SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

Chinese audio equipment manufacturer SABBAT has unveiled an updated version of its wireless earbuds. This time I want to share with you the interesting features of the new earbud model, which are called SABBAT E16.

In fact, this earbud model is not the newest, since its reviews can be found 2-3 months ago on Youtube. But I could not pass by this model, nor tell you my emotions from the impressions.

In terms of cost, the current price tag for the SABBAT E16 is around $ 100. This is not a small price at all and therefore the manufacturer will have to go all out to satisfy all my needs.


When I saw from the technical features that this model does not have modern functions. Such as active noise canceling, transparency mode and even an auto pause sensor, I was a little disappointed. But after my full testing, my impressions have changed a little, but in which direction I will tell a little later.

In addition, the SABBAT wireless earbud model received a 10 mm armature balanced driver. While ordinary TWS earbuds have dynamic emitters in their performance.

Also, the new E16 earbuds received the latest generation of wireless Bluetooth 5.2 version with support for the Qualcomm QCC3040 chipset. I can also highlight the presence of protection against sweat and splashes, the headphones also received good battery life.

Okay, now let’s put the earbuds from the SABBAT brand in practice and find out if they remain as legendary as their older brothers in the workshop. Thus, I want to start my in-depth and detailed test with unpacking and the main design features.

SABBAT E16: Specifications

SABBAT E16:Specs
Impedance:20 ohms
Driver unit:10 mm armature balanced driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.2
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:aptX, AAC and SBC
Battery:50(400) mAh
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:6h

Unboxing and packaging

Considering its cost, the packaging for the new generation of TWS earbuds was pretty good. But I cannot call the box compact, since its dimensions and weight were large. On the outside of the packaging, I found a drawing of the earbuds themselves, indicating their name and main features.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

At the same time, I can note that the box itself was made of thick and dense cardboard. Therefore, the earbuds came to me for a test without any damage. Meanwhile, inside the package, I found the following components – these are the earbuds themselves and the charging box. Both elements were kept separate from each other. The package also includes a Type-C charging cable, a set of various documentation, three pairs of high-quality silicone and three pairs of foam ear tips. There is also an additional portable pouch, which, oddly enough, will be useful while using the earbuds.

Indeed, the set of the new generation of wireless earbuds from the SABBAT company turned out to be very good. Therefore, my first impressions were only positive. But now let’s talk about ergonomics and wearability.

Design, build quality and materials

The new SABBAT E16 wireless earbuds are available in four different colors. It is in red, blue, green and gray. In my review, the model was made in the brightest version – this is in red. But if you want a more discreet option, then gray will be your best choice.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

The earbud case itself was made of glossy plastic. As you may know from my previous reviews, glossy material is not the best choice. Since it leaves fingerprints and other annoyances on the case, the E16 earbuds are no exception. Therefore, for such a cost, the device, I would prefer that the earbuds were made of matte plastic.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

But you don’t have to worry about the build quality, since the earbudsfrom the SABBAT brand were perfectly assembled. All components were located in their places and during my testing, the earbuds did not emit extraneous sounds and squeaks. In addition, the SABBAT E16 earbud has been equipped with IPX5 water protection. That is, the device can easily withstand light rain or sweat while jogging.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

As for the wearing comfort, here I liked the presence of a large number of different, both silicone and foam ear tips. That being said, the latter option is capable of delivering a comfortable fit and incredible sound experience to any user. During my testing, the earbuds sat down quite well, but the weight of one earbud was about 5.7 grams. Therefore, I could not wear this model of the device for more than 2 hours.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

Another interesting feature of the SABBAT E16 earbuds is the presence of a mechanical control button. It was located on the outside of the case and you can still see the brand logo on it. Also on the body of the device, there is an LED indicator, holes for a microphone and on the inside of the contacts for charging.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

Now let’s take a look at the charging box and find out its main design features. If we talk about the quality of performance, the boxing was assembled very well. That is, the cover did not have any extraneous backlash at all and the fit of the earbuds in the case was very reliable. In addition, the case itself was made of transparent glossy plastic in the same color as the earbuds themselves.

There is an LED indicator on the inside of the box under the cover. But from the back of the case, a Type-C connection is used for charging. The charging box also received wireless charging and the icon with its designation is located on the bottom of the case. Okay, now let’s move on to the next section and talk about signal quality and main control functions.

