Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

I got my hands on a rather interesting smartwatch running the Android operating system from Rollme. This is the first time I come across this brand, so let’s figure out what the new smartwatch called Rollme S08 is capable of.

Besides, I haven’t tested a real smartwatch for a long time. Which have not only smart functions such as sports modes, tracking steps, and calories but also the device can install useful applications and games. Also, you can easily make calls, since the watch has received support for 4G networks.

Calling the Rollme S08 smartwatch a budget toy is very difficult and problematic since the price tag is slightly less than $ 140. Therefore, does it make sense to buy a smartwatch with high performance, or is it better to buy an inexpensive smartwatch under $30.


I will talk about all this in a detailed review, and now there are a few technical features. The S08 watch model received a large 1.69-inch touch screen, IP68 water protection, 3 and 32 GB of memory, a good MTK6739 processor, and good battery life thanks to a total battery of 3560 mAh.

So let’s get down to the test and I want to start with unpacking and appearance.

Rollme S08: Specifications

Rollme S08:Specs
Screen:1.69-inch IPS with 450 x 450 pixels
Watch CaseCeramic
Watch Strap Material:Silicone
Operating System:Android 7.1.1
Support System:above iOS 9.0 and Android 5.1
Touch Mode:Full touch screen (single point)
CPU:MTK6739 with 1.25GHZ
Face ID:Support
Camera:Front: 8.0MP and Side: 8.0MP
Battery:1360mAh + 2200mAh
Battery type:Polymer battery
Daily Using Time:72 hours
SIM Card:Nano SIM card
WiFi Support:2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth:Version 4.0
Package weight:90 g
Product size (L x W x H):50.6 x 18.5 (watch) and 24 x 98 x 125 mm (strap)

Unpacking and packaging

As for the box itself, it is made of solid and durable black cardboard. On the front, you can find the name of the company and the slogan – Born to be different. On the back of the box, there is a sticker with the main technical features.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

Inside the box, I was greeted by instruction and then the smartwatch itself lay. But just below there are two more small boxes. In one, I found a charging cable with four magnetic pins, a MicroUSB cable, and a special clip for a SIM card. And in another box, there is a power bank for watches.

Of course, the package is quite extensive, but I would like to get a protective film for the glass. Also, the MicroUSB port for the power bank is not the most modern connection, as for 2020. Now let’s talk a little about the appearance and how the watch is assembled.

Design, build quality and materials

The first thing I can pay attention to about the new Rollme S08 is the similarity in appearance to the Kospet Prime smartwatch. For example, there is a ceramic coating on the front part around the screen. The side ends of the body are made of metal. But the back of the watch is already made of plastic.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

A little about the size, since when choosing this model, you need to take into account their dimensions. For example, the size of the dial itself was 50.6 mm, and the thickness of the case was about 18.5 mm. That is, it is easy to guess that the watch is rather oversized and is not suitable for everyone. For example, a watch is clearly not suitable for a small female hand, but on a large male hand, it will fit perfectly.

In my case, the watch is rather large, as my hand is not so thick and large. But I think that doesn’t make me wear them. The weight of the smartwatch was about 90 grams and you can easily get used to this weight. Although, sleeping with such a watch will be problematic.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

On the screen, the Rollme S08 has a large 1.69 inch TFT display with a resolution of 450 x 450 pixels. I really liked its responsive touch controls, every command is precise and therefore easy to operate.

An important parameter I can note is the frame around the screen. From myself, I can note that there is practically none. This immediately catches your eye and I really like this solution. In addition, the screen itself has several brightness adjustments and the maximum brightness level is quite comfortable even on a sunny day.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

A selfie camera is located just above the screen on a ceramic frame. Also on the right side along the center between the power key and the backward stroke, there is another side camera. Both cameras are 8MP and the photo quality is pretty decent for a smartwatch. I can also note that the control buttons are very responsive and easy to press.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

On the left side of the case, there are holes for the speaker, and the hole for the microphone is located near the front camera.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

The rear panel received a four-pin charging connection. And in the central part, there is a hatch, behind which is a slot for a nano-SIM card. To open the SIM card slot, turn it clockwise with a special paper clip. The very construction of the slot is very unusual, but I can say that it is very reliable and durable.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

In addition, the Rollme S08 smartwatch is fully protected from water under the IP68 standard. That is, you can safely swim in the watch and are not afraid that they will break. But it is worth remembering that the submerged depth should not exceed 1.5 meters and no longer than 30 minutes.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

The standard silicone black strap is highly elastic and easy to bend. The width of the strap is 24 mm and the strap itself is also removable, so it can be changed at any time to another, for example, metal. Another thing to say about the metal clasp, which is engraved with the name of the company.

