OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

Once I already told you about wireless earbuds from the OPPO brand and these were budget or mid-range TWS devices. Today we will talk about the flagship model – OPPO Enco X.

The manufacturer OPPO claims that the new model will be able to compete with the latest model from Apple. But is it really so, you will find out in this detailed review.

Naturally, the price tag for OPPO Enco X is not attractive and now you can buy earbuds for $130. Although I cannot say that the price is too high, since if you compare the main competitors, then their cost will be slightly higher.


Of the main functions, I can note that this is the presence of the latest generation of wireless Bluetooth 5.2 version. In addition, an 11 mm dynamic and 6 mm balanced membrane driver was installed inside the case.

Naturally, since these are flagship earbuds, the Enco X features transparency and active noise canceling modes. Another new model boasts good battery life and wireless charging.

So let’s get down to a detailed and in-depth review to find out how the earbuds sit in the ear canal, check the sound and microphone quality.

OPPO Enco X: Specifications

OPPO Enco X:Specs
Impedance:24 ohms
Driver unit:11 mm dynamic + 6 mm balanced membrane driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.2
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:5h

Unboxing and packaging

Most manufacturers of wireless earbuds offer models in a fairly compact and bulky box. But when I first saw the packaging from the OPPO brand, I was a little surprised. Compared to their competitors, the appearance and dimensions of the packaging were significantly larger.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

Therefore, the question is immediately imposed, what did the company pack inside this box. Is there a wireless charging dock inside? But no, the equipment of the Enco X model is the most standard, which can even be found on budget models of earbuds. This is a charging box with earbuds inside, a set of additional ear tips, a manual, and a Type-C charging cable for charging.

But the appearance of the box and how each item was packed speaks only of a decent premium. Of course, the dimensions of the box are not the most practical aspect, even during transport. But you must agree that the packaging is definitely worth your attention.

Design, build quality, and materials used

Every modern Chinese brand is trying to copy the look of Apple’s biggest competitor. So it’s no surprise that the OPPO Enco X’s design reminds me of the popular AirPods Pro model. Of course, I cannot call it a complete copy, since the design from OPPO has some of its own characteristics.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

As for the plastic, in my case, it is made of white glossy plastic. Perhaps this is not the most practical type of plastic, since fingerprints will be clearly visible on the case during operation. But I have no complaints about the build quality.

The weight of one earbud was about 4.8 grams. This allows not only wearing them comfortably but also using TWS earbuds even during sports. I really liked the fit in my ear canal. Even with a brisk run or exercising in the gym, the earbuds were held firmly and securely. When comparing the fit of the Enco X and the Huawei FreeBuds Pro, the OPPO earbuds will be much more comfortable.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

Another important feature is the presence of protection against splashes and sweat under the IP54 standard. Perhaps this is not full-fledged protection from water, but as for playing sports, it will do just right.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

On the outside of the OPPO Enco X case, you can see the operation LED and the touch control panel. Meanwhile, at the bottom, there is a two-pin charging connector and a microphone hole. On the inside, there is a proximity sensor and it works very well.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

At the same time, the charging box is also made of glossy white plastic, like the earbuds themselves. I can also note an interesting element in the design of the charging box – there is a metal plate around the body. It gives the case an attractive appearance and a certain uniqueness in comparison with other brands.

Also, I liked the click when opening the charging box lid. It’s a little louder than the AirPods Pro but just right for soothing stress. In general, the assembled earbuds are not even bad and I did not notice any strong remarks during use. At the same time, the weight of the box without earbuds was about 48 grams, and the dimensions are not particularly large.

There is an LED indicator on the front of the box case and a Type-C charging port at the bottom of it. Also on the right side of the case is a mechanical button for pairing or resetting to factory settings.

Connectivity, latency, and touch controls

As I said, the OPPO Enco X earbuds have received the very latest Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connection. Also on board are LHDC, AAC, and SBC codecs. During testing, the device showed itself only on the positive side. I did not find any latency or dips in the quality of the transmitted signal.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

The manufacturer also offers to install a proprietary application called Heymelody. In the application settings, you can not only customize how touch controls work, but also receive updates, select operating modes, and much more.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

In terms of latency, everything is also fine, the earbuds have a game mode, which allows you to have a very positive effect when playing games or watching videos on YouTube. The manufacturer promises a latency of about 47 ms and this is a very good indicator, as in modern gaming earbuds.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

The touch controls are very responsive and simple. The OPPO Enco X has all the control functions you need. For example, you can use the touch panel to answer or drop a call, adjust the volume level, switch tracks, and even select the desired operating mode.

Sound and microphone quality

A unique feature of the OPPO Enco X is the 11mm dynamic and 6mm balanced driver. This combination of drivers has brought the earbuds to the next level in sound quality.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

For example, low frequencies sound very good. Here you can find bass notes with a deep and expressive sound. And if you turn on the active noise canceling mode, then the bass will become even larger and richer.

The mid and high frequencies, as well as the low, are very well-tuned. Therefore, I have no comments on the sound quality of this range. The vocalist’s voice sounds clear, and the detail of musical instruments is at a high level.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

If we talk about the active noise cancellation mode, then I liked its work more than on the Huawei FreeBuds Pro model. I think it’s all thanks to the comfortable and correct fit of the OPPO earbuds. In noisy places, ambient sounds are well blocked by 70-80%. Almost the same effect from ANC can be found on AirPods Pro earbuds.

I can also note the good work of the transparency mode. This mode works the opposite of active noise canceling. That is, you can easily hear the surrounding sounds.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

The last thing worth mentioning is the quality of the microphone. In a quiet place, the quality of the microphone is very good, but I cannot say a negative factor about the microphone in a noisy place.

Battery and run time

Each OPPO Enco X earbud uses a 44mAh battery. At the same time, the charging box received a battery with a capacity of 535 mAh. Therefore, the box is able to recharge the earbuds an additional 4-5 times, which is not as bad as for modern standards.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

With regard to battery life, at the maximum volume level, each earbud lost about 5 hours. But I note that this is without activating active noise cancellation. With the ANC function turned on, the battery life will be reduced by 1-1.5 hours.

But charging via the power cable will take about 2 hours, and using the wireless method for half an hour longer. But I’m glad that the manufacturer has installed the contactless charging function, it’s really convenient.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

The new OPPO Enco X wireless earbuds can be a good alternative for the Apple AirPods Pro model. But I think that fans of the Apple brand will not consider other earbud options.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

Therefore, the main competitor for the new OPPO model will be Huawei with its FreeBuds Pro earbuds. Comparing the sound quality of the two models, I liked the sound of the Enco X better.

In addition, the fit of the OPPO model suited me more than the Huawei model. Thus, the comfort of the Enco X is at a very high level compared to its main competitors.

OPPO Enco X Review: Best Flagship TWS Earbuds of 2021

Naturally, wireless earbuds received a number of other positive features. For example, it’s great to build quality, good multi-touch controls, and not even the worst battery life.

Of the minuses, I can single out – this is a glossy case, which is quite easily soiled to fingerprints and scratches. I did not find any other big flaws during my test.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Of course, I can recommend the new model of wireless earbuds from OPPO to every user. They have many positive and demanding functions and features, as for modern TWS earbuds.

Currently, the price tag on the OPPO Enco X will cost you about $124.88 with a 20% discount. In fact, it is even a good value when comparing competitors.


Alternative and competitors

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