For a number of countries are already available preliminary data on what there are release date and price of Samsung Galaxy S8. As in past years, the company will divide the world into four regions release the new device.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Release date and price in different countries
Those even such global regions will be five. Since in some countries, Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge will generally not sold for reasons of economic and political nature.

For example, there is little hope of how a successful sale of new flagships in Somalia and Syria. There is a protracted military conflict and fragmentation of the territory. In addition, there is Haiti, where the majority of the population is far below the poverty line.

The countries of the first stage

It’s assumed that before the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date will come in the East Asian countries. This is South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The countries of the second stage

Then will come the turn of some developed European countries (UK, Germany) and North America (The USA and Canada).

The countries of the fourth stage

This includes most of the world, including Russia, the EU (with the exception of the second stage), Australia, China, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, etc.

The countries of the third stage

The last will be able to buy the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge people in developing countries and countries with the unstable economic situation. This is India, Nigeria, Ukraine, etc.

Release date and price of Samsung Galaxy S8 country

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