Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

Touyinger has presented a new version of the projector and this is not the first model of a budget projector from a Chinese brand. Today I want to tell you about a projector called Touyinger RD826.

In this article, you can learn about projection picture quality, sound quality, noise, and build quality. Therefore, at the end of the review, you will learn not only how the projector shows in real life, but also I will share with you the main disadvantages and advantages.

The price tag at the time of this writing on the Touyinger RD826 was $ 215 for the base version and $ 255 for the Android version. In general, the price of the projector is very good and it is similar to its competitors.


From a technical point of view, the device received a native Full HD resolution or 1920 x 1080 pixels. Also, the brightness level was 7000 lumens, 4000: 1 contrast and two speakers of 2W each.

In this case, the maximum size of the projection screen can be 150 inches, and the minimum size is 50 inches. In addition, there are many different external interfaces for various devices on board the projector.

Okay, now let me start my full and in-depth review with unboxing and find out what the manufacturer has prepared for us this time.

Touyinger RD826: Specifications

Touyinger RD826:Specs
Display Technology:LED
Screen aspect ratio:16:9
Native resolution:1920 by 1080 Pixels
Brightness:7000 Lumens
Projection screen size:50-150 inches
Video Formats:1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Built-in Speaker:Dual 2W
Lamp Life:50.000 Hours
Size:321 x 255 x 133 mm

Unboxing and packaging

A new Touyinger RD826 projector came to me for a test in an ordinary white box. On the front, there was a drawing of the device and its main features. For example, it is 1080p Full HD native resolution, HDMI, LED, and other features.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

Inside the package, the first thing that greeted me was a small white box containing the main components. This is a European plug charging cable, VGA cable, audio cable, English manual and remote control. Of course, the box also contained the projector itself, which was well-packed in protective foam.

A little surprise for me was the availability of a VGA cable since mainly Chinese brands supply HDMI cables for their projectors. Ok, now let’s see what materials the projector is made of and how high quality it is.

Design, build quality, and materials used

The user will be able to choose between two color options for the Touyinger RD826 projector – black and white. In my review, the projector is made in black, or to be more precise, it is a combination of gray and black. That is, black matte plastic is used on the upper and lower parts of the case, and gray matte plastic is used on the side edges.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

I certainly liked the look and how the manufacturer Touyinger is showing its new projector to the mobile device market. I had no strong complaints about the quality of performance since everything was put together well and without any problems.

As for the dimensions of the projector, they were 321 x 255 x 133 mm, and the device weighs about 3.2 kg. Therefore, I can conclude that the RD826 projector model is stationary and is intended for home or office use. As transportation can be a little uncomfortable task.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

On the front of the projector body, there is an LED lens on the right side, and in its central part, there is an infrared sensor for the control panel. Here, I must point out that I did not find a protective lens cap in the boxes. So this is a small drawback that will make you dust the lens a little more often.

On top of the case, there are mechanical buttons and they are made of silicone material. This is a standard set of buttons such as power, sources, menus, okay, forward, backward, right, and left. There is also a small LED strip on the top edge and it glows red when the projector is turned on.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

The right side of the device received two adjusting rings for focusing and projection angle. In addition, here you can see the speaker, which is located under a metal protective mesh.

Meanwhile, on the back of the projector case, you can find another optional infrared sensor for the remote control. There is also a VGA connection, two USB 2.0, two HDMI ports, a headphone input, and an audio output. Slightly below is an input for a power cable with a power switch and even an Ethernet port.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

But on the left side, you can find a second speaker with a power of 2 W and ventilation holes for hot air. During my use, I did not notice much overheating of the device and the temperature was always within normal limits. But I’ll talk about the sound quality of the built-in speakers in the next section.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

At the bottom of the Touyinger RD826, you can see ceiling or wall mounts. It also has one adjustable leg, one rubber-tipped leg, and one more adjustable tilt leg.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

If we talk about the remote control, then a rather unusual remote control comes out of the box. Since there are a lot of buttons in it, and usually the number of buttons is minimal. I want to note that the remote control copes well with the main tasks and I did not find any complaints about its work. In this case, the remote control is powered by two AAA batteries.

Noise, sound quality, and projection screen

Initially, I ordered a projector without any operating system, but the seller from China decided to send me a version with pre-installed Android. Therefore, let me briefly tell you about the specification of the filling.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

The projector had an embedded ARM Cortex-A53 processor with four cores running at 1.7 GHz. Mail-400MP is responsible for the graphics accelerator. But the amount of memory here is not significant – it is 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory.

The whole device is controlled thanks to Android with version 6.0. The projector can wirelessly detect Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi. Based on the technical features, I can immediately note that this is a very weak device, both in performance and in the amount of memory.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

Yes, and who else makes gadgets with the sixth version of Android? Therefore, I do not advise you to buy a projector with an Android version, but it is better to separately purchase a TV box, which will be much more productive.

During my test, I placed the projector at a distance of 3 meters from the projection screen and the screen size was almost 100 inches. I believe that for home use, you should not make a larger size, but smaller is always welcome.

With regard to the emitted noise, the noise value near the projector was about 55 dB, and at a distance of 1 meter, about 42 dB. For comparison, I previously tested the M21 model from the same brand and it was much louder. Thus, I have no strong claims to the level of the emitted noise, given its cost.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

Now let’s talk about sound quality. Two speakers of 2 watts each were built into the projector body. Yes, maybe these are not the most powerful speakers, but they sound not even bad. For example, at 50% volume, the sound is interrupted by the noise from the projector. And if you listen at a high volume level, the speakers do not wheeze or creak. But if you are a music lover, then I can immediately advise you to connect separate speakers to get more effect while watching movies.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

Ok, now let’s talk about the quality of the projection screen. I really liked the work of the new Touyinger RD826 projector, as the picture was very saturated, bright, and quite contrasting. The color rendition was high, so watching movies even with dark scenes was very comfortable.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

I had minor focus issues around the edges of the projection screen, but I was able to fix this issue. To do this, I needed to disassemble the focus and adjust the focus ring slightly. Therefore, I believe that the manufacturer made a small mistake and I had to fix it myself. After all the actions, the picture was 100% in focus and it was comfortable to watch movies or even read the text.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

If we talk about the level of a maximum brightness value, then the Touyinger RD826 projector received a value of 7000 lumens. This is not the worst brightness and it will be possible to use the device in the daytime for presentations.

The last thing I want to talk about is playing abilities. I did not find any problems with the screen refresh rate, since the device is set to 60 Hz. But the latency of the transmitted picture was about 30 ms, which is quite a lot when speaking in terms of games. Thus, you can play games, but the delay, though small, will be present. I can also note that the readability of the text in games or during the presentation was very good. Even the small size of the text is easy to read and without any problems.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

The Touyinger RD826 is one of the best projectors I have tested in terms of projection screen quality and cost.

Touyinger RD826 Review: Amazing Full HD LED Projector for $200

But there are drawbacks – this is a constructive flaw in the focus ring. But I managed to easily fix this problem and now the projector picture looks very good. There is also a small delay in the transmitted picture, and another small drawback is the lack of a protective cap on the LED lens.

Despite its shortcomings, I still liked the projector, especially when it comes to color output, brightness levels, noise emissions, and even the built-in speakers.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Now you can order and buy an inexpensive Touyinger RD826 projector at a bargain and low price for only $ 214.39 for the basic version.

Definitely, I can recommend a projector for purchase, since it will be problematic to find a projector of the best quality for such a price.


Competitor and Alternative

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