TouYinger Q9 Review: Another Budget Full HD Projector

I have reviewed another budget Full HD projector from TouYinger and as you might have guessed from the title of the article, the device was named TouYinger Q9.

This is not the first time I have come across the manufacturer TouYinger and I hope that my subsequent acquaintance with the new model of LED projector will go smoothly. But as you may know, no device has only positive aspects. Therefore, I will also tell you about the cons, but now about the price.

Currently, the price tag for the TouYinger Q9 projector is just over $200. This is the average cost, as is the case with most native Full HD LED projectors.


Among other features, the device stands out for its good value for the brightness level of 6800 lumens and a high refresh rate of 60 frames per second. Also, the projector boasts stereo sound and a large number of external ports for connecting various devices.

Thus, the device looks really good based on the technical specifications. Therefore, I propose to talk about each aspect in more detail and I planned to start my in-depth and detailed review with packaging and packaging.

TouYinger Q9: Specifications

TouYinger Q9:Specs
Display Technology:LED
Screen aspect ratio:4:3/16:9
Native resolution:1080p
Brightness:6800 lumens
Projection screen size:40-200 inches
Video Formats:1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Built-in Speaker:Dual 5W
Lamp Life:40.000 Hours
Size:310 x 324 x 110 mm
Weight:2720 grams

Unboxing and packaging

The TouYinger projector comes in a black and white package. On the front, you can find a drawing of a device with a home designation, and with a high resolution and brightness.

Also on the side, there is a list of the main technical features, which I already mentioned at the beginning of the review.

TouYinger Q9 Review: Another Budget Full HD Projector

Inside the package, I found the projector itself, which was protected by foam material. But next to the projector, there was also a separate box, in which I found – this is a remote control, a charging cable, a VGA cable and a foot for adjusting the angle of inclination.

In general, the equipment is very good, so let’s move on to the next section and talk about the build quality and the appearance of the device.

Design, build quality and materials

I planned to start my story about the TouYinger Q9 projector with dimensions and weight. For example, today’s hero received the following dimensions – this is 310 x 324 x 110 mm, and weighs about 2720 grams. These are the typical dimensions of the device when compared to competitors or older brothers.

TouYinger Q9 Review: Another Budget Full HD Projector

Naturally, I cannot call the Q9 a compact device, but I will leave a list of small projectors that I was able to test under the link here.

As for the materials used, the projector was made of white matte plastic. But one feature in the exterior that surprised me is the presence of a black circular disc. It was located on the top of the case. Also, this disc reminds me of a vinyl record and really gives the device a certain uniqueness.

TouYinger Q9 Review: Another Budget Full HD Projector

But on the front, the device has received a gray version of fabric material. In general, the design of the TouYinger Q9 projector model turned out to be quite minimalistic.

If we talk about the build quality, then I cannot single out any special complaints, since the Q9 projector was well assembled and had no extraneous sounds and squeaks.

The front part of the projector from TouYinger has received an LED lens, which is protected by a plastic cover. Also in the upper right corner is an infrared sensor for the remote control.

Meanwhile, the right side received ventilation holes for the cooling system. But on the left side, there are also holes, only here they are intended for speakers. Also on this edge, there is a ring for adjusting the focal length and a ring for adjusting the keystone distortion of the image.

The rear of the Q9 projector has been equipped with a variety of external connections. There are two HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an audio output and a headphone port, and the last one is a VGA port. Also here you can find another infrared sensor for the remote control.

In addition, the device received buttons for control, such as up, down, right, left, okay, backward, menus and resources. They were all located on the back of the device. There is also a connector for a network cable next to the buttons.

But on the bottom of the projector, you can find four rubber feet that will prevent accidental slipping. There is also an adjustment hole for the foot screw.

TouYinger Q9 Review: Another Budget Full HD Projector

The last thing I want to talk about more is about the remote control. It turned out to be absolutely the same as in most budget LED projectors. The number of buttons is minimal and it is controlled by two AAA batteries, which are not included in the package. Well, I figured out the appearance, now let’s find out how the projector copes with its tasks in practice.

Image quality, settings, noise and sound levels

Before talking about the projection image quality of the TouYinger Q9 projector, I would like to go through the user interface settings. If you touch on the topic of the user interface, then it is the simplest shell in which you can notice several categories. These are movies, music, photos and text.

TouYinger Q9 Review: Another Budget Full HD Projector

In the projector settings, there are sections such as picture modes, color gamut temperature, aspect ratio, projection image. There are also sound settings, where you can choose modes for watching video, listening to music and others. In addition, in the general settings you can set the time, select the language, turn on the timer and much more.

TouYinger guarantees that from just 2 meters from the wall, you can achieve a 60-inch projection screen. But from a distance of 3.8 meters, the screen size grows to 120 inches. I installed the TouYinger Q9 projector just over 3 meters from the wall and got an honest 100-inch projection screen size. I think the most optimal screen size would be between 90 and 110 inches.

As for the image quality, I absolutely liked it. The projector did get a native 1080p resolution, so I didn’t find much graininess, even when reading text from presentations or games. The contrast ratio of the device was 2000: 1 and the black color was really black.

TouYinger Q9 Review: Another Budget Full HD Projector

The maximum brightness level was 6800 lumens. As for a budget projector with a price tag of $200, this brightness will be enough even when using the device during daylight hours. But here it is worth saying that during the day it is best to watch cartoons or make presentations, but the dark scenes of films are preferable to watch at night.

TouYinger Q9 Review: Another Budget Full HD Projector

If we talk about the transmitted color gamut, then the device TouYinger Q9 received the ideal and most importantly correct color shades and colors. Therefore, given that this is a budget projector with transmitted colors, I really liked it.

TouYinger Q9 Review: Another Budget Full HD Projector

Another feature of the Q9 is the 60Hz refresh rate of the projection screen. This means that you can play modern games without any problems. All you need to do is connect the game console via the HDMI port and enjoy the gameplay on a fairly large and bright screen.

TouYinger Q9 Review: Another Budget Full HD Projector

As I said earlier, the device uses two speakers with 5W of power each. The stereo sound provides good sound. That is, the volume reserve will be sufficient for everyday use. But if you want to really sound like in a movie theater, then you have to connect separate speakers.

The noise emitted from the projector was about 55 dB near the device, and at a distance from 1 meter it was only 43 dB. This means that the device will not annoy you with a strong buzz while watching movies or TV shows.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

Perhaps the TouYinger Q9 model is not the newest, as I was only able to test it the other day. As you might have guessed from my full review, I’m 100% completely satisfied with the device.

TouYinger Q9 Review: Another Budget Full HD Projector

It is an ideal workhorse that will be useful not only for watching movies, but also for gaming purposes. In addition, from the positive aspects, I can highlight – this is a high value of the brightness level of 6800 lumens. The device also received the correct color gamut settings and a high contrast value.

Perhaps I can contribute to the disadvantages – this is a simple operating system with primitive settings. Also, the projector has a rather loud sound, but there are practically no low frequencies, especially bass.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

You can currently get a true Full HD LED TouYinger Q9 projector at a fairly affordable price for just $198.80. The device was discounted over 35%.

As you might have guessed, I am completely satisfied with the new projector model and can definitely recommend it for purchase for home use.


Competitor and Alternative

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