Teclast M40 design

I want to start my first review already in 2021 with one interesting tablet model. As you guessed from the name, this is Teclast M40.

I have already tested some Teclast products and was completely satisfied with their high-quality design and good performance. Today I plan to share with you my emotions from the new generation of an almost flagship gaming tablet. You can also find out for what purposes it was created and for whom it is definitely not suitable.

Before talking about the technical stuff, let’s talk about the price. Currently, you can get the Teclast M40 at a tempting offer for only $170.


For this price, you get a lot of interesting features. For example, this is a powerful UNISOC T618 processor, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, and also a 6000 mAh battery capacity. But the most important feature for me was the presence of support for a SIM card slot and a memory card.

So, let me begin my in-depth and detailed review. I’ll start my test with unboxing, and then I’ll tell you my opinion on the build quality, performance and much more.

Teclast M40: Specifications

Teclast M40:Specs
Display:10.1 inches IPS with 1200 x 1920 pixels
CPU:UNISOC T618 Octa Core 2.0GHz
GPU:Mali-G52 3EE
Internal memory:128GB
Memory extension:Up to 2TB
Cameras:8MP main camera and 5MP front camera
Connectivity:Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band,3G, 4G, Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS
Battery:6000mAh (12.5W)
OS:Android 10
Weight:530 grams
Dimensions:243 x 163 x 9.3 mm

Unboxing and packaging

The main colors for the Teclast band are white and orange, so the appearance of the box has exactly this combination of colors. The packaging itself looks pretty strong and confident, so I had no problems with transportation.

Teclast M40 unboxing

On the front of the package, you could find the Teclast brand name, as well as the tPad designation with Chinese characters. Inside the package, the tablet was packed well in cellophane packaging. In addition to the tablet itself, I also found – this is a Type-C cable, a 12.5 W power adapter and a set of various documentation.

Additionally, you can order an interesting protective case to protect the device from the outside world and thereby extend its life. As far as I understand, without a case – this tablet will look very hopeless.

Design, build quality and materials

Teclast M40 is a modern tablet that cannot be called an outdated option. Here the manufacturer made a good emphasis not only on functionality and performance, but also on appearance.

Teclast M40 rear penal

For example, the back panel of the tablet is made of an alloy of various metals, but the frame is plastic. Although when twisting strong extraneous sounds, I did not find it. Therefore, the build quality is quite high for its class of devices.

I want to pay special attention to small frames around the screen. Yes, they may not be the same as on smartphones, but these frames are clearly smaller than those of their budget Chinese tablets.

Teclast M40 display

On the front of the Teclast M40, there is a typical 10.1-inch screen with an IPS matrix. It’s a decent touchscreen that responds well to the touchpad and performs with perfect smoothness.

Despite the fact that this is a 60 Hz screen, I cannot call it bad. In addition, this screen received a 16:10 aspect ratio and even wide viewing angles. But there is one significant drawback – it is not a high value of the brightness level. On this model, the brightness was only 190 nits. Therefore, it will be comfortable to use this device only indoors.

Teclast M40 screen

In terms of size and weight, the Teclast M40 is doing well here. For example, the dimensions of the tablet are 243 x 163 x 9.3 mm, and the weight is about 530 grams. I really liked the value of low thickness and light weight. Thus, using the tablet for a long time, even holding it in your hands, will not be a problem. It is also easy to put in a backpack for transportation for work or study purposes.

Teclast M40 design

On the front of the tablet, there is a 5MP front-facing camera. And on the opposite side, there is an 8MP main camera. Like most tablets in this price range, the camera is only needed for video calls or business conferences. But taking pictures like on a smartphone will not be the most comfortable activity, since the quality of photos is not the best.

Now I want to go through the main external interfaces of the new Teclast tablet. On the left side, there is a Type-C port for charging, a hole for resetting settings, a power key and a rocker for adjusting the volume. On top of the end, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a slot for a SIM card and memory card.

Teclast M40 speaker

The lower end of the tablet received dual speakers with stereo sound. This is a really good leap forward for budget tablets. For example, previous generations of Teclast tablets had a rather weak sound. But with the new M40, the sound quality isn’t all that bad. For example, the volume level is high, but I can’t call it high-quality.

Teclast M40 design

I really liked the look of the new Teclast M40 tablet. First of all, it received a high-quality assembly with good materials in performance. I think that this tablet model will definitely be useful for students or schoolchildren, since it has a small size and weight. Now I think it’s worth talking a little about the performance and the main features of the tablet.

Benchmark tests, performance and OS

The new tablet uses a modern processor called UNISOC T618. It is built on 12 nanometer technology and has eight cores in its execution. How did this chipset perform in practice, let’s find out all the details in this section.

Teclast M40 gaming

The first thing I want to show you is the results of various benchmarks. For example, the AnTuTu test scored about 213 thousand points. That’s almost 50k points more than its rival Chuwi HiPad X, which I tested late last month.

Teclast M40 antutu test

If we talk about games, then here the tablet fully copes with the tasks. The Mali-G52 3EE graphics accelerator got good results in terms of 3D tests, so gaming loads for this device are not a problem. I could easily run the most demanding and heavy games at medium graphics settings.

Teclast M40 pubg mobile

In terms of the amount of memory, the tablet also pleased me, since the Teclast M40 uses 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. In addition, you can additionally expand the amount of memory by using a microSD memory card. But the memory speed is quite low – it is about 85 MBps of reading and 120 MBps of writing.

Teclast M40 speed test memory

The Teclast M40 tablet uses the Android 10 operating system. It is the simplest and cleanest user interface that has no extraneous software. But already out of the box, here you can find pre-installed Google applications, such as YouTube, Maps and others.

On the positive side, I can single out – this is adequate gesture control, the presence of a dark theme, smart AI system optimization. But the most important thing is the fast operation of the OS. So, the page turning is smooth and I did not find strong delays during my tests.

Teclast M40 gps test

Wirelessly, the new M40 has dual band Wi-Fi. At the same time, my maximum speed was about 130 MBps. Also on board there is a good GPS module with fast satellite recognition and accurate signal up to 1 meter.

Teclast M40 call feature

For me, the most important feature of a SIM card with a 4G network. Thus, you will have access to the Internet anywhere in the city and you can always be in touch.

Battery and run time

A 6000 mAh battery is installed inside the Teclast M40 case. As my practice has shown, the battery life depends on the degree of workload of the tablet. That is, if you often use 4G Internet, play games, then the battery life will be up to 1 day.

Teclast M40 battery test

For example, I did a battery performance test and the result was about 7 hours with the screen on time.

But the charging time will take you quite a long time, in my case, a full charge took about 2.5 hours.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

Teclast M40 is a modern tablet that has a number of positive aspects. For example, I can attribute to the pluses a large 10.1-inch touch screen, good performance and even the presence of a loud sound.

Teclast M40 design

In addition, I liked the work of the user interface, the presence of a 4G network for making calls and the Internet. In addition, the presence of a MicroSD memory card and fast operation of the GPS module will impress any user.

But I can attribute the negative aspects – this is not the highest screen brightness value, the slow speed of eMMC memory, and not a high-quality camera.

Teclast M40 gaming

As for the battery life, it will be enough for everyday use. Yes, I understand that competitors may have longer battery life, but do not forget that Teclast M40 has 4G network support.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Each user is able to purchase Teclast M40 at a tempting offer for only $169.99.

Considering how many features the new tablet received from the Teclast brand, then I can definitely recommend this model for purchase.


Competitor and Alternative

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