Now I propose to move on to the next section and find out the performance of smartwatches, as well as their main functions and features.

Performance, features, and application

The Rollme S08 is a typical smartwatch that is paired with a Mediatek MT6739 processor. The maximum operating frequency was 1.25 GHz. This processor is used in most smartwatch models. As a result, the chipset does the job well.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

I can also mention the good stuffing in the memory, that is, there are 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. Thus, you can easily download music, movies to the watch and listen or watch through the watch on your wrist.

As for the wireless connection, the device received Bluetooth with version 4.0. And also on board the watch, you can meet WiFi, GPS, and even GLONASS. Of course, in terms of connectivity, the watch is not the most advanced. For example, I would like to see here Bluetooth 5 generation, as well as WiFi with support for 5 GHz networks.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

The same goes for the operating system, Rollme S08 runs Android 7.1.1. That is, recently, smartwatches have the same OS as a watch of one or even two years. Why the manufacturer does not update and optimize the OS, I cannot understand. But despite this, the user interface works quickly and without any delays.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

The main screen has a large number of different watch faces. Even from the main screen, you can see not only the time but also steps, battery level, calories, distance, and many other indicators. If you hold a couple of seconds on the main screen, you will get to a menu with different watch faces.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

If you swipe down, you will see the quick settings section. For example, the first widget received indicators such as time, day of the week, connected connection and SIM card, date, and charge level. Another swipe to the left, we will see the next widget – this is the setting of the brightness level, Wi-Fi, GPS, and many other features. The next widgets are system cleaning, music player, and weather.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

Swipe to the right from the main screen – we see the notification section. But to the left, a swipe brings us the main menu with all the settings – contacts, dialing, messages, browser, downloads, calendar, alarm clock, camera, and much more.

Since this is an Android smartwatch, an application such as the Google Play Store can be found here. After logging in, you can easily install almost any application and even games. Of course, I’m talking about simple apps and games.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

I also want to tell you a little about the application on the smartphone, which is called Wiiwatch 2. I think it is of little use since the Rollme S08 smartwatch has received many functions and features. Therefore, the application on the smartphone is only necessary for pairing with the watch and for you to receive notifications on the device. I did not find any other features in the Wiiwatch 2 application, and the functionality and settings are standard, like most smartwatches.

Battery and run time

As I already mentioned, the total battery capacity of the Rollme S08 smartwatch was 3560 mAh. But I want to disappoint you since this figure is only a marketing ploy.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

Look, the battery capacity in the watch itself is 1360 mAh. And also the package includes a power bank with a capacity of 2200 mAh. Thus, you should not expect a long runtime from smartwatches running on Android OS.

In my tests, the watch lasted about 2 days. Of course, this is not the best indicator. But if you use a power bank, then the operating time can grow up to 4 days. It will take about 3 hours to fully charge the smartwatch.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

The Rollme S08 is a decent smartwatch that’s really smart. They have complete independence and run on their own operating system with a processor like a budget smartphone.

Rollme S08 Review: Real Smartwatch with SIM and GPS

Thus, you get not only good performance but also support many wireless connections. Such as SIM card with the 4G network, Bluetooth, GPS, and more.

Of the shortcomings, I can attribute – this is not the highest autonomous work. In general, it is not bad and can be compared to a mid-budget smartphone – that is, about 2 days.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Now you can buy the Rollme S08 smartwatch at a bargain price for only $ 137.99 with a 56% discount.

As for my first acquaintance with the Rollme brand, I was left with a positive impression. Therefore, if you are not worried about the large size and small battery life, then I can easily advise you to buy a watch.


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