QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

Another model of wireless earbuds from QCY company came to me for review. As you can read from the name, this is another interesting TWS earbud model at an affordable price called QCY T13.

I have already lost count of the number of models from the QCY company, which I was able to test. But on the positive side, I can point out that almost every earbud model has its own merits. And just after fully testing QCY earbuds, I was always left with only positive emotions.

How the new version of the T13 earbuds will behave, you can find out from the detailed and in-depth review below. I will also share with you my impressions of the build quality, fit comfort, and of course, the sound and microphone quality.

If we touch on the topic of price, then the new version of the QCY T13 earbuds also turned out to be ultra budgetary and its cost does not exceed $20. This is good news, I guess not only for me but for all other users and fans of the QCY brand.


Of the technical features, I can single out such functions as the presence of a modern wireless connection Bluetooth 5.1 version. In addition, the appearance of the earbuds has become more ergonomic compared to their predecessors. There is also good touch control functionality and decent battery life.

Great, I guess it’s time to start my inspection and test of the QCY brand earbuds and find out its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, I plan to start my test with unpacking and the appearance of the device.

QCY T13: Specifications

QCY T13:Specs
Impedance:30 ohms
Driver unit:7.2 mm dynamic driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.1
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Battery:?(380) mAh
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:6h

Unboxing and packaging

Starting with the QCY T11S model, the appearance of the packaging has completely changed. Therefore, it is not surprising that the packaging design of the new generation of QCY T13 earbuds has remained very similar to the T11S earbud model.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

For example, on the front side of the package, you can see a drawing of a charging box with earbuds and the model name. Also on the box itself is written a lot of different information about the features and functions of the freshly baked model.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

Meanwhile, inside the box was a standard set of various accessories. That is, here I found – this is a charging box with earbuds, a Type-C charging cable, instructions for use and a set of additional silicone ear tips. I figured it out well with the package, now I propose to learn about the main design features.

Design, build quality and materials

The official website of the QCY store states that the T13 earbuds are available in white and black. But currently the manufacturer offers only one color – this is in white. Whether black will be available I cannot say with certainty, but I hope black will be available in the future as well.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

Therefore, in my review, the earbuds were made in white. Yes, they look pretty good in my ear canal. But I also liked its comfortable fit. When choosing the correct size of ear tips, in my case M size, my ears did not get tired very quickly. Although do not forget that these are in-ear plugs and your ears will sooner or later need a break from wearing.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

If we talk about the quality of performance, then the earbuds were made of glossy white plastic. This is not the most pleasant material for me, since after a little testing I could observe abrasions and small micro scratches. Therefore, I always prefer matte plastic instead of beautiful glossy material. But the assembly was very good, I did not find any squeaks or extraneous sounds.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

Also I did not find any information on water and splash resistance. Therefore, it is better not to use earbuds in a humid environment. But I assume that the headphones will definitely not fail from the sweat.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

By the change in appearance, I can highlight the reduced size of the leg and the increased size of the sound guide. Thus, the sound guide became deeper in the ear canal and this allowed me to get a better picture in terms of sound. But I’ll talk about the sound quality a little later.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

Also, two microphones with LED indicators are used on the body of each earbud. At the same time, the touch panel was located in a very comfortable place and I did not reveal any accidental clicks during my testing. On the inside, you can find two contacts for charging the earbuds through the charging box, and let me talk about it in a little more detail.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

Compared to previous models in the QCY T line, the charging box looks like a powder box. In terms of dimensions, the box received the following dimensions – it is 54 x 54 x 28 mm, and its weight was 41 grams.

There is one LED color indicator on the front of the box that tells us about the remaining battery level. Inside, under the cover, in addition to the seats for the earbuds, there is a pairing button and a battery check. At the same time, on the right side of the case, you can find a Type-C port for charging the case. I have no particular complaints about the build quality, except for a slight backlash in the open position.

Connection, latency and touch control

For connecting QCY T13 earbuds, wireless connection with Bluetooth 5.1 is responsible. This is not the most recent version of the wireless connection, but during my testing, the device worked without any problems or complaints. That is, the quality of communication throughout the test was stable and I did not have any interruptions.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

Like other models of wireless earbuds from the QCY brand, the new version of the device received a proprietary application. The application itself is called QCY, and it can be installed on both Android and iOS devices.

