OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price

In November last year OnePlus unexpectedly updated flagship and awarded him the index of “3T”. In the new 820th Snapdragon replaced by 821 minutes, increased the volume of the battery and add the version with 128 GB of internal memory. 

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price
Besides, the silver coloring body was replaced with a “gunmetal” and pumped the front camera. The smartphone without the prefix “T” at the time was very good, there could be new or better than its predecessor lost its advantages? Let’s look at this review.

Packaging equipment

Packaging equipment relative to conventional OnePlus 3 remained the same, the novelty comes in a large box pasted touch-white film with OnePlus logo and the number “3”. The difference from the previous model is the box in small letters “T” next to the name on the side of the smartphone.
Package Includes phone, power adapter, sync cable, brief instructions, stickers and branded tool to remove the SIM tray.

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price

In addition, in the box, you will find a letter of appeal from the CEO of the company, but on a smartphone screen using masking tape. Unfortunately, this film is quite unpretentious and without oleophobic coating, for the treatment of touchscreen comfort, it will probably have to be removed.

Appearance and ergonomics

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price

The smartphone design has changed minimally, coloring is similar space gray has replaced by Gunmetal (gun metal). As usual OnePlus 3 model with a “T” index pleased with its appearance completely and unconditionally.

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price

Even the problem of crooked located Fingerprint corrected. The smartphone design can be described as a stylish, slightly austere, but not boring.

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price 

For its diagonal screen, the device fits comfortably in the hand thanks to the relatively low weight and the sloping shape of the hull. All necessary holes are located on the bottom, which reduces the probability of falling into the water body during a conversation at a slight rain.

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price
In addition to standard for android-device keys in OnePlus 3T, there are additional controls: alarm mode switch, the type of mute switch on the iPhone. Unlike the latter, the switch to OnePlus 3T is not two, but three positions: two extreme positions correspond to the hushed and normal mode. The middle position corresponds to the “Do Not Disturb”.

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price
The fingerprint scanner is placed below the screen is combined with a touch button that can act as a “Home” button. Fires scanner is a very fast, not as fast as in the last two generations of iPhone, but due to the fact that there is no animation, OnePlus 3T unlock unlocking process itself is perceived as virtually instantaneous.


Unfortunately, the screen OnePlus 3T remains the same is a 5.5-inch panel resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels covered with a protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Why is, unfortunately? The matrix has still AMOLED with crooked colors. Yes, in the settings screen has an sRGB mode switch and after activation, content is displayed more or less correct, but the whole GUI starts to be displayed correctly, on the contrary, hence the complaints of many users and specialized journalists that the screen becomes washed out.

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price
Such problems arise because Android is no color management system profiles and a graphical interface in OnePlus 3T apparently originally calibrated for an extended color gamut. Screen smartphone has been and remains a weak point, it is worth remembering.

Hardware platform and performance

OnePlus 3T has two versions of 64 GB and 128 GB of internal memory, corresponding to the standard UFS 2.0, such as DDR4 RAM in both cases 6 GB. At the core of the hardware platform, it is one of the most powerful chips in 2016 – Qualcomm’s the Snapdragon 821, which is a slightly overclocked version of the 820-th dragon. In the Geekbench test singlecore-4 smartphone is gaining 1833 points in AnTuTu 6 is 154667 points.

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price
Obviously, the practical performance is also very high. However, the firmware optimization still leaves much to be desired, which is why at the front compared to competitors OnePlus 3T can hardly keep up, in everyday use this gap, of course, cannot be detected. During prolonged severe stress the body is heated smartphone tolerant and a little more than is the case with conventional OnePlus 3.

Cellular communication and interfaces

In one radio device and two equivalent slots for nano format of SIM-cards, the smartphone can work in networks of LTE sixth category. There are several modifications of devices intended for different markets. They are the different set of supported frequencies. To work in the Russian cellular networks the most suitable version for sale in Europe and Asia, it supports among other LTE bands 3, 7, 20, 38.
The most inappropriate modification is a version for North America. The smartphone is designed to support mainland China lanes 3, 7 and 38, and the Russian Federation will be able to connect to most of the towers LTE. A set of wireless interfaces includes: Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC; wired interface conforms to the USB 2.0 standard, the connector on the body is of type C.

The battery and autonomy

The battery capacity in OnePlus 3T with respect to the previous model has been increased from 3000 to 3400 mAh. The company takes as one of the competitive advantages of the proprietary technology fast charging – the DASH charge. COMPLETE charger with an output current of 4A (!). The battery can be charged from 0% to 100% for 90 minutes. Obviously, 4A little help, but the risk to burn the phone using a cable designed for 2A is.

