New material graphene and copper will increase the productivity of future processors

Processors in computers and mobile gadgets are made of millions of transistors. There are determined by many to be the most significant inventions of the 20th century. The performance of each transistor is crucial to the operation of our devices.

New material graphene and copper will increase the productivity of future processors

 Not surprisingly, this is an area which invests huge resources of scientists and technology companies. It is seeking ways to make them smaller, faster and cheaper to produce.

Scientists at Stanford turned their attention to a different component to significantly increase performance processors.

What is the performance of processors? 

A team of specialists creates unique structures of copper and graphene coating. It can carry information without increasing the size or heated processor.

Currently, this is the biggest problem of the so-called “Interconnect” connections in chips. Adding graphene to copper molecules addresses this issue and allows reducing the size.
The researchers found that the creation of cladding of copper significantly increases productivity compared to traditional solutions that use cobalt.

A layer of graphene has a thickness of 0.3 mm which does not only ensure ultra-thin size but also reduces energy consumption. This method of learning has the potential to accelerate the advent of the first 5-nanometer processors in the industry.

Their technology is another proof for various applications and unique properties of this material.

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