SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

Finally, SoundPeats has introduced a new generation of wireless earbuds called the SoundPeats Air 3.

I have previously tested a model such as the SoundPeats TrueAir 2 and they are the predecessors of the new Air 3 model that will be discussed today. In addition, I have many other interesting tests from SoundPeats, and you can check out all the reviews here.

In today’s review, I will talk not only about the appearance and build quality, but also cover the topic of new features. Well, and, of course, we will find out how the new generation of TWS earbuds sound quality in real life.

In terms of cost, the current price tag for the SoundPeats Air 3 is about $49. The price has gone up quite a bit compared to the previous generation, which now costs you only $29.


Of the main features, the manufacturer SoundPeats highlights the presence of a new Qualcomm QCC 3040 chipset with support for SBC, AAC, aptX audio codecs and even aptX Adaptive. Also, the device received a wireless connection Bluetooth 5.2 version and has a 14.2 mm dynamic driver.

Among other features, the earbuds stand out for the presence of features such as Qualcomm True Wireless Mirroring. There’s also a game mode, IPX5 splash protection, and it all comes in the smallest charging box. That is, the dimensions of the cases were the smallest in the entire history of wireless earbuds from the SoundPeats brand.

Ok, now let’s find out the main positive and negative aspects of the new model of wireless earbuds from SoundPeats company.

SoundPeats Air 3: Specifications

SoundPeats Air 3:Specs
Impedance:32 ohms
Driver unit:14.2 mm driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.2
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX Adaptive
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:5h

Unboxing and packaging

I received a small package, which was made of white cardboard. On the front of the box was a drawing of earbuds with the SoundPeats brand logo. Also here you could find such information as QCC 3040 chipset, Qualcomm True Wireless Mirroring technology and aptX Adaptive codec.

Meanwhile, under the black foam rubber, I was able to find the following components. This is, directly, the charging case itself with earbuds inside, a short Type-C charging cable and instructions for use.

Since the design of the earbuds was made like those of the semi in-ear earbuds, the presence of silicone ear tips was not provided here either. In general, the earbuds themselves and the charging case came to me without any damage, and therefore I suggest taking a closer look at the device.

Design, build quality and materials

Currently, SoundPeats has released the new Air 3 in only one color option. As you can see from the picture, it is black. I hope that in the future the device will have a white version or even other colors, but so far only black is available.

SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

I also liked the use of matte plastic on the SoundPeats Air 3 TWS earbuds. It may not look as premium as the glossy option, but it is much more durable than the glossy plastic. In addition, even after several days of testing the earbuds, I did not have any particular scuffs and scratches on the case of the device.

If we talk about the quality of performance, then the earbuds were well assembled and did not have extraneous squeaks and sounds during my use. I can also highlight the presence of protection against water under the IPX5 standard. Of course, this is not a full-fledged protection against water, but the device will definitely not deteriorate from sweat and splashes.

SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

While wearing them, I did not have any special problems and difficulties at all. But do not forget that these are semi in-ear earbuds and they do not have silicone ear tips. So I could wear the SoundPeats Air 3 all day long without ever feeling any tiredness in my ears. In addition, I liked the good fit in the ear canal and could easily exercise like sports and use them like for everyday tasks.

On the outside of the Air 3 earbud case, you can find the company logo, under which the touchpad was located. I will share about its functions a little later. Also on the same side, there is a hole for an additional noise canceling microphone, and there is also a back pressure regulator.

SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

Meanwhile, on the inside of the case, there is only a designation for the channel of the earbuds . On the bottom of the leg, there is a main hole for a microphone with a metal plate for charging earbuds in the box.

Ok, now let’s talk about the charging case and its features. Remember that the case of the previous generation SoundPeats TrueAir 2 earbuds opened like a box? Now the new generation of SoundPeats Air 3 earbuds received a charging box similar to that of AirPods. In addition, the charging case was made of the same matte plastic as the Air 3 earbuds themselves. From my point of view, this is very good.

SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

If we talk about weight, the charging case with earbuds inside weighed about 32 grams. This is very small, as for modern wireless earbuds. In addition, the dimensions of the case are very small – 49.5 x 22.5 x 47.5 mm. Therefore, I could easily put the charging case in the tightest pocket of my jeans. On the front of the case, there was an LED indicator with a pairing or reset button. But at the bottom of the box is the Type-C charging connection.

