QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

Today we are reviewing the next ultra-budget wireless earbuds from the QCY company. The new freshly baked model is very reminiscent of AirPods Pro, and the name of the device was QCY T10.

In this review, we will analyze the sound quality, microphone, and also I will compare the sound with competitors and older brothers from the QCY brand. Surprised me with the new version of the earbuds? You will learn about all the positive and negative sides at the end of the review.

Now a little about the price, since this is one of the important factors when choosing earbuds. Currently, you can purchase the QCY T10 for an interesting price of only $30.


Inside the earbuds, the manufacturer has installed a dual armature driver, a Type-C port with fast charging, as well as an ergonomic design, and a proprietary application for deeper settings.

Of the main features, I liked some of the features that I need to share with you before you order them. Thus, I propose to start my full review with unpacking and determine what the manufacturer put inside the box.

QCY T10: Specifications

QCY T10:Specs
Impedance:16 ohms
Driver unit:Dual armature drivers
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:3.5h

Unboxing and packaging

Given its insignificant price tag, QCY introduced the new T10 model also in a fairly budget box. It is made of very thin cardboard, but during transport, the packaging was well protected. Therefore, for my test, the earbuds came in a whole box and without any damage.

QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

On the front of the box, I found a drawing of the earbuds and the designation of the name of the company and model. At the same time, on the reverse side, there was a drawing with various earbuds in five colors. There was also a list of technical specifications.

Inside the package, the manufacturer put it – this is a charging box with earbuds inside, and I also found a set of additional ear tips and a Type-C cable for power.

QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

Strange as it may sound, the bundle is standard, as for inexpensive TWS earbuds. There is everything you need and nothing more. Of course, the quality of materials, such as ear tips, is not the highest. But now let’s talk about the appearance and materials used.

Design, build quality and materials

I was a little surprised when I saw the available colors on the QCY T10 model – green and pink. Standard colors such as black or white are not found here. Maybe this is for the best?

QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

I have earbuds in green on my review, in live color it looks quite interesting than in the picture. As I mentioned, the look of the T10 reminds me of the AirPods Pro.

These are small and lightweight earbuds that have a smaller foot than standard TWS earbuds. For example, the leg length was about 35 mm, and one earbud weighs a little less than 4 grams.

QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

Thus, wearing earbuds was very comfortable and convenient. With the right size of ear tips, I was able to easily listen to music for more than 3 hours without interruption. I also liked them in terms of sports, as they sit firmly in the ear canal and they never fell out of my ears, even while running.

In addition, the T10 is also IPX5 sweat and splash resistant. Of course, this is not complete protection against water, but in sports, it will definitely not be superfluous.

QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

Glossy plastic is used on the front of the case, but the manufacturer decided to use matte plastic on the inside. At the same time, the build quality is good and I did not notice any strong complaints.

The outer part of the case received a touch control panel, an LED indicator of operation, and holes for a microphone. The bottom of the leg has two charging contacts and another microphone hole.

The charging box is made entirely of matte plastic and that’s really great news. Since matte plastic is more wear-resistant than gloss. The lid opens without a lot of play, but the magnetic connection is not the strongest.

On the front side of the box, there are three charge level indicators, on the back, there is a pairing and reset button. A Type-C port was installed at the bottom of the case.

Connection, latency, and control

Since the QCY T10 wireless earbuds are a budget model, you should not expect the latest generation of wireless connections. In the case of the T10, Bluetooth version 5.0 is used. During my test, I found no weaknesses in signal quality. Even though the two walls, the signal was stable and without interruption.

QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

If we talk about audio codecs, then the QCY T10 earbuds only have an AAC codec. You have no aptX onboard the device.

Now some information about latency, the T10 has no problem watching videos on Youtube. But since there is no game mode here, some users will find it a little uncomfortable to play games. To be honest, for me even in games there was a slight delay, but it was not a very critical problem.

You can also install a proprietary application called QCY on your smartphone and get even more settings and capabilities. For example, in the application menu, you can set the touch control that is convenient for you, adjust the low, medium, and high frequencies, and monitor the battery life.

When it comes to touch controls, it’s not all bad. With earbuds, you can control functions such as play, pause, switch tracks, call the voice assistant. But there is no volume control function here.

Sound and microphone quality

I already wrote at the beginning of the review that the quality of the ear tips wants to be the best. Therefore, I immediately replaced the ear tips with my favorite foam and the sound quality increased significantly.

QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

Let me remind you once again that dual armature drivers are used inside each earbud and they are not intended for deep and massive bass.

But when I used the right ear tips, the bass appeared and the quality of the low frequencies increased to a good level.

QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

Mid and high frequencies do their job perfectly well. I did not find strong blockages or jumps, the sound is smooth, and without any questions. At the same time, the musical instrument plays clearly and richly.

Finding the right competitor is difficult as valve drivers are used here. And most earbuds have a dynamic driver. But there are hybrid earbuds that have both a dynamic and an armature driver – these are CCA CX10, SoundPeats H1, and others. The sound is very similar, but do not forget that the above-mentioned earbuds have a not quite budget price tag.

QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

The quality of the microphone here did not please me too much. My interlocutors heard me well only when I was in a quiet place. But when I got into noisy places, the quality of the microphone dropped dramatically.

Battery and run time

The manufacturer QCY promises about 3.5 hours of battery life, but my practice has shown the result of about 3 hours of battery life at 100% volume. Yes, if you listen to music at 60-70%, then the result maybe even more than 3.5 hours.

QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

In addition, I liked the fast charging feature, and in 10 minutes of charging you can get about 1 hour of listening to music. A full charge will take you up to 1.5 hours via the Type-C connection.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

QCY T10 is the original wireless earbuds with dual armature drivers. They got the good sound quality and a comfortable fit.

QCY T10 Review: Dual Armature Drivers in TWS Earbuds

I also liked the build quality and the materials used, both for its value. In addition, the earbuds have good battery life potential and fast charging.

The disadvantages I can attribute is the lack of a volume control function and the quality of the microphone in noisy places is not the highest.

Price and where to buy cheap?

Now you can buy QCY T10 earbuds at an interesting and favorable cost for only $27.90 with a 50% discount.

These are unique TWS earbuds that I definitely liked. It has everything you need – a comfortable fit and good sound quality.


Alternative and competitors

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