ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

The Chinese brand ThundeaL just recently introduced an updated version of the LED projector called ThundeaL TD93.

Previously, I was unable to test projectors from ThundeaL. But prior to my acquaintance with the TD93 device model, I tested many similar projectors in the same price range.

Therefore, in this review you can find out my full opinion of how the projector showed itself from the practical side. That is, here I will share with you information about the quality of the projection picture, screen brightness, detail, noise, and even talk about the quality of sound and noise emitted from the projector.

If you look at the price tag, the manufacturer is currently asking for a fairly attractive price for the ThundeaL TD93 projector. For example, at the time of this writing, the price of the device was only $175.


Considering that the TD93 projector model received a native resolution of 1080p and support for Wi-Fi with a frequency of 5 GHz. Therefore, the device is capable of transmitting a picture via your smartphone. I can also highlight that the projector uses an LED lamp with a maximum brightness value of 5800 lumens.

In addition, the device has a good contrast ratio of 3500: 1 and a maximum projection screen size of 200 inches. However, there are many useful external connections on board the projector for connecting various devices.

Okay, let me start my in-depth and detailed inspection of the ThundeaL projector and find out if this model is worth your attention or not.

ThundeaL TD93: Specifications

ThundeaL TD93:Specs
Display Technology:LED
Screen aspect ratio:4:3/16:9
Native resolution:1080p
Brightness:5800 lumes
Projection screen size:40-200 inches
Video Formats:1080p, 720p, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Built-in Speaker:3W
Lamp Life:50.000 Hours
Size:240 x 195 x 94 mm
Weight:1.58 kg

Unboxing and packaging

The ThundeaL TD93 projector comes in a fairly simple package, which was made in black and white style. On the front of the box, there is a sketch of the device, as well as the name of the brand with the designation of the native resolution of 1080p.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

Inside the box itself, each component was neatly packed and therefore the projector came to me for a test without any damage. The projector itself was completely protected from all sides thanks to the bubble bag. Also included is a charging cable, audio cable and remote control.

I would like to note that I did not find an HDMI or VGA cable in the package bundle. Therefore, if you do not have an additional of these cables, then you will have to buy them separately and this upset me a little. But in general, the equipment itself was very good. Thus, I propose to start examining the projector itself and find out its strengths and weaknesses in terms of appearance.

Design, build quality and materials

First of all, I would like to note about the dimensions of the new ThundeaL TD93 projector. The device itself turned out to be very compact and has the following dimensions: 240 x 195 x 94 mm, and the weight of the projector was only 1.58 kg.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

From this I can conclude that the new model of the TD93 projector will be useful to those people who often need a projector for business trips or educational purposes. Since it will obviously not be difficult for you to transport.

The body of the device itself was made of glossy white plastic. Yes, perhaps the glossy performance does not cause very positive feelings in me, but I had no questions about the build quality. That is, all the components were well assembled and during my testing, I did not find any extraneous squeaks and noises.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

On the front of the device, I found a white protective cap under which an LED lens was hidden. Also here is the brand of the ThundeaL company and an infrared sensor for the remote control is located between the front and right sides.

Meanwhile, all the connections are located on the right end. These include a 3.5 mm headphone jack, audio output, two USB ports, one HDMI port and one VGA port. All connections worked properly and I didn’t have any problems with playback. There was also a hole for the cooling system on the right end, and rather hot air came out through these holes.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

But on the back of the case, there is one speaker with a power of 3 watts. I want to say that the speaker, although not the most powerful, had a pretty good sound. Also, the volume reserve was enough for watching movies or TV series.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

In addition, here you can find a removable filter, which must be periodically cleaned from dust and other dirt. Also, another infrared sensor for the control panel was installed between the right edge and the back of the case.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

At the same time, on the left side of the projector, I was able to find another removable filter and a connection for powering the device.

Well, on top of the projector, there are two adjusting rings, where one is responsible for the focal length, and the other serves for vertical keystone distortion of the projection image. They also installed mechanical buttons for controlling the device, which worked without any particular complaints during my testing.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

At the bottom of the ThundeaL TD93, I found four rubber feet. They damped vibration quite well and therefore I did not find any noise while using the projector. Here I also saw holes for wall mounting and there is a threaded connection for a tripod.