The build quality is also not particularly bad. Yes, it is possible that the case had a slight backlash in the lid, but I did not find any other problems during my testing. Okay, I figured out the appearance and the main design features, now let’s talk about the signal quality and other functions of the new generation of earbuds from SoundPeats.

Connection, latency and touch control

The new generation of SoundPeats Air 3 earbuds have good wireless functionality. For example, Bluetooth 5.2 is present here with all possible audio codecs, including aptX Adaptive. In addition, the device has a Qualcomm QCC3040 chipset and Qualcomm True Wireless Mirroring technology.

SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

All these features tell us only about high-quality signal transmission with minimal delays. Therefore, how did the earbuds show themselves from a practical point of view? During my testing, I had no particular complaints about the quality of signal transmission from the smartphone to the earbuds. Also, I did not find any interference or freezes, even at long distances up to 10 meters.

SoundPeats boasts a 60ms Latency Game Mode. This is actually a very solid result, but in practice, during games, the latency was not 60ms, but about 120-150ms. Therefore, even such a delay was not at all perceptible to my hearing. This applies to both the gameplay and watching videos on YouTube.

SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

In addition, I had no particular complaints about the touch panel. Since there were a lot of different functions here, let’s talk about them in more detail.

  • One touch on the left channel decreases the volume value, and on the right – increases the volume.
  • Double tap produces functions such as play, pause. And also this function works to receive a phone call.
  • Holding down for 1.5 seconds switches tracks forward or backward depending on the channel.
  • Three taps on the right earphone call up the voice assistant function. And three touches on the left earphone switches from normal mode to gaming.

That is, all the functions that are possible are present here. It is also worth noting that the SoundPeats Air 3 earbud model received a proximity sensor. Therefore, when you remove one earbud from the ear canal, playback will automatically pause.

Sound and microphone quality

As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, the new SoundPeats Air 3 has a large 14.2mm dynamic driver. As for semi in-ear earbuds, this is the typical driver size. But I note that there was enough headroom in terms of volume level and listening to music even at 100% volume level will not be very comfortable.

SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

Compared to the sound quality of the previous generation TrueAir 2, the new version of the SoundPeats Air 3 has deeper bass tones. That is, the bass has become a little deeper and more dynamic. I cannot say that the bass is as deep as on in-ear earbuds with silicone ear tips. But the bass on the Air 3 device model was present and was very good.

I can say the same about the quality of the mids and highs, they were well balanced here and had pretty good detail. Each musical instrument was played very brightly and expressively. In general, the sound quality, as for semi in-ear earbuds, was very good.

SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

In addition, it should be said that the work of the microphones was also at a decent level. For example, in a quiet place, my interlocutors did not have any particular problems with understanding at all. But in noisy places, the surrounding sounds were also audible, so the sound quality of the microphone with this use was not the best.

Battery and run time

Battery life may not be a strong point for the new SoundPeats Air 3 earbuds, but I can’t call it a weak point either. For example, each of the earbuds uses a 30mAh battery, while the charging case has a 220mAh battery.

SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

During my testing, the earbuds lasted about 4.5 hours at 70% volume. And the number of recharges of the earbuds in the case was 2 times and the total operating time was about 15 hours, depending on the use.

At the same time, the earbuds were charged in just 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the charging case itself was charged in 1.5 hours via the Type-C connection.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

The new generation of TWS earbuds SoundPeats Air 3 has become another indicator of high quality for me, not only in terms of assembly, but also in terms of sound.

SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

On the positive side, the device stands out for its high-quality assembly and very good wear-resistant materials. I also liked the ergonomics and the comfortable fit in the ear canal. Therefore, I could wear the SoundPeats earbuds for hours and do not feel much discomfort.

Other advantages include Bluetooth 5.2, aptX Adaptive codec, 14.2mm dynamic driver and even Qualcomm True Wireless Mirroring technology.

SoundPeats Air 3 Review: Compact TWS Earbuds with QCC3040 and aptX Adaptive

But it was not without its drawbacks, and the main ones are the lack of modern functions such as active noise reduction or transparency mode. Also, the quality of the microphone in noisy places was not very good.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

After my thorough testing of the new generation of SoundPeats earbuds, let’s talk in more detail about another important parameter – it’s cost. The SoundPeats Air 3 is currently priced at $ 49.99.

But also the company SoundPeats offers some coupons and the device can be bought even cheaper. Therefore, I can definitely recommend these TWS earbuds for purchase.


Alternative and competitors

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