Connection, latency and control functions

A big leap forward in the new model of SABBAT E16 earbuds is the use of the Bluetooth 5.2 version of the wireless connection. Also on board the device uses the Qualcomm QCC3040 chipset with support for aptX, AAC and SBC audio codecs. During my testing, the earbuds transmitted the signal from my smartphone to the headphones without much problem. At the same time, I did not find any delay or lag.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

The manufacturer also installed a game mode function on board the SABBAT E16 earbuds. When this mode is activated, the latency level will be very minimal and let’s check it out. Indeed, in the PUBG Mobile game, I could play easily without feeling a lot of lag. Other than that, I had no problem playing videos on YouTube.

Okay, now let’s go over the main mechanical control functions. Yes, it is worth noting here that I did not find any accidental clicks during my use at all. And the button itself was pressed smoothly and without much effort.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

  • One press leads to play, pause, accept or hang up the handset.
  • Double-clicking on the left earphone switches the track backward, and on the right – forward.
  • Pressing three times on the left channel decreases the volume level, and on the right – increases it.
  • Four presses will switch between game and normal modes.
  • Holding it for 2 seconds will activate the voice assistant function on your smartphone.

Sound and microphone quality

In terms of sound, the new model of SABBAT E16 earbuds showed itself only on the positive side. I think there is not a single user who would not like the sound of any model of earbuds from the SABBAT company. A 10 mm armature balanced driver was used inside the device case.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

This is not a dynamic standard emitter for you, so I really liked the sound quality. For example, I can’t say that the low frequencies were weak, but on the contrary, the bass was enough in everyday use.

I also liked the sound of the mids and highs. At the same time, the vocalist’s voice sounded fairly balanced and did not emit annoying sounds even at the maximum volume level. In addition, each musical instrument played very expressively and had a good and rich sound.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

I can also highlight a good headroom of the volume level. That is, even at 100% volume level, listening to music will be problematic. In my case, the best option was about 70% of the volume level.

Some users compare the sound quality of the SABBAT E16 with the previous generation SABBAT E12 Ultra. From myself, I can say that the new generation of earbuds plays an order of magnitude better and brighter. Therefore, even if you have an E12 Ultra model and are planning to upgrade it, I advise you to make a choice on the E16 model.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

As for the microphone quality, it is typical here, as on most earbuds of this type of design. This earbud model does not have a foot with a built-in microphone, so the placement of the microphone itself is not ideal. If you communicate with earbuds in a quiet room, then you will not find any special problems with the quality of the microphones. But in noisy places, the quality of the microphone will drop significantly and extraneous sounds will be heard.

Battery and run time

Each of the SABBAT E16 earbuds uses a 50 mAh battery, and the charging case received a 400 mAh capacity. This is a good capacity for its class of devices.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

For example, during my testing, at 70% volume level, the earbuds worked for about 4.5 hours. But they played at 100% volume level in 3.5 hours. Perhaps, if you use earbuds at 50% volume level, then the battery life will be about 6 hours. In this case, the total battery life using the charging box will be about 24 hours.

The earbuds themselves received a fast charge and in 10 minutes of charge they were charged by 20%, and a full charge took me about 55 minutes. At the same time, the charging box itself was charged in 1.5 hours via the Type-C connection. And if you use the wireless charging method, the charging time will be just over 2.5 hours.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

SABBAT has once again proved with its new E16 that it puts a lot of emphasis on sound quality.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

Of the positive aspects, I can single out – this is the presence of a rather ergonomic design. But long-term wearing is not about the SABBAT E16 model, since they have got rather large dimensions and weight. On the other hand, the earbuds have a solid build quality.

Other advantages include the presence of a game mode and multifunctional mechanical control. Moreover, the control itself has many features, such as volume control and others. But the biggest advantage in the SABBAT E16 model is their high-quality sound, which is an order of magnitude better than its competitors.

SABBAT E16 Review: Hi-Fi Sound Through Wireless Earbuds

But there are also disadvantages and let’s talk about them in more detail. For example, the earbuds did not receive modern features such as active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and even no automatic pause sensor. I can also highlight the presence of a glossy case, which is quite easily soiled.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

At the time of this writing, the price tag for the SABBAT E16 earbuds was quite high, at $99.00 without any discount. Therefore, I suggest that you wait a bit to buy TWS earbuds at the best price.

Given its specs and sound quality, I can definitely recommend this earbud model for purchase.


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