Now let’s talk about the operation of the remote control. It received the minimum number of buttons, but for some reason each button worked without any complaints or questions. The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries, but they were not included in the kit. In general, I did not find any problems with using the remote control. Okay, now let’s set up the projector at the optimal distance from the screen and take a look at the image quality and the main settings menu.

Performance, settings menu and image quality

The optimal size of the projection screen for the new model of the projector was in the range from 80 to 110 inches. At the same time, the picture turned out with rather saturated colors and had a good size for watching various movies or TV series. In my case, I set the projector at a distance of 2 meters and 65 centimeters and the projection screen is about 90 inches.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

When first turned on, the home screen is a typical simple user interface. In it, I found sections such as movies, music, images and text. Also on the left side, there were additional icons for external connections, for example, this is a USB input, HDMI, AV and VGA connection. Naturally, it is best to use an HDMI cable, since the picture will be the brightest and will not have any extraneous distortion.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

As I said at the beginning of the review, the ThundeaL TD93 device can be ordered in several modifications. The first version is the most common user interface. Next, you can purchase a projector with the ability to use Miracast or iOS cast functions to wirelessly transmit the broadcast screen from a smartphone. And there is also a version that will be built entirely on the Android operating system.

I have the basic version on the test, as I usually test all projectors with my devices. For example, during my testing, I connected various external gadgets, including a TV box, laptop, and even a game console. With all of the above devices, I did not identify any special problems.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

If you quickly go through the menu settings modes, then they are very typical here, as in most budget projectors. For example, from the main menu, you can adjust items such as picture mode, color temperature, projection mode, picture zoom, sound, change language, and more.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

Now let me tell you about the noise emissions from the ThundeaL TD93 projector. I checked the noise level in two places right next to the projector and the noise was 60 dB. But at a distance of one meter, the noise was about 40 dB. You might think that this is quite a lot, but in fact there was hiss, but it was not quite annoying, as on more budget projectors. That is, the noise from the projector was hissing, not sonorous. Therefore, I did not feel much discomfort while using the projector.

Ok, now it’s time to talk about the projection picture itself. First of all, I should note that the whole color scheme was well tuned. Each color matched its own parameters. But when comparing top-end projectors, I found that the white was a little tinged with blue.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

Although when I turned it on for the first time, I did not notice this effect at all. So, if you don’t compare color reproduction with flagship projectors, you won’t even notice this slight bluish effect in white.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

If we talk about the contrast level, then it lies within 3500: 1. This is not much, but in practice, the device showed pretty good blacks. The focusing of the ThundeaL TD93 LED projector is typical for its class. That is, the focus was perfect in the center picture of the projection screen. But at the edges of the focus, although it was, it had not such a clear image as in its central part.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

It should be noted that the image detail was very clear. The text was read without any problems and therefore this device will be a very good choice for presentations.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

Of course, the maximum brightness value was only 5800 lumens. But in my practice, the projector was pretty bright. For example, below you can see examples of photos with the lights on and off. Naturally, it is best to use the device in the dark, as the picture will be the most saturated and contrasting.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

I also noticed a technical discrepancy in the new ThundeaL TD93 projector. Namely, the device uses only 50 Hz refresh rate, and not 60 Hz, as the manufacturer assures. This, of course, is not particularly critical if you do not plan to play games. For watching movies or TV shows, even 50 Hz will be enough.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

Okay, now let me tell you my impressions of the new ThundeaL TD93 projector model. In fact, this device made me feel pretty good.

ThundeaL TD93 Review: Small 1080p Projector for $175

For example, from the positive points I can single out – it’s a pretty good build quality and insignificant dimensions and weight. Therefore, the projector can be easily transported for travel or educational purposes.

I also liked the projection picture with its rich colors and vivid images. At the same time, the focus was well tuned and the text was read very well.

Of the minuses, I can single out – this is the presence of a glossy case, and the device does not support a 60 Hz refresh rate. In addition, the white was slightly misaligned and had a blue tint.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Considering its low cost, I can easily recommend a new projector model from ThundeaL for purchase.

You can currently order the projector at a decent price for just $174.20 for the basic version. I think this is a great price for a native Full HD projector.


Alternative and competitors

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