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price
According to the results of testing in the standard mode of operation, it is clear that increased autonomy in all modes except for games where an overclocked processor took their toll.

Camera quality photos and video

The main camera module has not changed, it is based on the 16-megapixel sensor on the SONY IMX298, which is covered by a lens with F2.0 aperture and the equivalent focal length of 28 mm. There are optical and electronic stabilization, autofocus phase.

The camera application is started by double-pressing the power button, which is very convenient and allows you to activate the device from sleep and take a photo in just 1.5 seconds.

The camera system has a manual shooting mode, where you can adjust parameters such as ISO value, white balance, shutter speed and focus.

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price
In conditions of sufficient natural lighting, the OnePlus 3T camera takes photos with good sharpness, correct color, and medium dynamic range. The disadvantages of the camera are attributed Sharpening is sharpening software. 
Pictures were taken in HDR mode, the dynamic range is expanded gently, while in most cases the intensity and color remain natural. Gaps at the edges of the spectrum inherent in the vast majority of Chinese smartphones are not observed. 
Surprisingly, the camera work in low and/or artificial lighting compared with conventional 3 OnePlus strongly tightened. Noise has become much less get a blurry photo is now more complicated. True and the difference with the HQ-mode is no longer visible. It seems that in some situations the camera activates concealed dynamic noise reduction mode, wherein the switch remains in the “off.”
The OnePlus 3T of the camera is able to create panoramic images resolution of more than 80 megapixels and does it well. Photo panel obtained sufficiently sharp, detailed, well-constructed and properly exposed. Simultaneously, the recording process is not complicated though and requires some skill. 
Front 8-megapixel sensor the Sony IMX179 replaced by a large 16-megapixel sensor from Samsung – 3P8SP, covered with a lens with F2.0 aperture and same equivalent distance as in the main camera. The quality of the selfie is beyond praise, the pictures come out sharp and full of detail.
OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price
The smartphone can write video up to 10 minutes duration in the resolution of 3840 * 2160 pixels and at 30 f / s. When setting FullHD resolution is no such limitation, video, in this case, can be recorded at a speed of 30 k / s, or 60 f / s. In all modes, the picture quality is significantly higher than other Chinese flagships, but still far short of the smartphone Samsung and Apple. The camera has a mode of time-lapse and slow-motion mode fourfold in 720p resolution at 30 f / s and without sound.

Sound quality

Located at the lower end only calling the speaker has a good balance of tone, playing loud and clear. The sound in the headphones is excellent. 

OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price

This is the main merit of the integrated audio solutions from Qualcomm. All devices released on the Snapdragon 820/821 have a characteristic smooth sound, characterized by a good margin on the resolution and volume. The system has a proprietary player, but no FM-radio.

Features of the operating system

Out of the box, OnePlus 3T runs on the operating system OxygenOS 3 based on Android 6, but at the time of writing is the already available upgrade to OxygenOS 4.0.2 based on Android 7.0 Nougat. Last remained almost in its original form, the manufacturer has made a couple of small changes.
The three additional applications pre-installed in the system: File Manager is File Manager; Music is branded audio player; and proprietary Gallery. At the running at the bottom of the screen under the list of applications is a button upload all applications. Default downward swipe in any of the desktops (and not just from the upper edge) causes the shutter notification causes upward swipe standard search.
In OxygenOS possible to activate the lock screen gestures, for example, a double tap on the screen wakes up the device, and if you draw a circle, it will launch the Camera application. The color scheme of the application settings can be changed to a dark or light and further change the color switches.
OnePlus 3T Review: most powerful smartphone with cool camera for reasonable price

It is highly configurable system buttons Back, Home and Multitasking. The buttons can be swapped, set to double, or long tap additional features or even turn them off, replacing the onscreen while you can leave behind a fingerprint scanner Home button function.
If the user makes a swipe to the right on the home screen, he gets on the Shelf screen is a kind of Google Now screen, though the functionality of this solution much worse than that of the analog from Google. On Shelf displays the weather, the line quick notes, lists of frequently used applications and contacts.

In conclusion, the review once it is worth noting: OnePlus 3T definitely not become worse than the regular version. Like the original, a smartphone is a nice solid product with a lot of advantages: very nice design, top-end hardware platform with the maximum amount of RAM, a good camera, and sound in the headphones. For someone to be a plus operating system is close to stock Android. Minus the smartphone is only one: a strange screen. Yes, we added in sRGB mode, but it is not compatible with the user interface and distorts all colors except the content. Despite this OnePlus 3T has to find a buyer through a unique combination of quality and still low cost.

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