packed in a protective bubble bag. In addition to the projector, the package also includes instructions for use in English, a remote control, an HDMI cable, an audio cable, and a charging cable.

In general, the package is standard, as for most projectors in this price range. Ok, now I propose to consider the appearance and check what materials the budget projector is made of.

Design, build quality, and materials used

Compared to projectors with native Full HD resolution, the new TouYinger X30 is quite compact. For example, the dimensions of the projector were 225 x 182 x 95 mm, and the device weighs about 1.5 kg. Therefore, the X30 can be transported comfortably for study or work purposes.

TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

The design of the new projector from TouYinger is made in a combination of white and black glossy plastic. I think you already know how I feel about glossy plastic. Thus, I cannot say anything good about it.

But I am glad that the manufacturer has glued a protective film on the black elements, for example, on the upper edge against scratches and other troubles. I advise you not to remove this film, as scuffs will appear in the first days of use.

TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

I have no particular complaints about the build quality. The body is assembled well, both for its price tag and I did not find any special problems with use during my test of a budget projector.

On the front of the case is a LED lens with a protective plastic cap. Nearby you can find an interesting design in the form of floating waves and in the same place is one of the infrared sensors for the remote control.

TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

The right side of the projector received small holes through which warm air exits. As such, I do not advise you to lean the projector close to the vents. Since this will lead to overheating of the matrix itself and it can fail in the shortest possible time.

The backside has received many external user interfaces. For example, I can refer to them – this is an IR sensor for the remote control, a VGA port, a slot for a TF memory card, two USB ports, two HDMI connections, and an audio jack with a 3.5 headphone jack. One 5 W speaker is located just below, so you shouldn’t expect high-quality sound. For example, in my case, there was practically no bass, and at a volume level above 50%, the sound began to wheeze.

TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

Here I can also note that it is better to use the HDMI port for transmitting the signal from the source in order to get the highest quality picture. Since the VGA connection is already outdated and the projection image quality will not be the best.

The left side of the TouYinger X30 received a power connector and ventilation holes for the cold air inlet. You can also notice the presence of a protective mesh, which must be periodically cleaned.

TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

Meanwhile, mechanical control buttons are located on the top end. They can be easily used without a remote control. Also, two rings were installed here, the first for adjusting the focal length, and the second for correcting the tilt angle. I would like to point out that it is best to install the projector directly to the projection screen, that the picture was clear and the corners were not blurred.

The bottom of the projector has four rubber feet, which dampen noise pretty well. There is also a threaded tripod connection and a retractable foot for adjusting the tilt angle.

As for the remote control itself, it is typical, as for most projectors in this price segment. There is no backlight on the remote control, but the number of buttons is sufficient for convenient and comfortable use. Also, the remote control itself is powered by two AAA batteries, which are not included in the kit.

Image quality, menus, and noise

First of all, I want to talk about the noise emitted from the TouYinger X30 projector. Comparing the noise to the M21 from the same brand, I really liked how the X30 version works. For example, the noise near the projector was about 52 dB, and at a distance of one meter, it was about 35 dB. In general, while watching movies, I practically did not hear the noise emitted from the device.

The manufacturer promises the maximum size of the projection screen of the TouYinger X30 projector at 180 inches, and the minimum value at 50 inches. I placed the projector 2.7 meters from the wall and the projection screen was 90 inches. I believe this is the most optimal size for native HD resolution.

I have a version of the projector without using third-party operating systems. But when you turn it on for the first time, the device will offer you a standard menu with sections such as video, pictures, sound, and text. Let’s now go through the main settings sections.

TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

The first thing that meets the user in the settings section is the various modes of color rendition settings, aspect ratio, noise suppression, and reduction of the projection screen size. The next section is the sound setting, then the time, date, shutdown, and others. The last section is language selection, system update, factory reset, and others.

As I said, the TouYinger X30 has a native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Therefore, even at 90 inches, individual pixels are easily visible when viewed at close range. But if you look at the projection screen from 3 meters, then you will not notice a big difference in detail in Full HD and HD resolution.

Focusing isn’t the best on the X30. For example, I set focus on the central part and on the side edges, but the outermost corners had a slight blur. No matter how I tried to correct this blur, I could not do it. I note that this blur is very insignificant and you won’t even notice it when watching a video.

TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

The maximum brightness level was 4000 lumens. This is not the highest value that I have been able to test. Therefore, this projector model is better suited for the dark time of the day. I should also say that even in the daytime with the curtains on the windows closed, you can use the projector, but with a bright scene. For example, it can be various presentations or cartoons.

TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

Below I will leave a few photos with examples of the quality of the projection image and you can compare the results with my other tests. From myself, I can say that colors are reproduced quite well, but the spectrum of colors is not the highest. In addition, I did not notice any major problems with the detail of the projected image.

I can also confirm one fact that the TouYinger X30 projector model is suitable not only for movies or TV shows but also for games. Since the frequency of the refresh rate was 60 Hz, and the delay of the transmitted picture does not exceed 25 ms. If you love to play games on a game console, then a budget projector is a good choice.

The last thing to talk about is the sound quality. The X30 uses one 5W speaker. As I said, it is not a strong point for this projector. But do not forget that this problem also cannot be a strong drawback, since most projects have similar sound quality.

TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

Therefore, to get the best sound from your TV box you need to use external speakers. For example, you can connect a wireless speaker to a TV box and the sound will be much better and brighter, and thus you will get more emotions from watching videos.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

I especially liked the inexpensive TouYinger X30 projector, which stands out from the crowd with some very interesting features.

TouYinger X30 Review: An Inexpensive $100 Gaming Projector

For example, on the positive side, I can attribute it to a good picture with native HD resolution and support for Full HD video format. In addition, I liked the transmitted colors, contrast, and even the value of the brightness level.

But don’t forget that the habitat for any projector is the night time. Other positive differences I can attribute are a 60 Hz image refresh rate and a very small delay time of the signal transmitted from the source. I also liked the low noise level from the projector, which is almost inaudible during watching movies.

There are also enough drawbacks, for example, it is a glossy and rather easily soiled case, not very high-quality sound of the speaker, and a slight blur along the edges of the projection screen.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Of course, if you are looking for an inexpensive projector for home use or gaming purposes, then the budget model from the TouYinger brand is clearly for you.

As I said at the beginning of the review, the price tag for the TouYinger X30 is very attractive, only $ 99.27 with a 15% discount. For this cost, it will be difficult to find something better with such features and specs.


Alternative and competitors

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