Review Evolve Bamboo GT: With over 40 km/h on electric skateboard on road

Review Evolve Bamboo GT: With over 40 km/h on electric skateboard on road

Fortunately, the Evolve Bamboo GT, equipped with two 3,000-watt motors, offers several modes and even a reverse – because when you switch to the “GT” on the remote control of this electronic longboard, the asphalt drifts up to 42 km/h. We have survived the wild rides and test our impressions of the e-skateboard.

Are not electric skateboards just for hipster? We have a thick coat when it comes to prevalent prejudices, the streets have already climbed up and down with other adventurous companions. That’s why we’re still getting the AirPods to perfect the look and get rid of it – with the $ 1,400 Evolve GT Bamboo Street.

Evolve Bamboo GT: Small typology and Specifications

Manufacturer Evolve describes our test device as a “carving instrument”. It is to serve the “unique surfing and snowboarding experience at any time on land experience”. The model Bamboo GT, which is considered by us at this point, is optional and can be missed by changing the roles of a certain off-road terrain (All Terrain), the manufacturer still offers a more expensive carbon variant (Evolve Carbon GT, starting at 1.999 euros) as well as a Cheaper and weaker version with 2,000 watt motor (Evolve One, 1.099 euro) to the side. So we are looking at the middle class.

Review Evolve Bamboo GT: With over 40 km/h on electric skateboard on road

Looking at the data sheet, however, is already a queasy feeling in the stomach area: Dual-Outrunner engines with 3,000 watts, the range of 35 kilometers and a climbing ability of 25 percent: There even many an e-bike is weak. And the Bamboo GT weighs only 7.9 kg. For a longboard very difficult, but the two motors should have no problems.

After all, the manufacturer promises a top speed of 42 km / h! This is, of course, dependent on the driver’s weight. A maximum of 100 kilos is allowed. Faster than 34 km / h, we were not on the road. As a rechargeable battery, the board is equipped with a lithium-ion memory of 36 volts with seven amperes.

Evolve Bamboo GT: Design and Building

There is nothing to complain about. Even if we completely leave the built-in technology completely and the vehicle under pure longboard aspects, it cuts off very well. For example, the slip-resistant top is made of Canadian maple and laminated bamboo.

Review Evolve Bamboo GT: With over 40 km/h on electric skateboard on road

The large battery takes up a large part of the bottom. Here you will also find the connection for the included charger as well as an on / off switch. Since the two motors driving the rear wheels are integrated inconspicuously, only connoisseurs unmask the board as an e-skateboard at a glance.

Evolve Bamboo GT: Controlled with this remote control

The remote control also contributes to unobtrusive handling. It weighs only 67 grams and disappears while driving unobtrusively in the palm of the hand. The remote does not only give you thrust, with her help is also braked. In the latter process, according to the manufacturer is even recuperated, thus electricity for the battery won. However, the effect is difficult to verify during operation.

You can fix both of these with the help of an analog, handy stick, which is attached to the back of the remote control and reminds us of a gamepad. The control unit has its own color display, which is easy to read even in direct sunlight. Here you can read not only the current speed and the remaining range but also gets into a menu in which you can correct the roll diameter you are using or reverse.

The connection between remote control and “boarding electronics” is wireless. The coupling process is very simple: switch on the skateboard, switch on the remote control, wait a while – done. One thing fewer seconds.

Evolve Bamboo GT: Off goes the wild ride

Review Evolve Bamboo GT: With over 40 km/h on electric skateboard on road

The acceleration of the electro-longboard from Evolve hurts us from the socks, in the truest sense of the word. Forget everything else very quickly and definitely set the mode “Slow” on the remote control, you should ever come into the spontaneous enjoyment of a test ride with the board. The “Eco” mode already requires a solid stand and a little experience in skating, not to mention the other available modes “Fast” and “GT”.

In the slow mode, balancing, acceleration, and cornering are quite good, so we are gradually more confident – and in the Fast mode already landed on the back. Still, with a smile on our lips, we switch to the strongest and named mode “GT”. And marvel at building blocks.

Breathe and sit. Just like school boys, who are looking forward to an exciting experiment before the eyes of the physics teacher, where there is certainly a big bang, we sit (!) On the longboard and try to push the analog stick a little bit forward. We land again on our four letters. In the GT mode, the acceleration is not only impressive, it can hardly be mastered.

If you want to go out of this mode, you need a lot of swings. Then the acceleration is less aggressive. After a few practice sessions, we finally master the GT mode and cruise less, sometimes more relaxed through the port of Hamburg.

Review Evolve Bamboo GT: With over 40 km/h on electric skateboard on road

All of this is strictly illegal because this is not a road safety issue. At all, the choice of suitable routes in our environment is rather limited. The tires with a diameter of 83 millimeters installed in our company represent a good compromise between comfort and durability. However, they must be suitable when passing over corpse pavers or comparable ground unevenness.

Ideally, of course, the operation would be on a tarred cycle path. But here you are also illegal. Strictly speaking, you should drive the Bamboo GT only on private grounds.

Barked by moving the control lever in the opposite direction. This works comparatively well, but at high speeds of 20 km / h, a lot of sensitivity is also required. Or you’ll lie down next to us in the ditch.

Evolve Bamboo GT: Conclusion

The acceleration of the Evolve Bamboo GT is a force. Even more, Wumms, as the GT mode offers, would be simply nonsensical. We would have liked a slightly more sensitive or adjustable remote control. It would be conceivable, for example, to divide the acceleration into several stages. Apart from that driving, cruising, lawns, and gliding with the electric longboard makes a lot of fun. With the reproachful glances of passers-by you have to live – they are only envious anyway.

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