Earlier, I have already repeatedly talked about all its functions and features, and the new earbud model uses a completely similar application. For example, I note that here you can control the touch control settings, monitor the remaining battery level, and even get the latest updates.

As for the game mode, it is also available here. During its use, the QCY T13 earbuds showed really the minimum value of the latency level. That is, in the PUBG Mobile game I was comfortable playing and I did not feel a strong delay at all. Also I had no lag issues while playing videos on YouTube.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

Now let’s talk about touch controls. As I said earlier, the touch panel was located in a very comfortable place and therefore I did not find any accidental clicks during my testing.

  • Double-tapping calls the function of play, pause, accept or reject a call.
  • Holding for 1.5 seconds switches the track forward or backward depending on the channel.
  • Triple-clicking on the left channel calls up the voice assistant function, and on the right, turns on or off the game mode.

Also, through the mobile application, you can set the volume control function instead of one of the above functions.

Sound and microphone quality

A small dynamic driver of 7.2 mm is responsible for the sound. This driver surprised me very much on the positive side. The earbuds showed a very pleasant sound and I can’t even believe that the cost of the device was only $20.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

In fact, the sound quality was similar to earbuds in the $40 to $60 price range, but not like the $20 budget. In addition, it should be said that the volume headroom was sufficient for everyday use. Even I would say that listening to music at 100% volume level would be wrong, as it will severely ruin your hearing in the future.

In terms of low frequencies, the QCY T13 earbuds did a pretty good job of combining bass with nice and pleasant velvet. But this is not surprising, since do not forget that this model of earbuds had a deep fit in the ear canal with the presence of silicone ear tips.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

In addition, the passive sound insulation was also at a high level and during my wearing I practically did not hear the surrounding sounds around me at all.

At the same time, the mid and high frequencies also had a good sound. That is, the detailing was very gorgeous, each musical instrument played distinctly and legibly. I also liked the vocalist’s voice, which played brightly and richly.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

In general, the sound quality, as for its cost, amazed me very much. I could not even imagine that such budget TWS earbuds would play so cool.

In terms of microphone quality, two microphones were used on each QCY T13 earbud case. If in a quiet room or place, the interlocutors heard me without any problems. Then, in a noisy place, I had to raise the tone of my voice, and besides this, extraneous sounds were heard. Yes, you can talk in a noisy place, but the sound quality of the microphones will not be the most pleasant for your interlocutor.

Battery and run time

As is often the case, I did not find any battery capacity information in the QCY T13 earbud case. But the manufacturer promises about 8 hours of battery life when listening to music and about 5 hours during phone calls.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

In fact, on my test, the T13 earbuds lasted exactly 5.5 hours at maximum volume. I think that if you listen to music at 70-80%, then the battery life will increase by 1 hour, at least.

The capacity of the charging box is known to me and it was 380 mAh. Therefore, you can easily recharge the earbuds 3-4 times, and the total battery life will lie within about 28-30 hours.

It is also worth saying that the earbuds are charged in 1 hour and 10 minutes in the charging box. But the case itself was charged in 2 hours through the Type-C connection. And yes, there is no wireless charging method here.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

Even despite its low cost, I really liked the next new earbud from QCY.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

On the positive side, I can point out that the T13 earbud model received a redesigned design with a deep fit of the sound guide in the ear canal. Therefore, in terms of convenience, the earbuds have definitely become more ergonomic.

I especially liked the earbuds for their sound. I had no idea that the sound quality would be so bright and dynamic. In addition, there is a QCY mobile app with useful functions and touch control adjustment settings. Well, and the last of the advantages, I can highlight a good battery life.

QCY T13 Review: Unreal TWS Earbuds and For Only $20

There are also disadvantages, and the main one I can attribute is the glossy earbud case and the charging box. Also, the quality of the microphone in noisy places was not the best.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

The price at the time of this writing for the new TWS model of QCY T13 earbuds was only $20.34 with a 35% discount.

Therefore, I can once again say with confidence that QCY does not just produce earbuds with similar features. And he makes his new products with intelligence and makes devices with worthy improvements over their predecessors.


Alternative and competitors

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